Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pretty Little Pinafore

Bodice closure.

I tested a baby dress pattern for Olga at Lacy Crochet recently. Isn't it cute?  You can find the pattern in her Etsy Shop HERE.  I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn and a 4mm hook.  I made the little headband to go with it, but I didn't use a pattern.  The headband pattern does not come with the dress pattern.

I've said it 100 times, but I'll say it again. I love making baby dresses!


This is what I've been hearing since 7:00 a.m...


We're getting a new roof today.
I will be insane by 9:00 a.m.


  1. Cute little dress! I love the colors you used. Hang in there with that banging...oy.

  2. Very sweet! I also love making baby dresses..Grandaughter is getting to big for them but when she did her mom always matches leggings with the outfits!

  3. Very pretty baby dress. Hope they finish your roof in record time. Have a nice day. Heather

  4. I love it Pammy Sue, I have been waiting to see how it would turn out. The little headband is a nice finishing touch. As you know I love making dresses too, I'm making a cutie right now and good luck with finishing your shawl it's the last rounds that seem to take forever. :)

  5. Hi Pammy Sue, thank you so much for testing my pattern. I love how your dress turned out with variegate yarn bodice. The headband that you made is so lovely; it matches the dress nicely.
    Thanks again!


  6. That is a darling dress! I made 3 Easter eggs yesterday.. they are so quick and fun to make. I went out to try to find the moon the other night and it was no where to be seen! I guess I didn't stay up late enough. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. That is an absolutely beautiful dress Pammy Sue. Hang in there with the banging. Maybe put some music on with the same beat and dance the day away! Lol

  8. Hopefully that won't last to long and you will be sane again! love the dress veery cute!

  9. You do lovely work on baby clothes Pammy Sue. And you always know how to accessorize them.
    Think you get a business going doing that on Etsy?

  10. How adorable! I love the pink. I may join you in that love if I find out the Bean is a girl. The headband is cute, too, especially the flower.
    Just tell yourself the new roof is worth the headaches!

  11. What a cute little dress! I like the matching headband too.
    Marianne x

  12. Another winner Pammy Sue! This is beautiful. Great colors too.

  13. That is so adorable :)
    Karen x

  14. Aww, so adorable and sweet!!! xo Heather

  15. The dress is adorable. The only thing cuter than the dress is the little one who gets to wear it. Tell me, how were the dogs with all that banging going on? Mine were on constant alert and even a car door banging shut had them barking like crazy.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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