Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Just Messin' Around

I had fun making these coasters all afternoon on Sunday. I made these while I watched episode after episode of the X-Files. I never watched it when it was actually on TV back in the 1990s. I got a kick out of seeing the antiquated technology that was probably cutting-edge when the show was aired -- cell phones with big ol' antennas and fat, cube-like TVs. And I was surprised that in one episode they showed a small, hand-carried computer that looked an awful lot like an iPad. Really? Back in 1993 (which is when that episode aired for the first time -- I checked), there wasn't such a thing, and they probably all thought it was so futuristic and would never really be. Here we are 20-some-odd years later, and it's real.

Anyway, I got off-track there, didn't I? The's the info on them:

Yarn:  Hobby Lobby's I Love This Cotton (I've misplaced the label so not sure of the color name), and the slip-stitch circles were mostly Peaches & Cream yarn in various colors.
Hook:  Size G

Other than that, I've just been goofing around.  Oh, and also making another doily which I'll be finishing tonight. I'm on the last round. I'm on a doily kick again, as you can tell. I even ordered a box full of new thread colors the other day from JoAnn online. Can't wait to get them.

Willow Square from the 200 Square Blocks book.

And some flowers in yarn and thread.

Yep, just messin' around when I have time.
I've had quite a bit of work so there's always that.

I've made a special dessert today that I'll show you with the doily tomorrow. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but it's kind of spectacular-looking, if I do say so myself.  See you then!

Okay, one more picture if you insist...

I love these!

Pammy Sue


  1. LOVE the coasters! I could use a set of those for around the house. Have you seen the new crochet cotton on KnitPicks? It looks pretty luscious.. but they don't have a rich red which I would like. Sillies. Can't wait to see the dessert and the new doilie!!

    I've got 2 ears to make before I can show the amigurami lamb I'm making for my 5 year old granddaughter.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Ooo, purdy! You've been a busy little crocheting bee. Can't wait to see tomorrow's dessert :)

  3. The doilies are gorgeous, really like the yarn you used & loving the square pattern.
    I used to love the x files....moulder & sculley....not sure if i spelt his name right
    Whats for dessert??????
    Karen x

  4. Cant have to many of these little beauties :)) very pretty colours in the flowers and the square..
    My YS loved the Xfiles, always up late on the night it was on :)) hugs pat :))

  5. Lovely as usual. Are the cute coasters yarn or thread? We love the x-files too.

  6. I love them too Pammy Sue, I like the way you have made each one a different colour. Looking forward to dessert. :) xx

  7. Fun!

    We watched The X-Files for the first time a summer or two ago, too! Funny stuff! =)

  8. Wow that purple sure is purple !! Gorgeous colour. Your coasters are very cute and you know what ?? your thread addiction could be catching !! I can hardly wait till tomorrow to see what you've come up with. xox

  9. Just a quick question Pam. ... How do you join your rounds? They look very good and you can't see where the join is. Also, what thread did you use for the coasters? xox

  10. Very nice mini projects :-) I like just messing around with random minis, too. Have a great day!

  11. I love those coasters! I'm going to pin the pattern.

  12. I was just thinking the other day I needed some new coasters..I make mine with the leftover thread..but I do have some peaches and creme around here somewhere. I like making dishcloths from the cotton yarn. Have a great day and looking foward to seeing what you are getting in the mail..

  13. I love the coasters! Think I will expand a bit and make some hotpads too! So nice to meet you :-) Your newest follower.....Terri

  14. My, my! You've certainly been a busy little bee. Love the coasters. And that flower!!!! Oh my goodness it's beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing your doily and dessert. I'm still crocheting away on my friends lacy runner. Probably for most of the summer. :-)

  15. Nice coasters Pammy, and the square in that bright lilac is so pretty.

    Thanks for your comment on my doll. I know what you mean that's a bit creepy having a doll with those frozen eyes just staring at you. Have you ever read a short story by Agatha Christie called The Dressmaker's Doll? It's a really nice story, creepy but fun to read.

  16. Do you sleep?
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  17. Oh my gosh...look at you, with the smoking crochet hook! I have missed SO much! Love these! Love everything you are making!!!
    xo Kris


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