Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Is Guilty?

Hmm...Eli is a little bleary-eyed and won't make eye contact.

Oh, no way.  He's much too cute to be guilty of anything!

The girls are trying hard to look innocent. Hmm...


Look at me, Fletch!
Why is your breath so minty-fresh??

My mint-flavored EOS lip balm was found in the backyard all chewed up and dirty. I know good and well exactly what happened. I know my dogs. Eli stole it from my bedside table, and then Fletch took it from Eli and happily chowed down in the grass. How many have been eaten by him now? Is it five or six? I never learn to put it where Eli (the compulsive thief of the bunch) can't get to it, and they never learn that it's a BAD DOG who eats Momma's lip balm. Those eggs look too much like a ball! Yes, that's it.

I never even knew it was missing until Fletch walked over and gave me a big minty kiss. I immediately knew.

Any bets on how long this next one will last?
(I have two spares in the drawer just in case. I love these things.)

We've had some beautiful sunsets lately.
This was the view out of my front window arch a couple of days ago.
I didn't enhance this picture at all.
It really was that pretty!

I worked a little more on a new potholder and crocheted a few more rows of color on my Nordic Shawl last night. I think I have the colors for it worked out now. I should have it done soon to show you. I have been looking and looking and printing and printing all kinds of crochet patterns lately. I need to STOP and finish a few I have started. It's a compulsion. I find it hard to control it. I need to buy more binders for them. I already have 8 of them bursting at the seams with printouts of patterns. I LOVE CROCHET PATTERNS! It's crazy!


  1. Hi Pammy Sue! Those mischievous little guys! They work in tandem so you're officially out maneuvered. :-). I've never seen lip gloss like that before, it does look like a little ball. I, too, have binders full of patterns. Knitting, crochet, cross-stitch. And I keep printing too. It's a compulsion that I can't stop. Have a great weekend!

  2. A big minty kiss is better than a dog breath kiss. I think they are all guilty because no one spoke up so they are all covering for each other.

  3. Aw are you sure you didn't get it wrong Pammy Sue they all look so innocent haha. That is a lovely sunset, beautiful colours. I think we are all the same when it comes to patterns, I keep mine on pinterest and just print one off when I'm actually going to it and it's easier to browse through them on pinterest too, having said that I still have a box full of patterns under the bed :)

  4. Our dog has been known to have chewed a few chapsticks too. They must be drawn to the smell. It's a good thing you have back ups. Love your crochet potholders. I don't have any crochet projects right now i might give it a try. I'll let you know if I do.

  5. Hahaha your dogs are hilarious. My money would have been on one of the Bostons right away.
    My Nordic shawl would have been done 3 times over if I just stay off the internet. I pin everything on Pinterest now instead of printing patterns. The amount of paper in my sewing room is embarrassing.

  6. I would have placed my $$$ on Eli totally. Or Scott, as that Mint is his favorite flavor.

  7. The cuter they are, the guiltier. Gotta love dogs. I give your new lip balm a week.
    Oh, I know that obsession all too well! I have more patterns printed than I have years to crochet them. I'm up to 8 binders, too, not counting my Pinterest board and my Ravelry library. Why oh why are there so many great things out there to crochet???
    Looking forward to seeing your Nordic shawl :-)

  8. I definitely would prefer a minty dog kiss than the regular kind. I have a lot of crochet patterns, but I save them in a file on my macbook pro and so don't print them up until I'm ready to use them. You could try that! :-) ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Just yesterday I was lamenting the 'so many patterns printed, so little time' compulsion! But I'm still behind you on compiling that binder I keep saying I'll use to organize it all. I keep getting stuck on all the appropriate categories...

  10. Fletch just wanted to have minty fresh breath for your kiss! He knew it was your favorite! LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Awww all those cute little faces...your dogs are adorable. :)

    Lovely sky through your arch window.

    I, too, am a member of the crochet pattern collectors club! But I will say if you have 8 might be our Queen!

    Wishing you a most lovely day. :)

  12. I think Fletch must be your canine delinquent !! Poor fella - you shouldn't be mad at him for wanting to have sweet smelling breath. Your potholders are so very pretty - you know I'm going to have to make one soon don't you? Have a great weekend - hope you get lots of crochet time. xox

  13. What a group of cuties :o)
    Believe me I wish my old dogs breath smelt minty. Poor old girl.

    The colors on the pot holders are sure a pop of Spring. I'm going to copy your pattern. thanks for sharing it Pammy.

    Good luck with your remaining lip gloss...

  14. We are all in the same boat in different locations! (Like what I did there? lol) I have struggled with that and now a days I make myself finish what I've started....well most of the time anyways. lol

    Thank you for the laughs. It's not funny that the thief and the chewer do that. I am having a terrible time with Nubbie stealing stuff and chewing it up too. She has this aversion for my toothpick know, the ones with the fishbone end and the floss on the other end?? She stole one off my bathroom sink yesterday and took off with it while I was um....indisposed. So when I got up I went searching and couldn't find it, she had hid it in her hidey hole I guess. Well I sat in the chair and started crocheting on my current project and next thing I know here she comes with it in her mouth. I chased her to under my bed. Then I threw my slippers at her and she ran out and left it on the floor. So I had to go get the broom and get my slippers out after I got it. She has chewed numerous fishbone thingys off and swallowed then!! I'm so afraid she will puncture her intestines with them. :('s funny but it's not. I also can't leave my purse open with any kind of paper in it. She is such a thief, much like Eli.

  15. You sound like me, over the years I have spent a small fortune on ink and paper.....there is always that one pattern that you have to make one day.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  16. Lip balm thief huh, well, well, my dogs haven't done anything like this here lately, but Chewy always thinks he needs to carry all his toys outside to go pee. I hate that!


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