Friday, March 07, 2014

Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves!

The Captain left for work this morning at 6:00 am.  I'm dead asleep at around 8:30 when my doorbell rings three times in quick succession. I got up with only a nightie top on and underwear to see what the heck was going on. I made the dogs stay in the bedroom behind a baby gate because they make so much racket and act like idiots when anyone comes to our door. I looked out the peephole to see who it was with no intention of actually opening the door (because I was half-naked). I'm always on high alert if someone rings the doorbell in the morning hours because I know that's when most burglaries occur. They wait until everyone in the neighborhood is gone to work, and then they ring your doorbell to make sure no one is home before making their entry by kicking in the front or back door. I'm always ready for it. I'm very aware of it.

Through the peephole, I could see there was a "woman" standing on the porch with above-the-shoulder length blond, curly hair. The view is fuzzy through the peephole so I couldn't tell if she was white or Hispanic, but she was one of the two. As I was looking out the peephole, she moved her face up to it like she was trying to see inside. When I didn't answer, she picked up her purse and something else (which was weird, because who sets their purse down in the bushes when they knock on someone's door?). Then she walked towards the side of our house and I could see her walking around the side to the rear. I weirdly noticed that she appeared to be in really good shape -- tight and muscular.  (I now think it was actually a man with a wig on!)

I went back to my bedroom and hurriedly got dressed because I fully expected that someone would be kicking my back door in at any second. As I was getting dressed, I thought I heard noises and movement on our back porch. I immediately reached for my handgun, but it was missing from its normal hiding place. DAMMIT! I made the dogs stay quiet and left them behind the baby gate in the bedroom. (I later found out that the Captain had moved the gun and forgot to tell me where he put it.)

I went into the living room and peeked out the blinds in our back door waiting to see someone enter our backyard. I didn't see anything abnormal. The gate was still closed (and I assumed locked because it is ALWAYS locked). I walked around peeking out windows around the house to see if I could see anything unusual. I saw nothing and decided I was just being paranoid and it was probably just a neighbor I didn't know that was locked out of her house or something.

I went back to the bedroom and turned off the fans I always have going so I could hear better if anything unusual was happening, and I laid back down in bed. I eventually fell back to sleep for an hour and a half. I woke up at 10:00 and let the dogs out. I did noticed they were hanging around the back gate and sniffing around more than usual, but when I opened the back door, they all came running in for their breakfast. I fed them, made myself some coffee, and then let them back outside again. This is our normal routine. I again noticed that Fletcher and Ollie were still hanging around the gate and sniffing around, so I walked out there with my coffee in hand and froze when I saw that the gate was unlocked. Somebody had unlocked it. No doubt about it. I re-locked it and turned around to walk back to the back door to go inside. I froze again.

Things were moved around on our back porch, some of the slate tiles in one of the tables were lying on the ground, and one of the tables was gone. BASTARDS!! They had come into our backyard, probably jumping the fence and then unlocking the gate, grabbing what they could, and then leaving out the back gate with it. I couldn't see that area just from looking out the back door. You had to actually go outside before you'd notice anything was amiss.

When the police officer came to take the theft report, he said they were most likely going to kick-in the back door and burglarize the house, but because we have a glass storm door that opens in and a solid door beyond that one, they would have had to start breaking glass to get in and it was just too much of a pain in the ass and would take too much time, so they took what they could from the porch. THIEVES! He also said to keep alert because they could come back later or tomorrow for the other table.  (They had taken some of the tiles out of it, but they hadn't actually taken the base of the bigger matching table.)

I've been upset and nervous as a cat ever since. It's disconcerting to know that someone has been on your locked property and messed with and taken your stuff. You feel so violated. And angry! I'm really mad at myself, too, for not investigating more thoroughly when I knew something wasn't right. I'm mad at myself for not calling 911 immediately and getting an officer(s) en-route to the area. I didn't do that because I didn't want to feel silly if it really was just a neighbor or something. I didn't want to be "that person" that overreacts. Basically, I talked myself out of doing anything at all and went back to sleep!  ARGHH!

Ah, well. Whatchagonnado? All in all, it wasn't that big of a deal to only have a table stolen from the back porch. At least they didn't actually kick the door in and make me shoot them all in the face. That would have really messed up my day and been a pain in the ass. LOL.



  1. Wow so scary! Im glad everything is ok. Maybe hearing dogs bark deterred them also.

  2. Things like this make me feel like I have been physically violated. My home and yard is an extension of me and to have someone enter them without an invitation is a psychological rape.

  3. OMG Pammu Sue how scary is that!! I would have been so afraid, thank God you are ok! they could have kicked the door in and then kicked you in too, it doesn't bear thinking about! You will know next time to phone 911 no matter what, better to be safe than sorry. I wish I could give you a hug right now but it will have to be a virtual one instead. xxxx

  4. That is so scarey pammy sue. There are desperate people out there.. I think your dogs are the best deterent you have . Hope you are feeling a little better today enjoy the weekend. Hugs pat:-)

  5. A BIG hug Pammy Sue! How scary. Next time just let the dogs bark as loud as they want to. Let them go to the door too and bark their heads off. If it's someone you know just holler through the door that you're going to put the dogs in the other room and they can wait. Better they wait a few minutes than your home be broken into. Most thieves don't want to mess with a house if they hear dogs barking. At least that's what I've been told. So I let Chloe bark all she wants! Be extra careful for awhile okay? We don't want anything to happen to you.

  6. Oh my goodness! What a tale! It's so scary to be home alone at night. I'm so glad my hubby is retired and can be here at night.. he used to work nights and I tried not to worry but I did. One time we had a drugged out guy from a rental farmhouse across the road try to break into our office and when we confronted him he was making no sense. My 3 guys ran him off! I hope they don't come back, don't they know who they're dealing with? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Oh Pammy Sue, that is so scary. I can only imagine how scared yo were. Let the dogs bark all they want they will scare of anyone who tries to take your things. I think most thieves are scared off by dogs, they make so much noise and alert the neighborhood. Bless your heart.

  8. OMGoodness I am so glad you are ok.
    How awful. It is so sad that people can't just leave other people's stuff alone.

    I agree with Betsy, lets those fur babies bark all they want, that way who ever is on the other side of the door will know to not mess with your house!

    ((hugs)) to you sweet friend, and please stay safe. :)

  9. UGH! I'm mad (and nervous) for you, too! Yes, I'd let people at the door know there are dogs in the house. (They always do, at our place. If Trixie hears the door, there's nothing I can do to keep her quiet. I have such excellent control.)

    I'd also be tempted to "holler" something in as deep and masculine-sounding a voice as I could muster. Of course, I'm even more afraid of the Bad Guys who *want* someone to be home or don't care either way... And any legitimate visitors would think you were crazy, but that's a small price to pay. ;o)

    I hope you feel safe and relaxed again soon!

  10. What would have been worse was falling back asleep and waking up to someone standing over you, oh my! I know that a person doesn't want to seem foolish, but you can't be too careful these days. Just this week they had on the news how the bad guys are now going to smaller communities and the rural area, breaking in and robbing folks. There is less chance of them being seen with fewer people around. I have a hand gun (unloaded of course) and a shot gun. I have no ammo for the shot gun. It was an investment when my husband bought it and has never been fired. My brother cleaned it for me recently. He knows all about guns being a Highway Patrolman and a hunter. I keep saying I am going to buy a small hand gun for myself, and it looks like I will have to buy pad locks for the gates out back. It might be wise to get ADT or at least some sort of outside observation camera. People just don't care anymore, and it is getting worse. Be safe friend. I am seriously going to buy a pistol. It is just me out here in the country, but the dogs are my alarm system, heck they bark at everything, the school bus, a semi, the mailman, me going out the door and coming in, the wind, the thunder, a fart, lol.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  11. I am so glad you are ok..I only have the one dog..big 125lb German Shephard. He has been trained to bark and to go into attack mode if someone even touches the doorknob. I spend many nights and days alone as hubby travels for work so Buddy is just awesome..he never barks for no reason. Your story could have had a different outcome so never talk yourself out of something if it feels wrong..Hugs

  12. So glad you're safe! I know my lab just about turns inside-out every time he hears anyone at the door -- much less ring the doorbell! He lets loose with his "big dog" bark that sounds like he's going to have whoever is out there for a meal (he would probably just lick them to death). I know I feel much safer having him around, and I'm sure you feel the same with your pups.

  13. OMG that is terrible !! And to think you were in bed while it was happening. Lucky they didn't try to break in. GlD to hear that you and the doggies are all safe and ok. I noticed Fletch's starring role time is over and do I see a little pug there now? Its about time Ollie had a turn. xox

  14. Whew! So glad you and the pups are ok! Your guardian angels were in duty! Hugs!

  15. Very scarey but I'm glad you didn't find your gun. Guns kill people and after all they only took some of your "stuff". Perhaps your dogs barking scared them off for you.

  16. God! So sorry, Pammy. That's awful. I'm so thankful you and the babies are fine. Bastards! is right!! Just last week my cousin up in Sacramento got burgled. She left her house (with her doggy) for 30 minutes and when she came home, her front door had been kicked in and all her stuff was gone. Just too bold, the idiots! Again, I was so thankful she and her dog are fine.
    Glad you've got a gaff and Angels watching over you! My husband always tells me "fire twice" and S.E.A.L.S. always fire 3 times. I'm sure the Captain has you well-trained and informed.
    Stay safe!

  17. Wow! That's pretty scary. I hope they do not come back. I got a battery operated thingamajig called a Driveway Patrol. It has a "eye" that you hang out next to the driveway (or area you want to protect) and then another receiver that you keep in the house that has a high and low setting and it sounds like a loud doorbell.
    I got it because our cars have been messed with a couple of times.
    Maybe you could get one for your back porch. I don't think the dogs would set it off but they might. I only turn mine on at night - late, because otherwise we'd be setting it off all the time.
    Put "Driveway Patrol" in the search engine at Amazon and see what comes up.

  18. Jeez!!! thank goodness they did not get into the house and that you are alright!!! That is down right scary.

    Amanda x

  19. Oh my Pamela that is so unnerving when someone invades your space and safety zone. To bad you don't have camera's around your house so you really see what is happening without endangering yourself. I am so glad you and fur babies are okay. For your safety and fur babies too camera's around property would protect you and hubby too. Many people when invading homes tend to be cruel to animals too. I think I would have age tens years knowing people trying to get in. I hope they catch them burglars. I just happy your okay. Take care my friend.

  20. Ugh! Frustrating!! I'm so glad you are OK, though.


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