Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sampler Blanket Tah-Dah!

After a long procrastination of sewing in all those ends...
Long, as in a YEAR...
(My MIL even sewed in some for me last spring)

More info HERE if you're not familiar with this blanket.
There are lots of others people have made on Ravelry.
Find them under the "Projects" tab HERE and HERE.
After the first few rows, I didn't follow anyone's pattern.
I just used the stitches I liked as I went.

From my last post...a definition of "golf clap" according to Urban Dictionary:

1. An exaggeratedly quiet clapping intended as a show of sarcastic support or disdain.

c.f. the quiet clapping sound heard on televised golf tournament coverage. Due to the distance between the microphone and the crowd, the golf clap sounds like a nearby crowd of people clapping at minimal volume.
My definition: I've always thought of it as a pretentious clap, like a clap you'd see The Queen doing.




  1. It's a work of Art Pammy Sue I love it! :)

  2. Congratulations on your finished blanket! It looks wonderful.

  3. I have a seri pious case of blanket love. This is a definite work of art and of love. Beautiful!

  4. Great work and a gorgeous blanket. I love it.


  5. Pammy Sue, it is beautiful!!! Gorgeous! Lovely!!! An heirloom to have, keep and save forever!!!!
    Gold clap definition...cracked me up!!!!
    I will try to call you tomorrow.
    xo Kris

  6. That blanket is magnificent! I think you should enter it in the Texas State Fair!! Thanks for the links to fun patterns! Enjoy your week ahead.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Well done Pammy Sue. I love that you did your own thing. It must have been fun changing colors and stitches as you went along. Of course those dreaded ends are no fun. But you got her done.

  8. This post excited me too! It's just beautiful!

  9. Gorgeous blanket! congratulations

  10. WOW! Awesome blanket. I bet there was a bazillion ends with all those color changes. Now you can admire and use it. Well done!

  11. OK, I'm officially inspired now !!! I need to expand my crochet( only tried rugs based on granny squares so far !!) and try something made on a foundation chain but am very scared as mine usually end up triangular instead of square !!!!
    I like the idea of learning new stitches too. So... I'll make it my Winter project and start to think of a colour scheme and get ready. I may need a little help so hope you don't mind giving a little advice if I need it ?

  12. This turned out great! It is really pretty Pammy Sue and the colors you chose really make the different stitches stand out. It has a fair isle look to it that I really like. Congratulations on finishing it, I know weaving in all those ends is not fun, but the final result is beautiful. Heather

  13. I love your afghan it really is beautiful love the colors and patterns you chosed. It really is an eye poper for sure. I love when you use your style to make it stand out from the others. Sometimes the hardest part putting afghans together finishing off endless ends of strands of yarn. But when you look at what you made it is all worth it. Great job take care.

  14. Thanks for the links. Just another pattern to add to my "to do" list! :-)
    Love yours! Hope you are feeling better.

  15. Beautiful! I love it.

  16. Hey!! :o) Came to catch up and say hey. Hey! I was actually looking for some inspiration to finish a hobo bag I started by meladoracreations. Her instructions are not real understandable, or maybe it's me. So now I have a large piece of crochet that is lined already and I'm not liking it to finish it from her instructions. Geeze. I thought I had seen Debi Y have one but didn't find a link on her blog for it. Anyways...hope you're feeling better! Love your baby pictures as usual. xoxox

  17. very nice..I too don't like weaving in ends..but I have found if I weave them in as I go along it doesn't seem so much a task..but then again I don't make many blankets. I keep telling myself I need to make one just to keep me warm while I am hooking. Anyway very clapping for you.

  18. WOW, it's gorgeous. You did a beautiful job with it. This is really a masterpiece of crochet!

  19. Wow, that's a really beautiful piece! The colors are so vibrant and so many different stitches. Well done!

  20. Beautiful!!

    I made two myself and have yet to weave in the ends of the 2nd one.

    They are fun to make but weaving in the ends is not so fun.


  21. I love this one Pammy Sue.
    You color rotation is perfect BUT I am REALLY impressed by your straight edges. So many of the samplers have terribly wavy edges.
    Good job!

  22. Love, love, love this awesome blanket, love the stitches, the pattern and the great yarn. You did a great job.

  23. Anonymous5:51 PM

    So beautiful !! Love the colors you used....simply beautiful!
    Kathy (Rav) :)

  24. Awesome job Pammy Sue!!! Love the color choices too!! Enjoy it! :)

  25. Wow, that is one of the most beautiful home made blankets I have ever seen! I may have to look up this pattern. Congrats on the finish!

  26. That is gorgeous!!
    I do love snuggly crochet blankets and your one is a beauty.

    Well done.


  27. Will start your afghan this week end. Question: do you change colors when you change stitches? Is White your MC? What is the multiple? I have a TON of bright colors left over from crocheting for my great, great nephew. This project would be wonderful to use them up (and perhaps have an afghan for him which could be left in the car). Will you be adding additional instructions for a wider project? Or will we have to watch you web site? Thank you for sharing.

  28. Ruth f...go to this link for full instructions and pictures for a blanket like this one. I did not write out complete instructions for mine, but this one is very similar:


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