Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy VD Weekend!

Ollie's Dog Stairs

I'm very excited because almost three weeks ago (Jan 27th) we bought some stairs for Ollie to use to get up on the bed.  I'm sick of having to pick him up every single time he wants up there.  I never did get my last Chihuahua, Little Boy, to use the stairs, but I was determined to make Ollie use them.  I kept telling the Captian that I was more stubborn than Ollie is and he was going to use them or never get up there again.  Well, guess what?  I was right!  I am more stubborn than he is!  It took him three weeks, but he finally got up there TWICE today without me saying a word or helping him at all.  YAY!!!  A breakthrough!  I'm ridiculously happy about it.  My little Ollie is a man today.  My patience and stubbornness paid off.

A "Real" Bakery!
Since it's was Valentines Day and all...

When we first walked in, I nearly died at this sight!
Seriously.  My heart beat sped up a little.

Such beautiful cakes she makes!

We brought home a box of various cookies and two pieces of Baklava, and we sat outside at a table on the sidewalk and shared a Napoleon and a Tiramisu with coffee. So indulgent.

And lookie what the Captain got me for Valentines Day...

An Etimo Rose Tulip Set of Crochet Hooks
Case, scissors, and needles included.

Pardon the glare.

I had dropped a few rather huge hints that this is what I wanted in lieu of flowers. I think I said something like, "This is what I want instead of flowers," and emailed him a link to purchase them. Ha-ha-ha. We have to ask for what we want, girls. Don't be shy!

And lest you think all we eat is CRAP...

These are the dinner salads I made the other night with our Tuna dinner.
So fresh and good!
(Sue me...I sprinkled some cheese on top)

And a pic of my veggie sandwich we had for lunch today out on the back porch.

The filling starting at the bottom:  Mustard & a little mayo, a slice of Pepper-Jack cheese, a thick layer of fresh baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, a good dose of dried oregano, and a little salt and black pepper, all on two slices of Orowheat Nuttygrain bread.

I have started the Japanese Baby Cape and it's looking good and going well. We have a NASCAR race tonight so I'll be working on that while watching. Yay...NASCAR is starting up again! I love it. Do you think I'm a hillbilly for loving it? Heh-heh.



  1. That crochet set got me to drooling as much as the cakes!
    I'm struggling with my willful puppy right now, so every time there's a breakthrough I want to throw a party. Way to hang in there with the stairs, I totally get it.

  2. Awe girl! I just love the crochet set.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a happy and wonderful post! I love the bakery stuff.. mmm.. and I love the steps, we have to pick up our dog and put him in bed with us and he's a chunk! And I do the same thing with gifts.. but my hubby won't even do the buying.. I have to do that too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Oh my gosh, you win for the best Valentine gift. Or, Cap does!!!! Beautiful!! And those cakes!!!!! Oh my!! You have got to round out that healthy stuff with an occasional sweet!!!!!!
    Hip, hip, hooray for Ollie!!!!!
    XO Kris

  5. Go Ollie oi oi oi !!!! (That's an Aussie thing) .. isn't he just the cleverest little boy. I always enjoy your posts - thanks for the smiles. Those cakes are absolutely sinful but just so tempting. What a beautiful bakery. Yeah - your healthy food looks good too !! (I'm not joking here - since I've been watching my weight, I'm finding good healthy food like that is more to my taste. Funny how that works isn't it. I used to love hot chips (fries), cakes, sweets and of course chocolate. Still enjoy the occasional bit of chokky though. Looking forward to Ollie's next featured movie. xoxox

  6. Yeah! You won the battle on the doggie front. I probably would have given in because I'm a huge sucker for big sad eyes. Those stairs are beautiful. I'm also very jealous of your beautiful crochet hook set. What a wonderful gift. The captain did good. :-)

  7. I had to chuckle at how you got Ollie to use the steps. We have a similar setup with the steps in our room for Nellie Belle. Whenever I say "nap nap" Nellie runs like crazy, climbs the stairs to the bed and is ready for her nap. At night, The hubster is always in bed first and then Nellie and I go to bed a little later. Nellie will NOT climb the stairs then and has to wake her daddy up to put her to bed. What a manipulator! tee hee :)

  8. Yay, for Ollie!!! Oh, my. Your Valentine's Day gift has my heart pitter-pattering! And, I've only just been bitten with the crochet bug. LOL! blessings ~ tanna

  9. Hi Pammy, oh my the bakery looks freaking awesome...goodness I think I would have to visit every other day or least once a week. I love that stuff. Those crochet hooks are really looks like emu (not sure of the spelling) skin. I will be honest though I have never heard of those hooks..maybe I am just out of the I am curious...may have to do some research..anyway I am looking foward to seeing your newest creation..have a great week

  10. A hooker with two lips...well there ya go!

    Ha that Valentine! Aaaaand, loved your subtle hints! Atta girl!

  11. First of all, you are the only one on the internet who consistently features DOG FEET, which are one of my favorite things, so I always love coming here. But what a nice post anyway, good food, beautiful new hooky gifts and a very accomplished Olly! Way to go, little guy!

  12. Those cakes look so yummy and I love your new crochet set much more sensible than flowers, they will last you forever a lovely gift, isn't it nice when we get what we want. Well done to Ollie for getting up them stairs! :)

  13. Oh all the baked stuff looked so awesome!

    Please tell us all about your new hooks. They are so pretty. Are they in line ones like Susan Bates or more like the Boye hooks? Looking forward to your review. They are lovely.


  14. Oh, that sandwich looks delicious... mmmmmm

  15. Had to come back for another look at Ollie going up those stairs. Forgot to mention yesterday, I'm TOTALLY envious of you getting those beautiful Etimo hooks. They're my favourite but I only have the original black and gold ones in the grey pouch. I love them though. You're a lucky girl and I think you'd better keep that lovely man of yours (probably undercover before someone tries to steal him). What a great valentines day pressie. xox

  16. Oh pammysue! Those bakery goodies looked sooooo good! I think I drooled on my ipad.
    Yay for little Ollie!!!!
    Can I ask what you put on your salad? It looked pretty good. I really hate salad and must eat more of it.
    I love those crochet hooks!!!!!!!! Are they very expensive?? I sure would like to try something different.

  17. Yay for Ollie! Cute video of him using the stairs!
    Yummy bakery stuff. Now I want some!
    At first, I thought the Capt. got you a pink wallet for VD. After reading though, I saw that I was wrong about that.
    Love Love Love the little cherry dress in the previous post.

  18. Your post made me chuckle...sue me for the cheese.:-)

    Oh and that bakery....yum!!! It made my heart skip a beat.

    Your rose crochet set is about the coolest gift for a crocheter that I can even imagine. You lucky gal!

  19. Well, this is a fabulous posting. You have outdone yourself with photos today. Glad to have popped online this morning before heading out between snows to get a few goodies. No cakes here and sure am glad to just stare at yours. The captain outdid himself once again. I made Scott buy me a new orchid at Home Depot. Ok, I paid for it, but told him it was from him. So over this winter already here. We should have planned a March cruise to no where.....

  20. Pammy Sue, That cake shop is to good to be true :)) Love love love your Valentines
    Gift.. So sweet of the captain..Hugs pat :))

  21. It is good that you got Ollie using the steps. Even furry moms can be tough too. All those yummy bake goods are to die for wouldn't know where to start pot coffee for starters. I love your crochet hook set the case is beautiful too. I will e-mail full report how it went but doing better can't wait to crochet again still have my strengh too. Love you my friend.

  22. Oh I LOVE that hooky set!! I'm just about having to mop the drool up here, lol

    Little Ollie is a total star, such a cute video.

    I like the BTC over here in the UK. I used to watch F1 all the time but it's all about money now and has lost it's appeal for me.
    So I can identify with you loving NASCAR, lol



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