Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Yarny Stuff & More Stuff

I'm working on a pretty somethin-somethin.

The yarn is so gorgeous I can hardly stand it.

Of course, I went online to get more and just as I suspected, they don't sell this color anymore. I'm convinced it's some kind of conspiracy to discontinue my favorite colors in every yarn! Reveal of this pretty thing very soon.

My Sammi Girl.

I got some tangerines at the grocery store this past week. They are so juicy and incredible!

Have a closer look.
Does it make your mouth water? It should!

This is not something I have the patience for, but it would make the cutest baby blanket. Here's the link to find the tutorial and a great blog:  Dada's Place

Remember this?

I got the yarn to make it the other day at JoAnn. They didn't have the navy flecked yarn, so I got some with green flecks and forest green for the accent color. The Captain picked it out. He wants me to make the blanket for him. :)

I gotta run. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi Pammy Sue, what a pity that yarn was discontinued. It is beautiful! Love the picture of Sammi, so adorable. Yummy tangerines are a good idea as vitamin C is important especially during the winter months. I'm going to visit Dada's Place 'cause those bears look super cute; thanks for the link.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. That yarn is gorgeous! I HATE it when you find a yarn you love, and them BAM, you can't find it anymore! Where did you get that? What is it you are making? I want to make one of those Nordic Shawls that everyone is making!!!
    Sammi, you are too cute! And Cap, good pick on the yarn and blanket. He will love having is own blankie!
    Raining buckets here!!!
    xo kris

  3. Is that Deborah Norville microfiber yarn? I've used it for both my shawls and I love it. I also love the colors in that. I'm really disappointed in yarn mfg'ers how they quit making yarns that the public obviously loves. I just did another search for an Avoca buttons pitcher and none can be found for sale. Love your button plates! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. That yarn does look absolutely wonderful! Even in the picture it looks soft. I've also noticed that it seems like as soon as I find a yarn I really like, it get discontinued. I know that it's probably my perception but it does get frustrating. The blanket looks great and I'm sure the Captain will love it!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Oh the yarn looks so pretty, I am very sad that they no longer make it..and I can't wait to see what your project is! :)

    Happy Weekend. :)

  6. Love your yarn what beautiful colors. Does not always happen you find a yarn you love and you can't get any more. Your tangerines look yummy and juicy too. Larry just bought me a bunch of oranges and they are so juicy and sweet you need extra napkins. It is so good to see neat things on your blog. Hoping to try crocheting soon need to do something creative. Keep up the wonderful work here. Hugs and all good stuff sent.

  7. I find that happens all the time with yarns I buy at Joann's but not with the more expensive yarns like Berroco or Cascade. Love the color you are using. You make me want to grab my hook and get moving on something.
    Happy Weekend,

  8. Oooh, that yarn is beautiful! I looks very silky. It's almost like the Soft Secret yarn at Hobby Lobby, but probably even nicer because yours has a softer sheen to it. The orange looks so good. I have a mountain of oranges and clementines on my counter right now. I keep them in a basket and it's spilling over. Time to eat some. :)


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