Sunday, February 02, 2014

Flickr Favs For You


So simple. So pretty. I love this.

Love these ripple colors!

I wish these were mine!

I've seen similar ones, but I like this one.

Very familiar. Ha-ha-ha.


(I guess. I really don't care, but I'll be watching.)


  1. Pretty blankets. I like the one with the flowers. Thanks for finding these and sharing their locations.
    Take care :-)

  2. Ohhh.. thanks for the eye candy. I especially love the colors in that neat ripple.. and love the flower one, too. I'm curious what that is you're working on! I hope you enjoy the SB -- we might watch a re-run of Downton Abbey.. LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely pattern ideas. looks like you are all ready and set to watch the big game. My youngest will be bringing a taco pizza and we have plans to watch so Downton Abby episodes. If they depended on me to promote football, they would all be in the poor house, lol. Enjoy your evening.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. I love that joke picture most. it makes me laugh. A perfect ending of this week. Thank you.


  5. Ooh I wonder what you're making ? Looks interesting. Those pictures reminded me of a ghan I want to make sometime - it's the diagonal granny stitch one. Must get a few UFOs done first though. xox

  6. What'cha making?

    Love the blanket's so true..but being hookers, we just pick up another project and carry on. :)

    Blessings always

  7. Beautiful crochet projects. I especially like the last afghan with tiny flowers; it's so adorable.

  8. I like those rainbow motifs best but it's ALL wonderful! How 'bout those Seahawks? I live in Washington so it was pretty Much a no brainier of who I would be cheering on even if I'm not a real bid football fan. :-)

  9. Great suggestions, Pammy Sue :-)
    I fell in love with the first one simple, and yet so elegant

  10. I really like the simplicity of the first blanket, very pretty. The stack of crochet blocks in all those colors is very impressive, so much work!
    That cartoon picture was what I felt like after watching the most boring SB game ever. Even the commercials stunk. I should have brought my crochet to the party.

  11. Just had another look at this post - aren't those squares/motifs beautiful. Must have taken an age to make all those. The flower garden afghan is lovely - are you going to make one? xox

  12. I am going to have to start making afghans, there are so many pretty patterns out there...what is on your hook? Enquiring minds want to know...many blessings

  13. Looks like you got that baby dress started! :)
    And I wish "those" were mine too!

  14. Love all the pretties you put up I love all huge pile color squares. Hope you doing well I do enjoy your blog . I also love the ripple colors and how they made the pattern with them. Love seeing other peoples work it is inspirational. I see your making something pretty too. I love your new yarn I do the same thing I hug my new yarn too and have hard time putting it down. Well take care will be in touch.

  15. Loved the afghans that you posted. What is the name of those squares that were in a row.?

  16. Jean, I think it's the Willow Square from 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton. Pretty Square!

  17. Oh, that cartoon about finishing an afghan hits home today! LOL! Really... is there life after finishing one??? LOL! blessings ~ tanna


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