Saturday, January 25, 2014

Laugh and Re-Laugh

Someone commented on a post from 2010 and since I didn't know what she was talking about in her comment, I went back and read the post.  I don't even recall writing it, but it made me laugh hard.

So today's post is a re-run from June 2010.  What a rip-off!  Oh shuddup.  It's not like you're paying for these. ;)  

Find it HERE.


  1. Yup, good for a laugh :-) I'm with you; the pattern looks stupid. But the shawl was pretty. Have a good weekend.

  2. You tell em, Pammy Sue! You're always fun to read. Glad you're feeling better! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. OMG!!! That is sooo funny.
    Did you ever finish it or go to a symphony? LOL

    Love your new header Pammy Sue...

  4. LOVE your new header! I stink at that suff. I remember that post. Funny..Still don't get the NB thing. Thanks for saving me today! You are a complete angel!

  5. You were brave to even have a go of the pattern .
    I do like the colours.
    . On another subject.. i have made the recipe from your last post.. very delish :-) thanks for sharing :-) hugs pat :-)

  6. Whatever happened to the shawl? Did you wear it ever? I like it! Tell The's girly. And WE are of the female persuasion...which makes us girls.
    xo Kris

  7. Hee hee...and I bet the stupid accent lady has STUPID HAIR TOO!

    Did you ever finish the Shawl???

  8. Haha loved it Pammy Sue, I would love to have a link to that pattern, I wonder if the person who wrote it ever read your comments. So have you ever warn it? it is pretty. Love your new header. :)

  9. YOU. CRACK. ME. UP. !!!!!!!

  10. still laughing...hugs


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