Thursday, January 30, 2014

Baby Blanket Tah-Dah!

Seems like ages since I've finished anything besides a doily...

Body of Blanket Pattern:  Lovely Shells Baby Blanket, find it free HERE. Thank you, Olga!
Edging Pattern:  One row sc, one row dc, one row (dc, ch1, sk1, dc in next) around, then the last three rows of the edging pattern from a blanket in Leisure Arts Elegant Shells, Classic Collection Book 1 (On the cover; picture below)
Yarn:  Knit Picks Brava Sport:  Seashell, Cream, Cotton Candy
Hook:  Size F
Measurements:  43" x 30"
Happiness Level:  This was so fun! I needed something like this to concentrate on. It only took a few days of crocheting just an hour or two. I couldn't crochet very long at one time because of my arm. I like the yarn, but the pink was splitty. It wasn't too bad though and I've got more on the way from Knit Picks in different colors.

Picture of book from which I got the edging pattern:


My favorite cereal for breakfast.
So good!

They were all staring at me last night because I was eating cheese.

Moochers! I aimed my crochet light at them so I could get a picture. Sorry about the glare from the white dogs. Fletcher is off to the right, but I couldn't fit his mug in the picture. Could Eli's ears be any bigger? Ha! He is a Papillon afterall, although a giant one and more the size of a Sheltie. He's the smartest of all our dogs...almost too smart for his own good. It gets him in trouble a lot.

What else?  Absolutely nothing.  I have done some cooking and taken pictures to post, but they were boring and nothing special.  I haven't been anywhere outside the house except the doctor's office for follow-ups on the back and shoulder, grocery store, post office, pharmacy, and essential places like that.  Other than that, I stay in my leggings and a hoodie  or tee shirt and either work, sleep, or crochet.  Some day soon I will get back into my walks, but I haven't done that since I ripped my shoulder at the end of November.  (You use your shoulder to walk, don't ya know. LOL. Okay, that's a dumb excuse.)

I am inches from being done with my Madelinetosh Shawl, but she's just sitting there on my dining room table looking pretty and wondering why I've abandoned her when she's so close to being finished.

I also have a doily, The Big Yellow Taxi Blanket, the dark teal bobble hearts blanket, my kitty cat, and a couple of other blankets which will remain unnamed because I'm pretty sure you've forgotten about them at this point, and I don't want to remind you of yet another thing I haven't finished.

Love you ALL!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. that baby blanket is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!! I'm practically *drooling* over that border!!!!

  2. That is an absolutely gorgeous blanket. It will look so sweet draped around a little girl.
    Love the doggie picture. My Chloe stares at me just like that...because I always feed her. Our dearly departed cat, George, used to join right in. Goodness how I miss him. Love the ears.

  3. Sooo pretty! I just love it and I just love Olga's patterns! I need to remind myself of the kitty blanket? I remember the rest! Feel better! Love ya!

  4. Amazing blanket! Love the border.
    Such cute furbabies :-) They may be moochers, but at least they're not in your lap when they're begging. My dog (about the size of all your dogs put together) thinks she's a lap dog.
    We all have piles of WIPs (or UFOs) that we should be working on, but it's so much more fun to start something new.
    Take care :-)

  5. Hi Pammy Sue!
    I love the header with Janie!
    And the picture of all the poochies :)
    I lost my Chihuahua in November :
    Someone offered me one yesterday that needs a good home. I am crossing my fingers that Hubby will say yes!
    Love your gorgeous blanket and the granny shawl from your last post.
    Like you I stay hunkered down in the house in this brutal weather, talk to my dogs and knit and crochet. Ahhhh....the good life :)
    Take care Friend,

  6. Very beautiful baby afghan.

  7. A wonderful blanket. I love the colors and most of all I love the edging.


  8. Gah! I lovvvvvvve this! It's just beautiful! Great work, Pammy.

  9. Great blanket Pammy Sue. The colours are just about jumping off my screen - gorgeous. Nice to see the doggies so alert ... cheese does it every time doesn't it. Mind you, anything edible (and sometimes not) always deserves attention. We've had DD's Pug Tommy visiting for the past 2 weeks but he'll be going home tonight or tomorrow morning. Quincy will miss him I think. Enjoy your crochet time. xoxox

  10. That is a beautiful bunch of pinkness! I'm tired of working on my boy blanket.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. It's beautiful Pammy Sue so pretty and girly, I love the frilly edging too, it finishes it perfectly. :)

  12. The blanket is really pretty Pammy Sue. I like the colors too. What yarn did you use? You said Knit Picks; was it their cotton yarn? Your pups are cuties. :-) Have a nice evening. Heather

  13. Wow love your baby blanket colors are beautiful love the pretty edging. Fur babies are so cute as always. Love that cereal too good to see you crocheting again it is good for the soul and heart. I hope your getting stronger and feeling more alive. Keep up on the good work gal. Love seeing you are doing better.

  14. Anonymous6:10 PM

    Beautiful! Love the colors!
    Kathy (Ravelry) :)

  15. Oh, I love your baby blanket. Perfect colors and love the edging.

  16. Love the baby blanket! And really love the edging!!! Cracked up at the doggins' staring at you. I get that a lot too. Especially when I am cooking!!
    Glad you are able to crochet with no problem. What have you been cooking?
    Inquiring minds want to know!
    xo Me

  17. The blanket is gorgeous! I especially like the border.

  18. You did a great job on the blanket, now get cracking on that shawl.

  19. HI, yours is one of the blogs I can't leave a comment on all the time. I am glad you are feeling a little better..hey I understand about the shoulder and hurts..the blanket is gorgeous, love the pinks. By the time you get the shawl done it will be perfect weather to wear it well at least where I's to wishing you a quicker healing..

  20. That is such a lovely blanket!!! Soo pretty!!!
    I love seeing all of your dogs! You certainly have their attention!

  21. That baby blanket is so pretty. I love the border and the colors you chose. I laughed at the pic of all those eyes watching you eat the cheese. It happens here too, only when I get out of my chair they come running to follow me in the kitchen, let a wrapped make a noise and they are all eyes and just waiting to jump on anything that falls on the floor.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  22. wow...lovely blanket..beautiful colour choice.


  24. Hi Pammy Sue, I cannot believe I missed this post. The blanket is absolutely gorgeous. You did such a great job on adding the fancy lace edging. Looks fantastic!


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