Friday, December 06, 2013

Winter Weather

We started getting freezing rain, sleet, and snow yesterday afternoon, and we're supposed to get a bit more tomorrow afternoon. It's not supposed to get above freezing until sometime after Sunday. Very unusual for this time of year here.

Hedges in the backyard.

Our neighbors directly across the street lost their tree. It split right in half due to the heavy ice on the branches. There are several like this on our street. Bradford Pear trees are not very sturdy trees. They fall apart like matchsticks whenever we have a windstorm or ice like this.

A dusting of snow in the neighborhood.

The contraption I have to wear day and night for at least four weeks. You can't see it very well in this picture, but there's a long pillow attached to the sling with velcro that holds my arm out away from my body. I get to remove the big bandages on my shoulder tomorrow and just use Band-aids on them. Good news is today I feel like the pain is down a notch or even two. As long as I don't move that arm, I'm good.

Some of you have asked how I fell. was really, really, really a stupid move on my part. I stepped over a dog gate and lost my balance with one leg on each side of it. I tried to grab onto the door frame, but couldn't hold on and down I went. SPLAT! I am NEVER stepping over one of those gates again. And this time I mean it! 

How could I have been so dumb with my back the way it is and not even completely recovered from the surgery yet? No one ever plans to fall and bust their ass, but that's what happens when you start to get older. Your balance is off, your coordination and agility decline, and you just cannot do what you could when you were younger. It's hard to accept or even believe it, but I'm a believer now! It's just not worth it to take a chance. Move the gate and let someone else use the ladders and step stools.

I can't even type very easily. It's taken me 10 minutes to type all this out, and I can feel it throbbing in my arm. Work is out. Thank goodness I don't rely on it for our only income. I'd be sca-rewed!

I hope I can save just one person from taking a fall and hurting themselves the way I did by ranting here. Don't do it! You never think it will be you until suddenly it is. Stop and think, and then DON'T DO IT!

Anywho...see ya.
We'll be here by the fire for the next few days.
Thanks again for all the love!


  1. Looks like your on the mend!
    When I worked for the Orthopedic doctors the most dangerous thing people would trip on those little rugs we put everywhere bathrooms, by sinks etc. I cannot tell you how many times people have tripped over them only to end up in surgery! Be well my friend! xoxo

  2. Thanks for telling us how it happened. I have stepped over those before and realized that I needed to move it. I keep one in the door of my craft studio so the dog doesn't go in there.. but if I close the door the room is freezing. I vow to never step over one. I'm glad you got good care for that injury and am glad Cap will be home to take care of you.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Oh my gosh, your fall sounds pretty bad. I'm sorry you're dealing with this but hopefully you can just rest and recover now. My father-in-law needed to wear that same contraption after shoulder surgery and I know he wasn't too comfortable in it. I'm amazed at all your ice; we had the same storm come through here Wednesday into Thursday and we got several inches of snow, and now it's ridiculously cold. It's definitely looking like Christmas now...

  4. I'm experience agility issues my self..when did this happen..? When did become old? I take risky shots sometimes to, but have stopped because sometimes just doing the normal things gets me injured..I don't know when or how it happens. Take it easy and heal up no more problems. The weather wacky here in ohio also, 60 one day in December, and 28 today...

  5. I'm experience agility issues my self..when did this happen..? When did become old? I take risky shots sometimes to, but have stopped because sometimes just doing the normal things gets me injured..I don't know when or how it happens. Take it easy and heal up no more problems. The weather wacky here in ohio also, 60 one day in December, and 28 today...

  6. Excellent advice for all us old broads.
    Wow! You all really did get an ice storm. It sure is pretty to look at. Sorry about the trees though.

  7. Oh my! You did get some ice didn't you? From the angle of the picture it looks like the tree missed the house. That was lucky wasn't it?
    It does get more difficult the older we get doesn't it? We put a gate at the top of our stairs when Piper is here and we all step over it. I think that after reading this, no matter how inconvenient it is, I'll unlatch it and move it. Thanks for the advice and I'm so glad you're doing a bit better.

  8. Oh sweet girl......I hear ya, and I would have, and still do, the same darn thing! I think I am quick and agile, like I was in my youth. But in reality...not so much! I am sure sorry for your pain. What a headache! No crochet I am guessing either? I wish I could come over and bring you soup and our famous....vanilla banana pudding.
    I will try to call this weekend.
    Love ya,
    XO Kris

  9. I have a pet gate between the kitchen and the rest of the house. It is only closed when I go away and I need to confine the dogs. It would be impossible for me to step over it. I am too short. When I am home it stays open and there is a small step over where the frame work is. yeah....yes, I tripped over that when we first got it and fell right smack toward the kitchen table. How I kept from braining myself I'll never know, but I learned a lesson. I think we all do stupid stuff like that. Some of us are just lucky is all.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne
    P.S. It is snowing here too, and cold!

  10. I'm stepping over those stinking gates all the time since we got the puppy. I think I will take your advice and stop doing it.
    I saw your bad weather on the news. That's what I call cold.

  11. We got a little snow last night too. The temperatures will stay in the teens for a few days. Ugh! Although I did get out today to do a little Christmas shopping and it didn't feel too bad. At least the wind wasn't blowing. Glad you're home now. Hope it heals fast.

  12. Good to hear from you and thanks for the advice about not stepping over the doggie gate. I have one on my craft room (mainly because the cat try is in there at the moment and the dog does disgusting things with what's in it) and I'm never going to try to step over it. You poor dear - having to wear that sling for 4 weeks but still, you have to do whatever it takes to get better. Guess you might be doing a fair bit of reading ?? That ice looks awesome - so pretty how it hangs off your hedge. Shame about the neighbours pretty tree. Take care. xoxox

  13. You are so right, I have stepped over a million gates thinking my long legs could handle it, but it isn't worth it. I am glad you are on the mend. Stay inside away from the ice!!!!!! Stay warm, and don't move that arm

  14. Hi Pammy! I've been laying low, as I had my own very minor surgery, but slow recovery. I barely had myself one good day, and then I got slammed with a wicked cold! What a month I was having, but I'm hoping December looks better for both of us, right?! Sorry to hear about your fall, and hope you'll mend quickly. As I try to catch up, I see you're reading more. Me too! Once I MAKE myself sit down to do it, I really LOVE to read!.. Enjoy your weekend.. ~teener

  15. HI Pammy, glad to hear you are on the mend. I know what you mean about getting older..I just don't know when it happened. It sucks that we can't do the things that we used to do "yesterday"..oh well. Here in Southern Indiana we received some freezing rain and then about 10 inches of snow. We usually get this much snow in the entire winter. Hopefully it is not a sign of what the winter will bring this year..yeah as I get older I can't handle the cold either. Many blessings

  16. I did almost the same thing as you! I was stepping over a gate while carrying my laptop and something else, and hit the ground hard! I was lucky and was only bruised on my left leg and right elbow. I quit stepping over them! :-)

    I'm glad you're feeling better!


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