Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ugliest One-Arm Cake

This morning I had visions of a fluffy white cake with caramel frosting. Instead I ended up with this...

Hideous mess!
It looks like chicken fried steak w/gravy, doesn't it?

It's not totally the fault of the one-arm baker. Somebody jumped in a chair and ate about 1/3 of the top layer off of the counter when I wasn't looking. I had the top layer sitting by itself on one counter while I worked at frosting the bottom two layers.  I always use the prettiest, most even layer for the top. When I turned around to go get the top layer, there sat a certain someone happily helping himself.

Lovely. I used it anyway and frosted it too.
(The ugly frosting job was entirely the one-arm baker's fault)
It'll still taste good with a cuppa joe.

I'm not naming any names, but...uh-huh, the thief!
Sitting in front of the fire with a lap full of dogs.
They would ALL get up there if I'd let them.

See ya.


  1. Well he does have a guilty look on his face but he's too cute to stay mad at. :)

  2. Well you tried your best just like kids they will do naughty things at times. Well you still have some cake left to enjoy. I hope that your doing much better and able to move around without too much pain. Take care.

  3. At least you're trying! And I'm sure it's good no matter if you aren't pleased with the looks. Cake is cake and frosting.. yum!

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Great post. Made me smile. Perhaps "The One Armed Baker" is the name of a book or blog or something. I love the pic of lap doggys.Thanks for the share.

  5. Obviously very tasty! LOL

  6. I'm sorry Pammy Sue, but I find that so funny !! I once had a cat land in an orange cake - she was jumping down from the top of a cupboard via the bench on which the cake was cooling. Crumbs and chunks all over the kitchen and cake (what was left of it) in the bin. Ya gotta love animals eh ?

  7. It does look like chicken fried steak! But who cares what it looks like if it is yummy, and apparently someone in your house sure thought it was.

  8. Your brat does not look one bit guilty, lol. But it does let one know that if ever a failure comes out of the kitchen it is always convenient to blame the dog, lol. My dogs are so little they could never reach the counter or table, but that doesn't mean they aren't right on top of what ever falls on the floor...because that is their territory.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  9. Oh Pammy Sue!!! Well as long as it tastes good who cares what it looks like. One of my weenies is bad about getting on the table too. The other one is too barrel chested and can't get into the chair. And I gotta tell you ~ there is nothing better than a lap full of dogs in my book! My lap is one short now and do I ever miss the little guy.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  10. I'll tell you what's cute....that header picture at the top of your blog! Those snowmen are adorable! Is one of them knitting????!
    Glad you are getting to post with the Captain's help. (Thank you Brother!)
    That cake.....takes the cake. BADDOG!

  11. Hahaha, chicken fried steak cake! It probably tasted good anyway.
    Dogs make the best hot water bottles.

  12. LOL! Eli the cake thief. Too friggin funny PS!! I have kitties now. 4 outside (totally not my doing but I can't get rid of them) and my 2 inside, Mister, who found me at work and Nubbie, my little female manx. Well Mister does not get up on the counters period. Nubbie is a total different story. I made myself a turkey at Thanksgiving and caught her up on the counter licking it!! I have to have eyes in the back of my head with this one. She is rotten. But I love her so much. She is a 4th of July baby. And who cares if your cake is pretty or not? The taste is what's least to me. lol xoxo


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