Sunday, December 08, 2013

Crochet Stuff I Like

Looking around on Ravelry today, I saw some things I liked.  Hopefully, I won't be gimped up more than four weeks or so and can make some of these...

Angel Ornament
Credit and pattern:  HERE

I thought this was cute and unique.
Credit and pattern:  HERE

So tiny and cute as a bug!
 Credit and pattern:  HERE

I love everything about this hat...color, texture, everything!
Credit and pattern:  HERE

Love these pretty little shoes!
Credit and pattern:  HERE

Gorgeous yet simple.
Credit and pattern:  HERE
Not available until January 7, 2014.

Thanks to my sweet hubby for being my typist so I can post every now and then while I'm in this sling!  They will be short and simple, but at least I can put something up every couple of days.  I've been feeling so out of touch with all of you!  I read quite a bit today getting caught up with everybody.  My commenting will be sparse, but I did manage a few today.

How long until y'all think I am complete insane from not being able to crochet?  I haven't missed it yet because even if I had been able, I haven't felt like it.  I'm sure that won't last and I'll be dying to make something.  



Teresa Kasner said...

What a nice hubby you have to type for you! I really like all the photos you posted.. my fave are the booties. I love the ruffle stitch. I do hope that you get your mobility back quickly, because you are a mover and shaker and need to "do stuff". Get well!

((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Kris said...

Hi Pammy Sue. Those are all cute projects you posted there.
Hey, I am thinking of you! I called today. Spoke to the Cap. He said you were sleeping. I hope he remembered to tell you I called. I will try again this week.
Hang in there!!
xo Kris

glor said...

Hello Pammy Sue, glad that the surgery is over andd hope that you recovery is quick. I love when you post what you love, I always find something I want to make. Love these, especially the throw. Thanks. Best to you, abundant blessings.

linda said...

Lovely things Pammy Sue thank you for the pattern links I love that angel I think I will try one of those. I'm glad you aren't missing the crochet, I remember when I couldn't because of thumb pain, I felt completely lost. Just rest up and enjoy browsing time I could spend all day doing that. :)

Dorothy said...

Good on the Captain for taking the helm while you're incapacitated !!!! I love that hat but checked it out on Rav and some of the others don't look so good. I think that colour is perfect for it. Hope you're feeling ok and that the next few weeks will be bearable (crochet wise of course) xoxox

Lynne said...

When I saw that you were in a sling, the first thing I thought of was that you couldn't crochet. Sounds like torture to me. Maybe you can go buy lots of yarn while you're waiting.
I love that hat.

Charlotte Huffman said...

Thanks for the links. Hope you soon feel better.

Betsy said...

I love, love, love that sweet angel ornament. I may have to check out that pattern.
So sweet of your hubby to help you out with your typing. Now if you could just teach him to crochet.....

Susanne said...

At least you can look around the internet and do some window shopping on the crafty sites. That ought to help you kill some time while you mend. Take it easy, rest yourself, and dream about the next project. Hope you get better soon.
(((HUGS))) Susanne :)

Mereknits said...

I think you should post more finds like these, they are fantastic. Your hubby is a wonderful guy. We miss you too! Get better quickly so we can have the real you!