Wednesday, October 23, 2013

To and Fro About a New York Cheesecake

It had been a while since I made one, but I've used this recipe many times...

Pretty crust...

Fluffy filling...

I even had a sous chef to help me pour it in the pan this time.  But before he poured it in the pan...

ME:  Do you know what I've learned now that I've gotten older and screw things up all the time?


ME:  I go back and read the recipe and make sure I got all the ingredients in there BEFORE I pour it into the pan.

CAPTAIN:  That's my girl.  That's smart.

(I go read the recipe out-loud and we both agree that I put everything in.)

CAPTAIN:  It looks a little full.

ME:  Yes, it does.  I don't remember it being so full before when I've made it.  Hmm...

This is what it looked like when it came out of the oven.

ME:  WTF??

CAPTAIN:  It overflowed all over the oven too.  (He had been the one to take it out.)  Are you sure you didn't forget to add something?  Did you use enough eggs?

ME:  (In kind of a screechy, high-pitched voice)  I double-checked the ingredients before we poured it into the pan! This has NEVER happened before!  I've used this recipe a million times!

I remembered that I had originally gotten the recipe from so we decided to go look at the comments and recipe reviews and see if anyone else's had flopped like this.  We read several reviews, all stellar.

CAPTAIN:  I think they're lying.

ME:  Yes!  They are lying!  Let's look at some of their pictures and see what their cakes look like.

We looked through them and they were all high and beautiful cheesecakes.

CAPTAIN:  Was your pan too small?

ME:  (Screeching again)  NO!!  It's the same spring-form pan I always use!

We left it on the counter to cool and made comments about it all throughout the afternoon.  I decided to go ahead and refrigerate it.  It might still taste good even though it's really ugly.

At about 9:00 last night, we decided to give it a try.  The Captain went in the kitchen to cut us both a piece, and not too long after I hear him say, "I KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!  I KNOW WHY IT DIDN'T COOK RIGHT AND OVERFLOWED IN THE OVEN!"

(In my head I'm thinking, yeah right.  He doesn't know anything about baking.  I know the ingredients were right.  I double-checked them, dammit!)

ME:  What?  What is it?

CAPTAIN:  You used the wrong insert in your spring-form pan!  You used the Bundt cake insert with the hole in the middle.  Cheesecakes don't have a hole in the middle!  You were supposed to use the one with just a solid bottom!

ME:  OMG, you are right!  Why did we not realize that ALL DAY?  We even looked through all those pictures and didn't realize that none of them had a hole in the middle and mine did!  

Of course there isn't a hole in the middle of a cheesecake!  DUH.

Mystery solved.
It still tasted good.


  1. I bet it still tasted good though! :)

    Wishing you a lovely day filled with much joy and blessings, too.

  2. Hahaha you guys are hilarious. For what it's worth, I didn't notice when I looked at the pictures in your post. Who cares what it looks like. I would eat that in in a second.
    Well done Captain.

  3. Oh my gosh Pammy Sue, I am drooling over here. Cheesecake is a favorite of mine!! As long as it still tastes good, no matter! At least you solved the mystery!!! I crack up when I read your conversations back and forth with The Cap!!
    You are on a cooking roll!!!!!
    I wish I could come over for a cup of coffee and slice of cheesecake this morning!!!!!
    XO Kris

  4. Haha that's brilliant Pammy Sue, so funny, as long as it tastes good that's all that matters. :)

  5. Well I am glad the captain figured it out..who gets to clean the oven? Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts..we can make it a meal here at my house.

  6. You're so funny. I literally guffawed out loud at DOG FEET.

  7. Another day when I needed a good laugh. I saw the pan in the first pic and thought to myself, WOW, this must be some sort of new look for cheesecake, and it all looked good going in the pan. As I scrolled down I saw what came out of the oven and thought, Oh for heavens sake, what on earth happened to her master piece. And wouldn't ya know it, the typical husband-wife banter over trying to maybe lay some blame on someone's shoulders, who would have ever thought that the pan would make such a funky outcome. Oh well, the stomach doesn't know the difference when it is being wolfed down. Heck, throw some cherries or blueberries on it and no one knows the difference.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :P

  8. You should have asked me first.. I would have told you that you were using the wrong pan! :-) ::ducking::

    I get it did taste good.. I will have to share with you my recipe for chocolate cheesecake!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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  10. I'm sitting her cracking up laughing. All the while I was thinking to myself, "it must be a new form of bundt cheesecake". It looks delicious though and I bet it tasted great!


  11. *hides behind Teresa* That was the first thing I noticed :D Of course you could bake it in a bread pan and I wouldn't care...cheesecake...mmmmm!

  12. I wondered what you were doing when I saw the picture. But cheesecake is good any way you bake it. :-) Have a great evening.

  13. It was the first thing I noticed too!!! Thought you were very clever with the base with a hole in the middle !! Can't imagine how you got it out ! But in the end all that really matters is the taste. Don't eat it all too quickly now, it has millions of calories !

  14. I've made silly mistakes in the kitchen like that before. I didn't notice the mistake in the first picture though. So it's not just you. Have a great week!

  15. ROTFLOL! Oh, Pammy Sue! You crack me up! I know it was delicious though! blessings ~ tanna

  16. Thank you for the great laugh, it is a perfect story with a yummy ending.

  17. Looks good .....despite the hole :)
    Karen x

  18. Cheese cake... my favourite kind of food ...:))

  19. It was nice hearing from you :) It seems we travel around because of our crochet in alot of the same circles, and I see you make comments, and I thought wow I havn't been by Pammy Sue's in a while..Cheesecake is there ever a bad one? I don't think so....although I've made a few crusts which weren't so good, but the filling, just give me a big spoon. I make one from the 1940's I found online, it has never failed me yet and it's like my mom's. If you ever want the recipe it's on my page under the recipes,can find it let me know...
    Thank you for stopping by don't be a stranger girl, :)


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