Tuesday, September 03, 2013

In a Nutshell...

What I've been up to besides a BIG FAT ZERO...

Crocheting on this big honkin' blanket to fit a queen bed...
On the fourth skein. I'm estimating it'll take 10 or 12.

Making messes and cleaning them up!
(Inside the pantry...what a mess.)

And then doing the EXACT SAME THING a few days later!
I must have pissed off the Spaghetti Sauce Gods.

Happy moment.
I got a little package from my good friend, Dorothy, in Australia.
THANK YOU, Dorothy! I hope you are home and feeling better!
It made me so happy and smiley.

I highlighted my own hair with one of those kits.
But I didn't use the cap with all the holes.
I just painted it on.  Love the results.
Next time I'll do more though.

I made some Sally Lunn bread.

Oh me, oh my!

It's really good.
Recipe HERE.  
Tip from Me:  Double the yeast. Mine didn't rise enough.
I doubled the whole recipe and made two loaves.
Next time I'll use a Bundt pan. I like it better that way.

We went to the casino for an afternoon.
I took this pic for my BIL.  He's a KISS fan.
No, we didn't get rich.


Other than all that stuff, I haven't done much other than try to stay inside where it's cool. Come on, Fall!

Even through the heat, I can sense it.
Can you?

Hug somebody.
Really FEEL it.

Talk at y'all later.


  1. Love the blanket. :)

    I have missed your posts so much!

    Sending hugs and blessings your way

  2. Your blanket looks like it's coming along beautifully. It's going to be really soft and cuddly for sure. I've only made Sally Lunn bread in the bread maker and it turned out really well. Love the hug o'war saying. Have a terrific day. Heather

  3. Blanket looks great! So does the bread yum. Looks like you have been busy. hair looks fabulous also!

  4. Your blanket is gorgeous! It looks SO soft.
    Oh my, two jars of sauce?? We've all been there, done that. Hang in there!

  5. Oh my gosh Pammy Sue, I LOVE your hair!!! It looks so good!!! You cutie pie, you!
    Sorry about the sauce spills. What a mess. I once dropped a jar of MOLASSES on my brick floor. It has never been the same!!!!!
    Good luck with your big ol blanket!!! It is going to be fabulous though, when done!!!
    xo Kris

  6. Your hair is looking great, I love it. And that blanket is going to take a lot of perseverance, you are my crochet hero. Nice gift from your friend, as we know blogging friends are the best. I hear ya, come on Fall I am sweating to death here in Florida.

  7. Wow, that photo of the fall things is gorgeous. I have our Fall wreath on the back door and a bouquet of sunflowers on the table in an old gallon pickle jar. That's it so far. That's going to be one heckuva blanket! Your hair is pretty. I'm a hugger, too. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Wow! That IS going to be a humongo blanket! Love the color.

    I laughed when I saw the 2 sauce accidents. At first I thought you had somehow copy and pasted the first one in the pantry to the kitchen floor. Too bad you can copy and paste clean up, huh?

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your highlights! Your haircut is cute too!

    I'm with you on the itchin' for Fall thing. I even bought some fall foliage at Michael's today to put by my back door. It's been real muggy and hot here for several weeks and this week is no different. Yuk.

  9. Looks to me like you've been busy, girl. And, you might want to try to make up to the spaghetti jars. ;)

    Your hair looks great! Well done! blessings ~ tanna

  10. Great job on your hair! If I tried doing mine it would be a hot mess. Your blanket looks like a beaut, and that bread...drool. Try and keep cool until the fall weather kicks in.

  11. Yikes what a mess!!! Blanket looks great though. I get so bored making blankets because it seems they so long and eat up so much yarn. They are lovely when done. Good for you for taking on such a big project.

  12. So glad to hear that the package arrived safely. Your hair looks very soft and natural - I like it ! I was discharged from the hospital yesterday - pain almost gone but my head feels funny from all the heavy drugs I'm still on. Have to see my doctor on Friday so she can 'wean' me off them. Love to you and the doggies. xoxox

  13. Wish my hair experiments were as successful as yours! It looks great! And that blanket looks magnificent! I'm working on a scarf/muffler that calls for four skeins...and I'm thinking FOUR SKEINS? Really? But it's crocodile stitch / yarn eater...I still don't think I can stick with it for the full four skeins...but 12 in your blanket? That's a lot of yarn! It's going to be a comfy, cozy beauty! And saving the best for last...THAT BREAD! I'm so starved for bread...it made me drool just looking at your photo! Gah! Fun post...but not digging the clean up of spaghetti sauce on the floor...TWICE. That sucks!

  14. Nice highlighting on your hair, and the bread looks delicious too! Wish I could try it, if only I didn't have so many PEARS on my hands right now! A good friend was so nice to share them with us this year, so I made a batch of muffins with some of them this past Saturday. They were DELICIOUS, and the entire dozen is already gone, so I will probably post about them soon; but now, no one is eating the rest of the pears that still remain.. I don't want them to go bad, SO-ooo, it looks like I might better make another batch of muffins. Thank goodness the heat and humidity is not too bad today. ~teener

  15. I love the doily to the right of your pretty blankie. Also, your hair looks great and sassy/sexy. I do love Sally Lunn (soleil/lune) bread and have an old recipe for it. Think I gave away my bundt pan, darn it! Boy! what were you, butterfingers or somethin' with those sgetty sauce jars?! Poor kid, I mighta cussed had I been in your shoes.


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