Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Bean Goes Home

I need to be working hard today instead of fiddle-farting around online and my blog, but I just wanted to give a big thanks to all that offered to check their Hobby Lobby for that yarn. My intent was to find someone who had that already in their stash, not for y'all to go running around shopping for me! I could order it online, but it takes a week or more to get orders from H.L., at least at my house. It comes from Oklahoma City so I don't know why it takes that long. They are just pokey. And I am just being impatient, but THANK YOU!


Some pretties for your eyes...
(Not mine) pretty!

I think I may have this pattern or one similar in a Japanese Crochet book, but I'm not sure. I hope I do. This photo came from a Hungarian blog (I think it was Hungarian, but now I can't remember, Jeez.) The blog address is in the picture at the bottom, but damned if I can read it. 

*Update*  The above picture was found HERE. No pattern given.

Mitered Summer Daisy Baby Afghan

And this one caught my eye on Ravelry. So cute for a baby blanket. I just don't usually have the patience for making square after square after square. HERE is the link if you want to purchase the pattern. I think I'll just admire this one.

A Dog Named Bean

We found her on one of our morning walks a while back. She was so filthy, but a real sweetheart. She came right to me. Luckily her owner had her name and phone number on her tags so I called her and she came and got her. My heart was secretly disappointed that I couldn't keep her, but my brain was relieved that I found her owner. I don't think I'd have it in me to call the pound and have her picked up. NO WAY! Someone would have to chain me to the bed in my room before that would happen.

Anyway, Miss Bean went home, thank goodness!

You are all amazing for reading and commenting and offering to do me favors! Thanks for coming back again and again. I feel the love. I hope you feel it coming right back to you.

Pammy Sue


  1. I just believe yarn people are good people. ;) Great designs, Pammy Sue... you know they call what you are doing enabling, don't you? ;)

    YES, our LYS is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l!! If you ever take a road trip, let me know and I'll meet you there! blessings ~ tanna

  2. Glad you found Miss Bean's owner. That's all you need....a Pit Bull.
    Savvy has gotten out a few times and someone always brings her to me because I have an address tag on her collar. I'm always glad to get her back. Crazy dog would probably come home on her own if she doesn't get run over by a car first. I've never had a dog like her that just "runs" at the first chance she gets and no amount of calling her will get her to come back. She is the hard-headedest dog I've EVER had!

  3. Gosh, that mitered square blanket jumped right off the page and hit me !!!!! I love it - so crisp and clean looking. Don't think I'd make it though as there's be a gazillion ends to sew in. Glad to hear Mr Bean's back home with his family- you're a Good Samaritan. xoxox

  4. Endless amount of inspiration out there isn't there? Enough to keep us busy for a lifetime I'd say. Love the blog world and Ravelry. :)

  5. Glad that story has a happy ending...both of them, actually :-3

  6. So glad you found your yarn to finish the project. I have some HL yarn but none that color. You are right about the slowness of getting it by mail. I think the Pony Express would be faster, lol. I tell ya, if a person misses 1-2 days on here it is forever to catch up on blogs. The yard work is about killing me and there is little time left to do much else. I fall asleep like a grandma in my chair if I sit down in the evenings. Hope all is going well with your recovery. So glad you found Bean's owner, and thanks for sharing the pretty blanket pics. They are lovely. I bet if you checked those pics out long enough you could figure out the patterns.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. Hi Pammy Sue- GREAT afghan! those colors really pop. If you're interested, I found the Hexie pattern at Ravelry. I was thinking of making them outlined as squares. Glad the little Pitbull found her way home. I've GOT to do something with the mitered afghan. That is so striking. Thank you for such great posts- love 'em and have a grand day.
    ReniC in Az

  8. Oops! Forgot to include the link for the Hexie on Ravelry- Sorry.


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