Saturday, July 13, 2013

MIA and Miss Grumpy Panties...

But with good reason!

I almost didn't post this out of pure vanity, but what the hell...I'm human.

In all my grumpy glory...
The day after surgery, July 2nd.

(The Captains surgery to remove the camera from his a** was the next day. Hahahaha! Not really.)

Hospital food, bleh!

I ate the fruit and that's it. Somebody in the kitchen was overzealous with the salt on the other two items. And then an hour or so later, I had the worst gas pains of my life (TMI?). I was bawling and squalling because it hurt so bad. If any of you have ever had your tummy opened up for surgery, you know what I mean. DO NOT EVER eat fruit anytime soon after your body has been opened up!

My brand-new back hardware.

Installed from the front through the stomach, and then screwed down tight through two more incisions in my back. I'll spare you those pictures. Gross! And OUCH!

The Captain hung my crocheted bunting to brighten up my room. I finished it the day before surgery.

We thought our Momma would never be home again, but she is!

I made these two sets before I left for the hospital.
What a super-cute pattern and easy too!
Free pattern:  HERE

I first saw it on Linda's Blog and followed her link to make my own.
Thanks, Linda!


Not sure exactly when, but I'll be back soon.


  1. Wishing you a speedy recovery Pam! Blessings dear friend!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness. Sorry you had to go through that surgery and the recovery and the hospital and all that. I certainly hope this puts the end to your pain. I've been keeping you in my thoughts and have missed seeing your posts pop to the top of my list. Sounds like the Captain takes loving care of you. Cute crochets! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. You are one very strong lady,All the very best for your recovery, lots of hugs from me to you ((((very gently))))
    pat .........

  4. Ouch! In my line of work, I hear about them all the time. It's scary to even think about it. I hope that the results are life-changing for you. Hugs from California :)

  5. OH MY!!!!! You poor dear, I think you look beautiful regardless of what you think. The x-ray looks absolutely mind boggling and yes, I have had an abdominal surgery, the gas pains are terrible and then comes the muscle spasms when the healing begins because they have to cut through muscle too and that does not feel good either. Getting in and out of bed is the pits and it feels like something is going to NOT HOLD you together. I had my gall bladder out years ago, they tried a lap on me but the surgeon said I was too fat and so he made a nice 12 inch diagonal incision from under my left breast down to my waist. Personally I think he was nuts, I know several gals bigger than me and they had no incision at all, just the lap where they went in through the belly button.....I so hope that this surgery is the answer to all your prayers to get relief from all the back pain you have been suffering. Your baby crochet items are darling. You rest and take it easy now. Hope you mend well and have a speedy recovery friend.
    (((small hug))) Susanne ♥

  6. Oh mh gosh ... Pammy Sue, wishing you a speedy recovery. Didn't know what you were going through. Sending thoughts and prayers your way. Blessings.

  7. Blessings and good wishes for a speedy recovery!:)
    Reni in AZ

  8. Goodness gracious that was a lot of stuff they did to your back. Praying for a speedy recovery and no pain.

    I'll keep you in my prayers. So glad you are blogging again.

    Hugs and blessings always

  9. Dear Pammy Sue,
    Can't believe how nice your hair looks after surgery. :o)
    But how can anyone smile after insertion of hardware.
    May your recovery be smooth and constant.

    I'm considering a similar procedure. Do let me know if it eases the pain.

    Big hug...

  10. Awww Pammy, you do look like miss grumpy pants, but that is okay, you have every right to!

    I want you to get better soon and not feel so bad.

    Let me know if you need anything, I am just a hop, skip, and a scoot away (I don't jump anymore, too old, fat and decrepit.LOL)

    Love you!!!! Teener

  11. I wish I could give you a hug {{gently}} Pammy Sue! I'm praying the surgery will bring you relief from the pain and discomfort you have had in the past. Take care of yourself and let your body heal. Your crochet is so sweet as usual. Take a break from blogging we will still be here.

  12. Let's hope that this puts an end to all your back pain. Hope you are feeling better already and will be completely back to your old self ( or better!!) real soon.

  13. I am just home from Bass Lake, and went to my blog, saw you had posted, and came straight here.
    Oh you poor girl. I am sure you have been very uncomfortable! I know those gas pains are horrendous!!! I love that you hung your bunting in your room. And I love the two sets you made in the hospital. I bet your fur babies missed their Mama! So glad you are home resting now. Hope that every day is better and better for you. Hugs...

  14. You poor thing Pammy Sue I feel for you! but the worst is over thank God wishing you a very speedy recovery!! xxx

  15. I hope you will be back on your feet asap. I will pray for a speedy recovery.

    Take care.
    Groetjes, Monique

  16. So good to see you posting again! I was wondering how you had made out with things.
    Hopefully you have a speedy recovery!
    Bet your babies missed you!

  17. Oh Pammy Sue, I didn't know you were having this op. I was thinking about you the other day and thought it unusual that you hadn't blogged for awhile - now I know why. You poor thing - I hope everything goes ok and that your pain will be a thing of the past. Little Sammy looks so worried in that photo - bet they all missed you while you were in hospital but I'm sure the captain would have looked after them very well. Those baby hats and mittens are so cute. Take it easy my friend. I'll be thinking of you. xoxox

  18. Bless your heart, Pammy Sue!! Wishing you a speedy and smooth recovery and an excellent outcome from your surgery!! blessings ~ tanna

  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery :)

  20. I have been so worried about you, the surgery and the days after sound horrendous, oh you poor thing! I bet your babies missed you something fierce. Are you able to get around now?
    Sending you positive, healing thoughts my friend,

  21. Hope you are feeling better! Back surgery is no picnic. I understand about the gas problem. When my son was born, I had hemmroids and the nurse gave me a suppository to move my bowels! Talk about hurting! Anyway, get better soon!

  22. wishing you the best. Sending Prayers.

  23. Feel better soon Pammy! ~teener

  24. Oh my Goodness Pammy Sue you poor girl... I can't believe how much work they have done on your back... You must be so uncomfortable, but just think of how wonderful you will feel when you are all healed. I'll be praying for you to recover soon. I can't believe you are already posting. Get better soon my dear :)

  25. sending you my warmest "Get well soon wishes". I hope the pain is over soon and you start regaining your strength after such a serious operation. Greetings from the island of Malta, my friend.

  26. Looks and sounds like this might be the trick. Hope you are up and moving soon. Sorry, we were up in WI this weekend, not a great connection. Hope this week you are getting better and better.

  27. On the Xray photo:
    Good God Almighty!

  28. Back surgery sucks, hospital food sucks even harder, BUT cute bunting, doggie face and baby crochet!
    Take it easy.
    Sounds like you could use some cake :)

  29. Sending prayers your way for a speedy recovery.

  30. Pam that looks like such a traumatic op. I can see it will take time to heal. I adore your bunting your little dog and your baby sets. I am new to your blog so don't know much about what has been going on but prayers & blessing been sent your way Dxx

  31. Good Gawd girl! I have no room to complain at all!! I had surgery two weeks ago on my neck. c5/c6 & c6/c7 were taken out and replaced. I am not totally healed but getting there. Yesterday was my first day back to work and it sucked. lol. Today I have a low fever and I think I am getting a UTI. :o( This is the first time I've been to blogland in sooo long. Crochet? Eh, not a whole lot. I don't know what's wrong with me.

    I hope your new hardware fixes you up sugar. Lord knows you have had your share and then some of pain. I am not going to have anything done to my lower back until I can't hardly walk. This neck surgery fixed me for that. I love and miss ya hon. Hope you are feeling tons better! Wish I was closer. xoxo


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