Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yarn, Bunting, Hair

My LYS was having a Gumball Sale yesterday and we just happened to be in Plano, so I stopped in to see what was what. You get a gumball from a giant gumball machine and each color represents a percentage that you will get off of your entire purchase that day. I drew a 35% gumball and was quite pleased with that. (It only goes up to 50%).

I got a big hank of Noro Taiyo Sock (459 yards) and two hanks of Smooshy with Cashmere Sock (450 yards each). I ended up saving a little over $30 bucks so I was happy. I'm not quite sure what I'll make with the Noro, but maybe another Boho purse or two. My purse is done...ta-dah coming tomorrow! The Smooshy I plan to use to make THIS SHAWL. I've been looking for the perfect yarn, and this jumped out at me yesterday. It's super soft and die for.

My LYS, The Woolie Ewe

Old Bunting.

New Bunting

I've been working on a new bunting for my back porch. The old one is worn out and faded. It's been out there for at least two years, maybe three. I can't remember exactly. I picked this yarn and these colors because I have a lot of it in my stash. I just need to finish putting the picot edging on these and crochet them together onto a chain for hanging. It's been fun working on these the past couple of days here and there. 

I got my hair chopped off yesterday evening!
Feels great. Love it.

See ya!


  1. Beautiful yarn and 35% off is really good! Your old bunting still looks great to me. :-) I need to figure out a place to hang bunting and get started making some.

    Your hair is beautiful!

  2. Pammy Sue, I love your new summer do! Doesn't it feel great!! I sure do miss our LYS!!! We loved gathering there, and sharing ideas, and yarn and friendship.
    Love your bunting!!!! And woo hoo on the sale!!
    xo Kris

  3. Love the bunting..Hair looks cute! My LYS never has a sale, ever. I dont know why. They are kind of snobish. I only go in if I have to.

  4. Loving you hair, you look like a hottie. Good for you at the yarn sale, first of all it looks like an amazing shop and 35% off is a great deal.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Yay! on the yarn score....

    Your hair rocks! :)

    Blessings always

  6. Your haircut looks great!.. And I love the flowers on your blog header too! So pretty!

  7. Your hair looks great. Love the colours in your new bunting - I've taken a liking for solid, strong colours recently and your bunting really fits both categories. Noro yarn is beautiful isn't it - will look forward to seeing what you make with it. xoxo

  8. What a beautiful pattern for a shawl.. It will look gorgeous..:))
    Pretty colours for your new bunting..
    Change of hair style always good for the soul, :))
    Hugs pat :))

  9. Pammy Sue your hair looks lovely and what yummy yarn at bargain prices ~ Sarah x

  10. I am DROOLING over your yummy yarn scores, Pammy Sue!! I love to visit the Woolie Ewe when I am in the DFW area. That shawl is going to be so beautiful!! Love that sassy new hairstyle, too! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Love the new bunting and the new do!

  12. Hi Pammy Sue your hair ....looks great!


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