Sunday, June 02, 2013

The Bag, Kya, The Dresses

I'm still working away on the purse.
Last night I started sewing the squares together...
This is your last peek before it's done.

Today I cut out a template for the lining...
I taped some printer paper together, doubled it, and then outlined the purse shape. 

When you open it up, you have a pattern to lay on the material to cut out the lining. I'm just winging this, y'all. I am not a sewer and have no idea what I'm doing as far as the lining goes. I may need to look for a few tutorials online before it's all over. I'll be hand-sewing the whole thing. I'm not going to blow my mind trying to thread a bobbin and all that "technical" sewing machine stuff. Hahaha. 

I'll  finish sewing the squares together today during the race and probably start the straps too. I'll sew the sides up last after I get the lining sewn in. That's the plan anyway. I still need to get out to JoAnn's this week and see if I can find some lining material that I like. I'll hopefully have a Ta-Dah! later this coming week.


I know...too many baby pictures = bleh!
But...please indulge me today.
There are just a few to share with you...

Kya was so sweet and happy the whole time she was here.
(Her name is pronounced Kiya with a long "i" sound, if you're wondering)

The dresses fit her perfectly!

It cracked me up that Janie was in the background of a bunch of the pictures I took just smiling her ass off. Hee-hee!

The blue dress.

Miss Sammi.  

You know I had to get a dog picture in. All of the dogs were good with Kya and just wanted to lick her and follow her around. They'd lick her right in the face and she'd just laugh.

Thank you for a sweet day, Teener!
It was fun.


  1. Awww so adorable!

    I am glad you had such a great time with your friend and the little one, too.

    OK, Janie in the background cracks me up with that smile. I'm not sure who is the cutest, Janie or little Kiya...they are both so adorable.

    The bag is looking good, can't wait to see the finish.

    Blessings always dear friend

  2. That purse! Yummmmm! That sweet baby...even more yummmmm! Love that the dresses were such a perfect fit!

    Here's a shout out to smiling doggies! Such personality!

  3. Precious!! One can never have too many precious baby photos. ;)

    All the little outfits looks great on her. And, I can't wait to see that purse finished! blessings ~ tanna

  4. Kya is so cute and the dresses look perfect on her! and your bag is coming on a treat, good luck with the sewing and making of the lining, (that's the bit that puts me off)
    Can't wait to see the tadaa moment:)

  5. We can never have too many cute baby pictures. She is adorable. Make the lining bigger than the bag, your yarn will stretch and the lining won't. Hugs to you,

  6. Your bag is going to be great! Love that Noro. Little Kiya is the perfect model for those dresses. What a cutie!
    I think your dog has had a lot of practice in front of the camera. Hilarious!

  7. There are NEVER too many baby pictures! I just love babies. And Janie right there grinning like crazy. Just too cute. The dresses look adirable on Kya.
    Can't wait to see the ta-dah on your bag. It's looking great.

  8. The purse is coming along nicely but I have to say little Kiya stole the show :))
    Looking so sweet in those lovely dresses you crocheted..
    I thought the Janie was cute too, smiling away there lol..
    Great day for you and Teena and Kiya :))
    hugs pat..

  9. Kya is such a little sweetie and looks so cute in her crochet dresses. You really have a way with colours Pammy Sue - love those shades in your bag. Good luck with the lining. Looking forward to seeing it finished. xoxox

  10. Looks like the perfect day to me. Those dresses are too cute and let me tell you I can't wait to hear all about how the sewing of the liner went. Out of here to jazz....

  11. We had a fantastic time and the dresses are a hit!

    Kya really enjoyed the chicken you sent home with us. It was the only "non-baby" food I was able to get her to eat this weekend.

    We have to do it more often. I think she liked being a "model".

    Love you Pammy! Teener

  12. That bag is going to be a head-turner.. I'm impressed with your lining project.. I love the crocheted bags lined as you would lose little things through the holes if you don't!! Kya looks absolutely adorable in those dresses -- I bet you just snuggled and kissed her little cheeks! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. OMG, she's so sweet!

    A hug from Brazil.

  14. oh what cuteness! my goodness! So cute!!! :D


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