Monday, June 24, 2013

Ain't It Cool?

No, it's not a doily!

I absolutely love it, and we hung it in the corner of our bedroom on the wall. That only took about two hours, one crying-fit, one nervous breakdown, an argument or three, and an overnight to sit and stew before we got it up straight, or at least as straight as it's going to get. LOL.

I wish we'd had better light to take pictures (we had an argument about that too!), but I'll have to settle for what I got. I wanted softer lamplight, and The Captain wanted enough light you could do brain surgery. Whatever. I've learned to pick my fights. He can have this one. (But it would still have been prettier with lower light...I have to get the last word. Ha-ha.)

What? Another picture? Well, okay...

The Lily Blanket

Yarn:  Vanna's Choice in Toffee, approx. 4.5 skeins
Hook Size:  J
Measurement:  50 inches in diameter
Satisfaction Level:  LOVE IT!!

My notes:  Excellent pattern at a reasonable price with no errors that I found. I considered it easy. I did not starch it before hanging. It may be easier if you do. I hung mine on the wall using quilting pins after conferring with the pattern's author about how she hung hers. I ended up using a LOT of pins to keep it from sagging. You can see the pins in person if you're up close, but nobody is going to be in our bedroom that close to it.

One More?

Looking through the beads hung in the doorway.
Well, isn't that artsy-fartsy? Or white trash. I'm not sure which.
Yes, I have a china hutch in my bedroom temporarily.
Don't judge.

Now go buy that pattern so you can start making your Lily Blanket to hang on your wall and be cool like me! No, she's not paying me to say that and I didn't get mine for free. And don't go moving your china hutch into your bedroom to be cool like me. That's just dumb.

See ya later, HAGS!
Love you.


  1. Pammy Sue it is freaking gorgeous, and I love it when you call me a hag!

  2. LOL...You little wack-a-doodle!!! :)
    OMG, I love it!! I have made some doily wall hangings in my day but...nothing like that MASTERPIECE!! Whoa Nelly!
    Your good Pammy Sue! Take your bow!
    penny x

  3. Wow, that is super cool. I love it.

    Right now though...I am knee deep in doily making and trying to keep my stitching Mo and Jo from killing each other. :)

  4. Magnificent!
    Exquisite pattern, crocheting and
    hanging. Can't imagine the hanging of it.
    Tedious enough to cause bickering.
    Two thumbs up for this one Pammy Sue!

  5. Wow. Love it. But did you have to use the word brain surgery to get my attention. Guess what I picked up this morning.....

  6. Love, love, love it! It doesn't look easy, though... I'm such a wuss, don't know if I could do this or not!

  7. I like it!!! I may have to go over and get that pattern myself..I have a wall that I think something like this might just work..thanks for sharing

  8. That is the mother of all doilies, and I bow to your amazing crochet skills. It looks beautiful hanging in your room and definitely worth a few arguments to get it up there on the wall. Well done!!!!

  9. That is a fabulous wall art for a crocheter! Good job on it. I adore your vintage "Princess" dresser, my mom had one almost just like that when I was 4 and when she was gone and dad was taking care of me.. I went in there and started applying her bright red lipstick on my lips.. then the entire rest of my face.. boy was dad in trouble! Mom used Comet to get it off my face. I was not happy. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. That is beautiful! I had to laugh imagining the two of you hanging it!

  11. It's beautiful a work of art, just love it! :)

  12. Wowzers!! I love it!!! I love the color, the shape, the size, stitch....everthing! I have quilts hung on the wall, and love that. This is the same thing to me. A work of art, to be admired and enjoyed!
    Beads in the doorway only means you grew up in the 70's like me!!! I like it. And as for a china hutch in the bedroom, why not. I say rules schmules!!!
    XO Kris

  13. It looks lovely on the wall!! Great job!!

  14. Wow, that is really a big doily. A beautiful pattern.


  15. Gurrrrrrrl! That is one gorgeous piece! Dying laughing at your description of the hanging process. Sounds like a few (or more) occasions at my house over the years. I think it's a Mars Venus kinda thing! You must be so thrilled every time you walk in the room. And, the beads...and really love the hutch. It's a good thing my house is two stories and the hutch a "mofo" to move or I'd be considering it! I used to rearrange my house at least once a month. Not any more...too old to move furniture alone...damn! Have a great day! Can't wait to see the next masterpiece you crank out!

  16. I have to give your husband credit, he hung out with you and hung it up, my husband would never do that. I love the wall hanging, so ubber cool, you are amazing. The color is awesome.
    Hugs or Hags,

  17. What a wonderful idea to hang it on the wall> It is Fantastic

  18. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! What a cool idea! Sorry you had so much stress getting it hung and photos taken, but wow! It seems like it was totally worth it! And the view from behind the beaded curtain is very artsy fartsy AND kind of Eastern Indian....ish. You need to have some Eastern Indian music playing and incense burning.

  19. love. love. love!!!! Great work, Pammy Sue! And, I love the color and the beautiful design reminds me of a window in a beautiful old church. Gorgeous! blessings ~ tanna

  20. OH MY!!! I am still laughing. You are just too funny and I sure needed a laugh. Men, are they not a piece of work all into themselves. I can remember many an disagreement where my hubby and I were at odds over things being his way or mine. I love the wall doily, is that what you would call it? I can see where it would cause you fits when trying to get it just so-so and to hang right. How many times did you have to run across the room to eye-ball it, lol. Those bead curtains, hon, I am a child of the 60's so I know beads! Now the hutch, heck, you might be starting a new decorating trend, so whatever works for you is okay with me. I'm still smiling, thanks!
    Susanne ♥


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