Sunday, May 05, 2013

You're Right!

You're right, you're right! I know you're right!

(That's a line spoken by Carrie Fisher in the movie When Harry Met Sally that the Captain and I always say to each other.)

Yellow Sweetheart Blanket

Why do you all have to be so reasonable? 

I meant to tell all of you thank you for your comments on the Sweetheart Blanket screw-up. Although I know what the right thing to do is, it really helps to hear you say it. The idea of making every other panel matching was a good one – I think a couple of you mentioned that – but in this particular case, I want all the hearts lined up. So thanks to all of you for your responses.

I still haven’t touched it since discovering the error. I think I’ll have the Captain pull it out for me tonight when he gets home from work. I won’t have to see it and maybe that’ll be less painful.

I just love that afghan, and I hope to make more than one. It does take a lot of time, though, but that’s okay. The results will be worth it, and I’m going to ALWAYS be crocheting something anyway. It's a dead issue and I'm moving on! Yay, me!

How's about some more pretty crochet?  Okay...

Pastel Granny Blanket

Baby Girl Hat with Bow
Love these colors together!


Remember this cotton Oveja shawl I made a while back? I wore it to the doctor's office a couple of days ago and the lady that did my MRI had a fit over it. She went on and on and asked to try it on and admired herself in the mirror. As I was leaving, I put it around her shoulders and told her it was hers. After a bit of back and forth because she didn't want me to just give it to her, she finally accepted it and I left. She said it made her day, but it made mine more. She was so happy and taken aback. She said she was going to wear it to church this Sunday and everyone was going to be so jealous. :) 

There's nothing like a random act of kindness! Try it. It'll lift your spirits and fill your heart with joy every time!

I'm going to make myself another one using that same yarn, Bernat Cotton Tots. It was the only shawl I've ever actually worn, and I had worn that one three times recently and gotten comments from strangers on it every time. It's the perfect shawl...not to heavy, not too big, and it matches everything. Maybe I'd better make several if I'm going to be giving them away all over town.  Hahaha.  It would be gorgeous in black, but the dog hair would show like crazy so I can't do that for myself. The Cotton Tots doesn't come in black either. It does come in a chocolate brown though.  Hmm...


  1. Aw Pammy, you sweet thing, you!! What a nice thing to do. I know you made that lady so happy! It does feel good to give. Better than to receive!! You are a kind soul!!
    Loved that shawl, and I want to make one too.
    That heart afghan is so pretty. Is it going to go in your bedroom?
    Love the granny square one you showed too. I think it will be a good day to crochet here. Kind of on the cool side. Rain is coming, they say.

  2. Hi Pammy Sue - I knew you would relent and decide to frog the Sweetheart panel - your work is so beautiful I knew that you would never be satisfied with the boo-boo. I've been busy working on a ripple flag throw - I have all of the crochet done, I just need to sew in the ends (yuck) and sew on the stars. The stars from the pattern DID NOT look like a star they looked like flowers. I went off the grid and found a pattern for one that looks like a star.(-: I'm not a bit surprised that you gave your shawl away - I'm sure you really did make her day. That's just the kind of person you are.

  3. Very sweet of U Pammy Sue. :o)

  4. You are soooooo lovely. Just think how much you made that woman's day, or week or month. Every time she looks at that shawls she will think of you and your generosity.

    I think you are quite amazing.

  5. Hey girlie ... love all these ghans and will have to add these to my to do lists. But, wow, giving that shawl away ... what a sweetheart you are. I am sure that woman is going to be sporting a great big smile for a long time. What a wonderful thing to do.

  6. That was a lot of crochet eye candy in one post. I really liked that pastel granny blanket, and your shawl is gorgeous! I bet that lady is so happy!

  7. You're a very nice person. :)

  8. Pammy Sue, that was so sweet of you. I love to do that too. You will be forever thought of as a lovely person by that lady. I should do it more often. I get as much pleasure from giving away as they do receiving. I'm sure that you feel the same thing. The other patterns are beautiful. I think I like the pastel granny best. I also can't wait to see your blanket finished -with all the panels correct! :-)

  9. You are amazing.............

  10. Momma always said this when we did a good dead, without being asked, "You just earned another jewel to your crown in heaven."

    That really made an impact . . to this day, when the husband or I do a random act . . even as small as letting a person out in front of us in a long line of cars, I always say the husband juts earned another jewel.

    So wear your "Shawl Jewel" proudly! It was a very nice random act.

  11. How generous and lovely that you gave your beautiful shawl to that lady. I bet she'll love wearing it. That baby hat is SOOOO cute - love the colours too. xoxox


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