Friday, May 10, 2013

Grannies' Grannies

I went over and visited my momma and daddy yesterday and she had these two blankets draped over her couches.
This one was made by my Great Aunt, Jewel Squyres.
We called her Granny because she raised my Daddy.


This one was made by my grandmother, Levoi Barton.

Both of them are not with us anymore, but I'm really happy that we have some of their crochet goodies to admire. I'm happy to carry on the family crochet gene. 

When I look at them and look closely at the stitches, I wonder what they were thinking about when they made all of these stitches. I know how my mind wanders and different things float through my mind while I crochet, some stay for a few rows of contemplation and others just stay around for a few stitches and another train of thought takes its place.


While I was in the waiting room at the doc's yesterday, I saw this recipe in a magazine and took a couple of snapshots of it. I've got to try it some day...
This was the best one I got for printing if you want. Left-lick on the picture first, and when the new size comes up, print it. You should get a full-size copy that way. If that doesn't work, copy and paste it into a Word document then click on it and pull in the corners to the size you want, and then print. If that doesn't work, just get out a crayola and some paper! Ha-ha/

I put this one up too, so you could see part of the cake and know what it looks like. It sounds so good to me! This recipe came out of an issue of Good Housekeeping magazine.

This is the view from my momma & daddy's back porch. I stepped out there yesterday to get a picture of the pretty climbing roses. It's was raining so the light wasn't great for picture-taking, but they still look pretty.

I haven't made any progress on anything crochet in the last few days except for that Oveja shawl.  My new yarn should be delivered from JoAnn's on Saturday. I'm going to make a black one and a gray one if the yarn I bought for it works out. I didn't buy the Cottontots in any color other than off-white because they didn't have any good colors in stock. Bastards. Don't have a damn sale and then not have any colors to choose from, people!

~Have a good weekend~
Enjoy your Mother's Day all you mothers out there!


  1. OH, I love the afghans. Now I see where you get your talent's a family tradition.

    Love the roses, too.

    Hugs and blessings always dear friend.

  2. Those afghans at your Mama's are beautiful. What a treasure to have them!!!
    Such pretty views from your Mama's house too!!!
    I have been doing nothing of any importance to blog about!!
    XO Kris

  3. It's lovely those lovely blankets have been passed down, it will bring back fond memories every time you see them. Yes my mind wanders all over the place when I'm crocheting too. That recipe looks yummy but I dare not try it because it means I will have to eat them and I am trying to be good...I must resist at least until I can fasten my trousers again haha have a great weekend :)

  4. Beautiful afghans! What a blessing to have these to be shared with future generations and keep memories alive.
    Happy Mothers Day to you too

  5. Love the crochet blankets! It' great that your mom is using them, they make the room so cozy.
    I went online to check out the Cottontots yarn and it said that it is being discontinued.
    So grab what you can!!!

  6. WHAT???! Noooooooo! DANG IT!

  7. What a pretty yard! Love the roses!!!! My roses are just starting to come out of hibernation.
    The afghans are really pretty. Love the color combinations!
    The chocolate squares look really yummy!

  8. Love the afghan's made by your Mom and Aunt, I wonder what they were thinking about, too.
    Just Lovely,

  9. Beautiful house & stunning blankets, love the granny square one. will def try the recipe, love anything coffee flavoured :)
    Have a wonderful mothers day K xx

  10. I love the afghans!! and even more, I love that they are place holders of the special lady's who made them... I, too, wonder what thoughts were going through their minds when they worked each tiny stitch. Beautiful!! blessings ~ tanna

  11. Where do you find out online, that a yarn has been discontinued?

  12. I wish I had more of my grandmother's crochet and tatting. I was lucky enough to save a few pieces of tatting and her crochet hooks.

  13. Very beautiful :)


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