Thursday, May 02, 2013

Crochet Sickened

You will all know what I mean by that title when you see and hear what I've done. I was happily humming along with the second panel of my Sweetheart Blanket when I stopped to stretch it out and count the hearts to see how many more I had left to go on this second panel. I knew I was close...
As I was counting, I saw it.
Do you see it? Do you see the mistake?
Let me get a little closer...

My heart sank when I saw it (pardon the pun). I felt even sicker when I realized it was way down near the bottom of the panel. I would have to unravel FIVE HOURS of work in order to get back down there and fix it. Each heart and little triangle design section takes me about 53 minutes or so. I'm wondering if I can just cut it down there and just rip out the bobbles that shouldn't be there and then rejoin the two sections somehow and have it look decent. I have to either do that or rip it out. The whole afghan will be off-kilter if I don't, and I can't have that. I will not spend hours upon hours crocheting this afghan only to have it all wonky.  I'm just sick I tell you!

I'm just going to put it aside for now and start a new panel. I'll deal with it later. Did I mention I feel sick? 

I could just BARF.


  1. Awe, that's too bad. Personally I would tear it out and then continue on. It still looks nice though!

  2. I'll just say this for you: DAMN, DAMN AND DOUBLE-DAMN!

  3. Oh no Pammy Sue!! I've been there and done that. I think the only way it will look right is to rip it back. If you're REALLY good you could try cutting it, but I've never been able to do that and have it look right. I'm so sorry. But the panels ARE very beautiful and you won't be sorry that you fixed it!

  4. Okay that stinks, and believe me it would happen to me. You won't be happy unless it is perfect, so just rip it back now before you can think about it. I had to rip out and entire knitted jacket I made years ago. The whole darn thing, it was painful but I ended up making it again and we both survived.
    Hugs to you,

  5. Could you make every other row to match this one you "errored" on?

    I would hate to have you frog it . . I always seem to make more mistakes when I try to correct the first mistake . . . hope you don't havem y luck :(

  6. Why don't you alternate these rows. this way, it'll look planned. I wouldn't rip either.

  7. Oh no ..... I hate it when that happens. I would pull it undone myself - shame but you'll feel better in the long run. It will be a beautiful blanket. Big cuddles for Ollie xoxox

  8. ARGHHHH! I hate it when that kind of thing happens! Doggonit! I've found I have to walk away awhile then rip back QUICKLY! So sorry, Pammy Sue!

  9. OMGosh this just happened to me earlier today. I was working on a doily and thought I was really doing good and then I realized I had made a mistake, 5 rounds back. I had to rip it out.

    I say rip it out. If you don't, it will always bother you, at least it would me.

    Hey, when are we gonna see some more doggy pictures? I haven't seen them in a while and I miss them...yes, I know they are on the side bar, but it's always nice to see them out and about, too.

    Hugs and blessings always dear friend.

  10. oops!!! I hate when that happens, but I too would have to do the ripping thing as much as I wouldn't want to. I am sorry.

  11. Well, crap. You can throw that panel in with my white blanket that has yarn from two different dye lots.
    I hate it when that happens. Don't think about it. Just keep making new panels and deal with that one later.

  12. Oh No! We've all been there, I know you'll never be happy with it unless you rip it, it's a beautiful colour, will look lovely in that design :-)

  13. You can deal with it later... Or just ask a friend to rip it... And voila ...iThink of it as a panel that is already started and you already have one heart done for it...better think positive and the cup half full ( instead of half empty). Think of thpanel that was ripped as it was just therapy ( since they say that knitting and crochet are good for your brain... You're just getting younger when you were doing them, so you didn't loose anything) :)
    Thanks for visiting me and commenting on my blog so often my dear Pammy Sue!

  14. Happens to me quite often---I think it's an "age" thing with me. I would just rip it back because that's what I do!

  15. Argh.. oh well, rip it, wind it and fix it.. you know you have to. :-) On my 2 shawls, the first one I had to totally frog it twice. But it was worth it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  16. OMG I didn't see it at first.. you are doing so well . Better to find it now so you can be happy with it... All the best.
    hugs pat :))

  17. I had to expand the picture to see it. So sorry you had to pull out all that beautiful work but you will feel better for it. Once its done you will have satisfaction.


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