Friday, May 31, 2013

Crochet and Pie

What a sweet, sweet pattern. I love the thread edgings. You can make some too. The lovely Ana wrote the pattern up for us for FREE!  You can find it here: Bloom Coasters

One more crochet picture...

And the crowd roars, "Oooo...good one!"
My Noro purse STILL in progress.
Hee-hee-hee. I'm goofy this morning.


Now what else have I been up to?
Oh, yes...THE PIE!
Before the top crust went on.
Those are little dabs of butter on top.

Excuse my ugly fluting. It still tasted good!
This was before the oven.

Here's the recipe I used, sort of. I used half brown and half white sugar this time. And I never use the allspice, just cinnamon and some fresh nutmeg. I only had 8 apples so that's what I used. They were Golden Delicious, Gala, and one Braeburn. I don't know what that silly "slice into disks" stuff is. I just sliced them normally.

I've been off of my "diet" for maybe three weeks now? I've gained SEVEN (7) pounds. Isn't it amazing how fast it piles on when it is so stubborn to get off?  Insert lots of *HATE* here.

Ah, the diet. I quit it because I was about to fall over dead according to my blood work. My cholesterol was  306, yikes, and that's just the beginning. I'm surprised I made it home from the doctor's office alive. It was BAD, folks. So...

I stopped the low-carbing and eating meat and fat and starting eating PIE! Hahaha! I know it's not funny, but good Lord Almighty, what does a girl have to do these days?? Don't anybody dare answer that. I just thought you'd like to know why I quit after hanging in there for so long.

Oh yeah...

Here's the pie after I cooked it. Not a great picture, but I was tired by then.

So I went to bed with my crochet and some good reads...

And of course, the dogs.
They are never far away...



  1. PIE...seriously....PIE....Ok, I won't go there as you stated to kindly right at me. I know you were talking to me. I know you had a hard time on this diet. I'm hoping your back is getting better. By the way, I adore Fannie Flagg and have read all of her books. But, I do need to pick up some gossip rags for the weekend, as I think all my subscription are done. I need the latest on the "Ks".



  2. Oh sweet friend, how I can feel your pain. Middle age sucks when it comes to trying maintain our weight. The good thing is, at the age I am now, I finally found peace with it. I am not so stressed about the scale, and more interested in my numbers. Get the Cholesterol down girl, and just eat healthy portions of the foods you enjoy, and you will be fine.
    The purse is coming along great. And I adore those coasters!!!! My Mom reads everything that Fannie writes. You do know that my Mom and Nana are from Texas, right?
    And oh the doggins. I am up here in the mountains, and had to text Greg late last night that I couldn't fall asleep without my Dusty Boy at my side. Greg is bringing him up tonight I think.
    Love ya girl!
    Oh, and that pie....AMAZING!!!
    xo Kris

  3. Love those cute coasters. What a great gift idea! And your purse is coming right along too. Yeah!
    Your pie looks so yummy. I much prefer apple over rhubarb-can I comw over and share with you?
    Good grief! I'm glad you stopped that diet. Could never figure that one out. Eat all the meat you want? Doesn't sound to good for your health. I have lost 3 lbs this month walking at the lake. And I still eat! Only 50 more to go. Ha!! Love your little doggy picture too.

  4. Your coasters have turned out so pretty Pammy Sue! the bag is coming along great too and that apple pie looks delicious :)

  5. OOO Im gunna make pie! Love that your cooking again. I make your coffee cake its to die for. Purse looks great! cant wait to see it done. My dog is never far from me!

  6. I want a piece of the pie tomorrow!!!! :) Teenie

  7. Love your crochet squares and your pie to die for love warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream and good hot cup of coffee and being with a good friend to share with. Your fur babies are so cute. Take care my friend have a great weekend.

  8. Love the colors of your bag! The pie looks delicious! Love me some Fannie Flagg!

  9. Well that is not good that high cholesterol, but the pie looks extremely yummy. I read that Fanny Flagg book a few months ago, love her as an author.
    And I am loving those Noro squares, your bag is going to be amazing.

  10. Pie looks yummy!! I like the way you tied up the coasters with the ribbon..what a great idea..I am going to steal the idea..thanks

  11. What a neat hostess gift idea! Your noro bag is going to be a scene-stealer.. I bet you'll gets tons of compliments on it! Gads... sorry the diet thing was a bummer.. you're already super slim compared to me. We're on a lo-cal small portion thing and it's helping me.. heaven knows I needed to do something. Maybe I can get almost as trim as you someday. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Oh yeah, pretty crochet, yummy pie, something good to read and your little babies. It all sounds wonderful. Pass the pie please!

  13. Look at that bag coming together! It's fab! Pie???? Really? You're killing me! And, YES, it does pile on quickly! I was the poster child for that remark when I ate my way through radiation treatments! Pepperidge Farm cookies at 140 calories a piece. Too bad only eight in a was never enough for the day! See my problem? I found EIGHTY pounds in just a few months! Could I lose 80 in a few months? NEVER! Ugh!

  14. Can you send a piece of pie to Canada? Express will do!!!
    It looked sooo good.
    I am trying to work on my weight by eating less, and making healthier food.
    Why does everything good half to be bad?????
    Love the pictures of your adorable dogs!!!!
    Oh and the crochet looks lovely!

  15. Great minds must think alike. I made a homemade apple pie (from scratch) today too! My recipe came from the Betty Crocker cookbook.

  16. Nice crochet and what a yummy looking pie. Can I have Ollie please ???? :)

  17. Fannie Flagg?!.. I knew the name but couldn't place from where, so I had to look it up.. and found MATCH GAME, the t.v. game show. NOW I remember! So now she's writing books? I'll have to keep an eye open for her books, and grab one if I can... Enjoy your day! ~teener

  18. Love your coasters, Pammy Sue! The colors are so perfect for the summer.


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