Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bags and More Bags

I came across this bag this morning while reading blogs.
It's so pretty!
Credit for the picture and bag goes to Glad I Knit.

I have never made the African Flower hexagon pattern, but I'd like to. Maybe when I'm finished with the Noro bag, I'll add this to my list. Just wanted to share the picture and link with y'all for a little inspiration and oooing and ahhing.

Also, I may use THESE HANDLE INSTRUCTIONS for my Noro bag. I think I can figure it out even though it's not in English and doesn't translate through Google very well. There's enough pictures that I think I can figure it out.

Here's a graph I found and enhanced a bit for you. Credit for this graph goes to Crochetbug. I found it through Google. So if you love the African Flower pattern but want a square instead of hexagon, this graph shows you how to do it.
More Pretty Crochet Bags...

Credit: HERE

Credit: HERE
(No Pattern, but aren't they pretty? I love the dingle balls. Hee-hee...I said balls. Maybe I can add one of those to my Noro bag in a pretty matching color. Yes, I think I will!)

Credit and Free Pattern: Diaper Mum

Pattern Available Here:  Creative Yarn Source
It's FREE for only one more day! Go get it here:  Delicious Bag

A very nice lady, Mona, owns this site. Very good customer service. I've never crocheted with this nylon, but it would make for a sturdier bag. I love everything about this one...colors, ruffle, texture...


Time to stop wasting time on the Internet. I can sit here and hours go by before I know what's happened. I want to get some crocheting of my own in today.  Hope you enjoyed the eye candy and links.

I appreciate you all coming here and reading and commenting. I read every one of them and usually try to visit the newbies. Comments make me happy, as they do most bloggers. They can turn my day around. I think of all of you as my friends, and I'm interested to read what you have to say even if it's just a word or two. Sending lots of love out to YOU!


  1. I *loved* all those bags. I would like to do another Lucy bag, but tighter and I want to line it. Mine looks a little worse for wear and it's not lined. I have never done an African Flower, but it's on my bucket list. Enjoy your day... I am battling knitting needles to knit a little dress for my bunny.. it's VERY frustrating!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I could sit for hours browsing too, there's not enough hours in the day!
    I love the bags, it's something I've never tried but would like to, I'm making a simple tote at the moment just to see if I can, I think it will be the lining that lets me down. I love the top bag and Diaper mums the best. I do like those handles they seem very sturdy but I'm not sure I could figure out how to do them :)

  3. So pretty! I love the white one with the colorful squares. So much inspiration out there! :)

  4. ooooh I LOVE those bags. So pretty and I like the pom-poms dangling on the two bags. Maybe someday. I'm curious to see what yours looks like when it's finished.


  5. Well I think of you as my friend so there we go, love all the bags. I loved making my African Flower bag and am about to get started on an African Flower Baby Blanket is soft girly colors.
    Hugs to you,

  6. I just love bags! I have only made two. It doesn't make sense, does it? I used the very same handles on my bag. I hope you read this before trying to figure it out. I wrote the instructions out on Crochetville for someone that asked for them. There's a video now with a modification, but as it's in Portuguese, before watching it, you can get an idea what is going on first. The link to the video is contained in the post. Here's the link to the post:

  7. Lord have mercy, those are all so ding dang cute!!!!!!
    I want to make them all!!! Why aren't there more hours in the day????
    xo Kris

  8. Oh the bags are so pretty. But I must resist...must I tell you, must! I will however, be looking forward to watching your progress. :)

    Hugs and blessings always dear friend.

  9. Wow love all the bags..I also love the dangle jangle hearts in your last post. Dad does look happy. There was a granny bag out a while ago everyone was doing. I contemplated doing that one but..well its on the list.

  10. Love all the bags... I am so rough on them though, that even leather doesn't last long.


    Check out her heidi Bear's african flower. She has the sweetest little stuffed elephant & bear made using this motif.

  12. Well you have done it again :)) more patterns to make, and more yarn to buy lol.. its all good for the crafting soul..:)) So what pattern will we be working on first.. They are all so pretty.

    I am going to check out the African flower ..
    Hugs pat :))

  13. Oooh, that first bag ALMOST gets me in the crochet mood! ;) blessings ~ tanna


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