Saturday, April 27, 2013

Little Peach Granny Dress

I had so much fun making this today!

The actual color of the dress is peach and cream, and the rose is a dark coral. I made many changes to the pattern, mostly because I could not understand the pattern as written. I added a picot trim on the hem and arm holes, and just did a plain sc border around the neck.  Then I added a little rose and two leaves which were not a part of the pattern either.

I'd love to see a little girl with some white tights on wearing this!

The free pattern is HERE, but you will need some major deciphering skills to follow it. I wouldn't recommend it to a novice crocheter. I wouldn't recommend it for me either, but I was in the right mood and wanted to make it badly enough that I took the time to do and redo it until I was happy with it.

The chili was really good, and we're still watching the race as I type this. I hope you're enjoying your weekend too.


  1. So sweet :)) and you are right white tights would look gorgeous with a crochet head band and rose..:)) Very pretty :)) hugs pat..

  2. I'm glad you managed to make it ok Pammy Sue and it has turned out really nice, I love your version, the rose finishes it off perfectly :)

  3. That is adorable! Did you by any chance write out your changes to the pattern???

  4. Hey! I missed your last post! Chili looked goooood! LOVE that darling baby dress!!! How sweet!
    I am in my by my side....watching food shows....and blogging....but I can't blog myself, cuz I can't post pics for some reason??? Grrrrr
    XO Kris

  5. Cute! Some little girl would be lucky to wear this.

  6. That is simply adorable! When my first little granddaughter was born I made her a pink and mint green striped sweater, I think she wore it when she was 2 or so. I'm not sure if the 2nd little GD ever wore it. But baby crochet is the cutest! Your chili made me want some. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Thank you so much for the pattern of the granny dress! I saved the original pattern a time ago but didn't understand how to make it!I tried....Your tutorial is great, I'm so happy I will be able to make this dress after all.Thank you!


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