Saturday, April 06, 2013

A Doily & A Smooch

I'm a bit obsessed with the thread right now.
It's making me happy.

This pattern is called Forget-Me-Not by Agnes Russell. It's in the book, Doilies With Symbol Crochet from Annie's Attic. It was a fun little project. The flowers took longer than the doily body did, but it was still fun.

A goofy smile from Janie ALWAYS makes my day.
I hope it makes yours too.
She's so full of love, there's enough for all of us.
Grab you some before you leave.


  1. That is beautiful!
    How do you croichet so fast?
    You put me to shame. LOL

    Pammy Sue, did you ever share the story of how you got jamie on vacation and I missed it?
    She look slike a lil sweetheart.
    I got my smooches and am out of here...


  2. Im in love! Its gorgeous..So is the puppy! I need her smooch!

  3. Janie is THRIVING♥ That's why her smiles are so lovely. You were the Angel that gave her new life.

    The Doily is absolutely beautiful.

    You talented Angel :)

  4. Get outta here! You made that? Dang, woman! I'm green with envy! It's some kinda beautifullllll!

    I've been working with thread a bit myself...working on a choker presently. Thread is so delicate and my old eyes have to strain so hard to see it...t's always kinda scared me!

    Congrats on the beautiful doily!

  5. It's stunning Pammy Sue! The color of the flowers just pops out at you against the white doily! I think I saw that book at Hobby Lobby yesterday...but didn't think I needed to add another book of doilies to my collection....have way to many (so DH says).
    Linda of LindaCrochets

  6. I will take all the smooches I can get. Your package arrived today, thanks so much for my fun surprise. I have been in hormone hell this week so you made my week so much better.
    Hugs to you,

  7. I love your doily...and I hope you're happy...I now have to go hunt this book. I love working doilies with symbols.

    Ahhhh sweet little Janie is so adorable!

    She makes me smile every time I see her cute little sweet. :)

    Happy weekend to you dear friend. And keep that hook moving. :)

  8. Great work! I love making doilies.

  9. Kisses to Janie. :o)

    I love the forget-me-not doily! Multi-colored floral doilies are so pretty. I've only made one so far, though, because they're so much more work! Maybe your beautiful doily will inspire me to put in the extra time and tackle another one...

  10. Holy smokes your doilies are amazing!
    I really love this latest one.
    I never appreciated Boston Terriers until we got one. They have so much personality! Janie should meet my boy Chewy. I bet they'd be buddies.

  11. That doily is stunning! The thread is perfect for such a delicate flower doily. Just beautiful and so is Janie's smile.

  12. The flowers are the perfect accent on that beautiful doily!! You did a wonderful job. Sweet smooch! blessings ~ tanna

  13. Pammy Sue, I am at my daughter's house babysitting today and killing a bit of time till little sleepy head wakes up. I spy that doily, and absolutely LOVE IT! Now why would I even give it a second glance..because it belongs on my blog, lol....Forget-me-not-susanne
    Keep on rolling with the crochet. I have been doing doilies too, in fact made up my own pattern for the last one. Will post about it soon.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. Well, I left you a comment on the last post and got some dang error message. Hope you get this one. Love the doily. And Janie is so precious. Hope you're doing well.

  15. wow this one is stunning I love it. :)

  16. Hi there Pammy Sue!!! You have been busy, I see. I don't think I could make one of those, because you have to use such a small hook.
    I have been way behind in my blogging. Hope you are doing okay!!
    XO Kris


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