Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday on the Town

We left the house soon after I got up this morning and didn't get home until around 3:00 pm.

A horse head on the building that housed a Hobby Shop that was our first stop.

The Captain wanted to come here to get a certain type of metal detector they had.

I spied this cake shop across the way and badly wanted to go in and buy a cake or two to have with Three O'Clock Coffee for the next few days. But I refrained. Still on the low-carb "diet" and bouncing back and forth between losing and gaining 2 lbs. It's maddening, I tell you!

Inside the Hobby shop...a giant Leggo-type ferris wheel. It was going round and round and had pretty lights on it. This pictures doesn't do it justice.

And they had some really cool kites!

This one was my favorite.
Um, no thank you.

After we arrived home, I changed into my shorts and took myself outside to the porch and started crocheting this panel. This is just the first repeat.

You can get the free pattern HERE. Just like the snowflake afghan, I plan on working on this one for a long time to come just a little bit at a time. I'm using Caron One Pounders in Ocean and a size J hook. This yarn is really more of a dark teal color instead of the medium blue it looks like here.

That's it for me today. I'll have a ta-dah on a shawl I've been working on very soon!

P.S. On his first trip out metal detecting, the Captain found a bobby pin and several soda can tops. We're rich! Oh, wait. No we're not.


  1. All I can focus on is the size of that cake store! That takes some self control, not to go in and get one (or two). The blue heart blanket is looking pretty already. The yellow one in the link is huge!
    I can't believe you're wearing shorts already!

  2. That is so funny about what the Captain found with his new toy! Dayle would love to have one of those. People find some good stuff on the beach, like gold doubloons! Sounds like you'r enjoying life, that's super. I got a new vintage sewing machine yesterday.. so exciting! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. That hobby store looked interesting!
    How that cake store would have been nice too!!
    Hope your hubby finds lots of treasure!!!!
    Loved the kites.
    The afghan pattern looks interesting! I'll half to go look at the link.
    P.s. Send some warm weather up here please!

  4. Well at least he had more than when he left home lol....
    Looks like you had a really nice day out, and congrats on your will power, well done..
    hugs pat :))

  5. Are you going to make the full bedspread ? Your panel looks better than the yellow one in the pattern - the color just pops out and looks fantastic. Had to laugh about the bobby pin and can lid .. very funny :) Oh and you're very strong for not going into that cake shop. xoxox

  6. Cannot wait to see your shawl. Looks like you had a fund day out!

  7. Very nice and pretty!

  8. Great to see you out and about with your camera. I think the Captain will find massive treasures at the beach. Miss ya.

  9. Boys and their toys, of course knitting and crocheting are not toys at all.
    Hugs to you Pammy Sue,

  10. Of everything you photographed I keep returning to look at the horse head. Course I *am* a horse lover. :o)

    Thanks for the link to the heart blanket..yours is beautiful. I'm saving it to possibly make as a keepsake for one of my grandchildren.

    Do keep us up to date on your progress. :o)

  11. Oh no....running out of yarn when almost done is the worst! Good luck!! I am sure someone will have some to get to you, so that you can finish!
    I love the new heart bobbles.
    Looks like you and the Cap had a fun day out. Hope he finds some real good stuff with his new toy!!
    xo Kris

  12. Beautiful panel. Love the color)

  13. Love that panel and the color of it. You're gonna get tired of my comments. :ol


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