Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simply Happy

Flowers, lip balm, yarn, hook, dogs, great weather, monoculars (to see the birds better), a rocking chair, and iced tea which is sitting out of the picture.

Did I mention the yarn?

Just look at that natural beauty.
Yes, it's as soft as it looks.

Pure cotton, surprisingly easy to crochet. I'm enjoying it immensely today. So simple. So easy. So pretty. I usually don't like crocheting with cotton. Who knew the problem was the type of cotton I was choosing to use? This is Bernat Cotton Tots, a lovely cotton yarn indeed. I bought four skeins, only because that's all they had. I think I'll have just enough to finish this sweet project. I'm loving it I tell you! This is the joy of crochet that we all talk about! I'm experiencing it right now, today. And I don't plan on stopping until I'm finished with it tonight. I had some grand plans for the end of it floating around in my head as I crocheted today, but I've decided it would ruin the simplicity of it that I'm enjoying at the moment. Simple yarn, simple pattern, simply mah-velous!


  1. I so love the feeling of soft yarn that I can nuzzle and create with . . and if I am on the front porch swing in spring or summer weather , , , it is even better.

  2. Yikes I want to squeeze that yarn! Is it another shawl, or a blanket?
    I thought I could smell something burning, it must be your's smokin' hot right now!

  3. Ooh--looking luxurious! I can't wait to see the finished product. Enjoy your crochet evening!

  4. Just reading this pleasure made me smile.Your Dear-Head fan from Alabama.

  5. Wonder what it could be ? Enjoy your day. xoxox

  6. Sometimes simple is the best, lovely soft yarn in a beautiful shade. Just enjoy it.
    Hugs to you,

  7. All of the makings for a perfect day! Love that yarn!!!!

  8. So good to read you are having a great time with your crochet...Have a wonderful Easter :))
    hugs pat ..

  9. Sounds like the perfect day and the perfect project. That yarn does look soft!

  10. How beautiful Pammy Sue. Great color for spring and summer. Have a wonderful,Easter holiday. :)

  11. Oh, girl. Just catching up after miles of travel. Love both of your shawls. Love that you have finished that doily! And, sending big old hugs of encouragement on the weight journey. You know steroids are notorious for fluid retention. They are also amazing to help with back pain. Sometimes you just need them... hold steady. You are doing great. I can soooooo relate to the missing baking. hugs and blessings ~ tanna


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