Saturday, March 09, 2013

Monkey Business & More Purging

Who knows what this is?
(I mean, besides a monkey.)
He's a little creepy-looking in this picture, eh?

He's a pen holder!
I gave this to the Captain when he worked inside and in an office a lot of the time. His office was decorated in all monkeys. I have inherited it, and it sits on my desk now. If you look closely at the pen, it has my old company name on it before I took a partner and we changed the name.


These are some Thai Chicken Patties I made last night. Atkins sent the recipe in their newsletter earlier in the week. I was surprised that they weren't just to die for because we usually love Thai anything, but they weren't. They were just okay. I guess nowadays you can just throw some lemon zest and cilantro in anything and call it Thai. I will probably make these again just for something different though. They weren't horrible or anything. It was a good meal with half your plate filled up with salad and one of these on the side (the Captain had two.) I'll be eating the leftovers for lunch. (These looked much better when they were browned well. Of course, I forgot to take a picture when they were done so you get the raw picture.)

The recipe is HERE if you want it. Just click the X at the top of the red pop-up box. You don't have to register to see the recipe.

I lost 2 lbs last week. Total is -16 lbs.


This is the magazine that started my cleaning and organizing frenzy. Evil magazine. Now I'm running around like a crazy woman organizing everything and throwing things away. It's really bugging me now that I've started and I can't stop! I guess that's not really a bad thing because it really needs to be done. The magazine was inspiring for sure.

So, even though I organized it not too long ago, I took everything out of our pantry yesterday ( much stuff!)...

Then I vacuumed and wiped and cleaned and organized and filled up three full bags and the recycle bin. When I've told you before that I'm a food hoarder, I wasn't kidding. You can see that I left a few things that we're not eating anymore (like the Ritz crackers, rice, pasta, etc.). That's because we're having a visit from the in-laws this week. They'll be here several days and they'll need something to eat. It would be totally rude not to have something they can munch on. They eat pretty healthy anyway, but I did leave a few things just for them.

It looks so much better!

I'm already planning to tackle the laundry room and closet next. I'm going to let my back rest for a day before I start that. Ugh. We can never get that room organized in a way that it looks good or stays organized for very long. It'll be a challenge. Want to see the "before" picture of the laundry room and closet?  Oh, geez...prepare yourselves.
Oh Lord.
How embarrassing.
Stay tuned for the "after!"


  1. Way to go, rocking the high end of the double digits. A good looking clean pantry too. But, that laundry room girlfriend, we need to talk about that are right, that must be goodness you know me and my humor well. Thanks for the link, we will have to try. Amazing what looks good on a diet.

  2. That monkey is ugly! Sorry.
    Good job on the purging! And good job on the 16 pounds lost!! You are on it!!!
    I will look for that magazine!!!
    Hey, did you like the Thai salad???
    Gotta go to a baby shower.....see you later.

  3. You are amazing.. doing all that organizing. I wish I could get the bug from you to work on my office.. ugh. Can you fly up here and fix it for me? :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Wooo Hoooo! 16 lbs. You GO GIRL!
    That's great progress. Do you feel it yet?
    Your organizing frenzy is impressive. I did alot of that when I read the book "The Joy Of Less". So I can see where a magazine dedicated to storage ideas might trigger a home overhaul.
    The Pantry looks great!

  5. 16!!!! Hooray that is fantastic. I made over my laundry room a couple years ago, cabinets and shelves, I love it now.

  6. Girl, you are on a whirlwind-mission-of-organization!! I wish I could set your little tornado self free in my house for awhile! LOL! I think some of your "befores" look better than my "after" would look!! blessings ~ tanna
    ps I would have never figured out what the monkey was!! cute.

  7. Love the little monkey--I'd definitely use that to hold a crochet hook.

    Congratulations on the 16 lbs!

  8. For a minute there I though you had taken a picture of my laundry room! LOL. GREAT job on the weight loss and I am jealous of your pantry. Wish I had a bigger one.
    P.S. My husband has that same damn monkey, but it's holding a small plate over its head for business cards. Scary little bugger.

  9. Envy here...I want your walk in kitchen pantry!!! Lucky you to have such a big one. I feel for you because I have been cleaning and de-cluttering kitchen cabinets and drawers and it is taking FOREVER. I keep finding business cards everywhere. Just when I think I've finished with them I find another pile. And the PAPER why, oh, why, is my kitchen the dumping ground? I'm sure you will have the most organized home once you are done. PS - I love the purples in your crochet project.

  10. Hmmmmm, Ritz crackers! A nice post and I'm fixating on the Ritz! It's been a long time since I've had those! No rice or pasta here either. All this healthy eating...Kate started a revolution!

  11. Scary monkey, glad he's small. Good job on all that cleaning. I love when things are organized. I love finding things I've misplaced, hee hee. Have a lovely wknd!

  12. At least you have a pantry. I wish I did. I wish I had a whole new place for that matter. lol. Need to win Fantasy 5. It's up in the 600 thousands for tonights' drawing. Of course I got a ticket. It's only a buck. :o)If I win I'm coming to visit you! lol


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