Friday, March 08, 2013

Hi There Friday

I ended up totally being a liar about finishing that Sampler Blanket. I just could never face all those ends! I sewed in a few inches of them, and then I abandoned it. I had nothing else to work on except that scrap blanket for the Captain, so I started this shawl last night. I found the pattern and purchased it on Ravelry last night. The way I started out, I thought I would never be able to memorize the pattern and it would be a pain in the arse, but a couple of rows before the point pictured, I had it down. Not as hard as I thought. This is such a pretty pattern.  There is another totally different section crocheted after this one gets to be about 30 rows, and then a pretty border. I'm using some Deborah Norville Serenity Garden Sock in Roses, which I had 4 skeins of in my stash. I have all weekend to do pretty much what I want since the Captain is working until late Sunday afternoon. Barring an emergency of some kind, this is what I plan on doing.

I have no idea why I'm showing you this, but I thought Nicole Richie's dress was so pretty this morning when I saw her on Kelly & Michael. That yellow was gorgeous on her with her olive complexion, and it was so flowie and pretty. I like her boho style most of the time. But her hair looked like crap today. I think she just got up and brushed it and that was it. Ew. You need a pretty do with that dress, girl!

Switching gears....

Eli and Fletch staring at the Captain while he ate...

Eli:  "Fletch, you are not looking cute enough! It's not working! Look cuter and let's see if Momma will give us a bite."

They know a softie when they see one.

My boy, Fletch. I love him.

Okay, I'll stop boring you with my dog pictures.
Now I'll bore you with something else.

I've spent the last five days cleaning out my master closet. OMG, I am so messy! It really has taken me this long to finally get through everything and condense it down to several bags of donations and several bags of crap for the garbage. What was left was boxed up or hung up or basketed up and arranged neatly. I moved a dresser in there for some folded clothes and such, and bought a couple of shoe racks for the shoes I wear most often. The rest of my shoes are in plastic shoe boxes tagged with the contents and placed on a shelf.

On top of all that, I also found a place for every scrap of my yarn stash. It's either under beds in plastic boxes, or in a dresser in the spare bedroom (yes, the whole dresser is full of yarn now), or it's in some bin shelving in the master bedroom. Good Lord. So everything is put up nice and neat. The problem is there's no room for one more single thing, None! If we buy something, something we already have has to go. Thems the rules! (I give it three weeks before things start making their way out to the dining room table or a corner of the room. LOL.)

So I've been away from the blog, but I've been productive. It must be nearing spring. We had an 87-degree day earlier in the week. Time to clean the back porch!


  1. Oh my Pammy Sue is back! I have missed you!!! Was about to send in the posse!!
    Love the shawl. Love the pups...I have a favorite too!! And I always, always love to hear what you have to say. I missed Nichole on the Kelly and Michael show, but I love that yellow.
    Have a great weekend...stitching away. And good job on the closet clean out. That always feels so good. I did all of my drawers last week. Phew...big job!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Missed you.. I did some major cleaning myself they say if u have not worn in 6 months u probably don't need it.. My closet is so empty! It was therapeutic .. Mail ur blanket to me.. Ill weave in ur ends I'm the master at it!

  3. That yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished shawl.

  4. It was strange I had to click on NO COMMENTS to get to the place to make a comment. Maybe it's because I'm the first. What a busy week you've had, but then I knew that. Doesn't it feel good to clean out that closet. Remember, in the words of T.S. We are never ever.....going back to.....{you know what}. Crazy day already with Scott a foot.... where is that frying pan when you need it.

  5. I am in cleaning mode myself, I need another quick run through my closet then I am taking on the outside chores. We have mold and mildew and pollen everywhere, I think I have a date with mold and mildew cleaner this weekend.
    Love the new shawl, don't stay away so long again, okay?
    Hugs to you,

  6. I Love you Shawl already. That yarn is gorgeous and I can't wait to see the finished project. Take care, Eileen:)

  7. Hey girl, I was wondering where you were.. you were in the closet! Now that you've come out of the closet.. lol.. anyway I need to do that. You're so good. LOVE the colors in that shawl! LOVE the adorable dog photo.. they love you so much! I'm heading off for lunch with Gracie, Betsy and Taci.. wish you could join us. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. Such beautiful yarn and won't it make the nicest it!
    Pammy Sue your dogs always tickle me and I can't get over how photogenic they are.
    Have a great weekend...

  9. Girl, you HAVE been busy!! Kudos to you for all this organizing and "purging" as we call it. I need to do some of that myself. Love that shawl and your puppy-babies are sooooo cute!! Hope you have a wonderful, undisturbed crocheting weekend, Pammy Sue! blessings ~ tanna

  10. Sounds like someone is into spring cleaning mode. I have the bug to do it too, but am easing into it. Hey! You put all that yarn away and that's all fine and dandy until you want something and you can 't remember where the he_ _ you put it...and then you pull it ALL out and it's in the last spot you look. Sounds like I have some personal experience with such instances, doesn't it? In the dresser drawers...check. In bins in the attic..check. Under the bed....check. In shoe boxes to look like shoes...check. Oh dear...i'm so screwed if the hubster ever reads this. Like THAT would happen!

  11. Oh yeah...I'm really digging that shawl! And your cute dog pics with the adorable annotations.

  12. How inspiring! I think I'll clean my closet out this weekend. The weather is supposed to be yukky anyway so I'll be looking for an indoor project to keep me from eating everything in the house! ha ha! Love the new yarn!

  13. Love the colours in your shawl.. so gorgeous :))
    More pics of the pooches any time :)) They are adorable :))
    Have a great weekend :))

  14. 87 degrees!! Good grief. Well I guess spring has already arrived at your house. Good for you cleaning up that closet. Just make room for all the new stuff you're going to get LOL.
    A new shawl sounds like a great idea, and you get to use up some of that stash.
    Your dogs kill me. So cute!

  15. 87 degrees?! I'd be jealous, but I refuse to let myself be. Temps here will be hitting 50 this coming week, and I'm elated! It will be nice to put away the arctic outerwear. I'm so tired of dressing in 50 layers, and feeling like the Michelin man every time I step outdoors. Taking the dog out for each quick little piddle is like a half-hour-long project AT LEAST, every time!.. Well, it's just good to feel hopeful, that Spring's on the way, sometime soon. Now if only the drive in ice cream businesses would just open up, I'd be in Heaven!... Love the color of your new shawl! Beautiful!.. Enjoy your weekend! ~teener

  16. What a gorgeous shawl that will be, what pretty colors! Forgot to mention your new dishes-they sure are pretty.

  17. I love the pics of the babies. Always. And you don't even want to see my 'craft room'. OMG, seriously. One of my friends kept saying, omg, omg. And then proceeded to call me a hoarder because I have so many totes of yarn. Hey, at least I'm addicted to something good. Better than being an alky or druggie. Right??? I guess it's a good thing I'm single. Wouldn't matter anyways. lol


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