Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crochet Spaz, Etc.

The next one is on the end of my hook already and is going to be a beauty in this yarn. That's right. I busted out the Chroma. I can't seem to crochet fast enough lately or quench my thirst for crochet. All I know is I'm enjoying the hell outta myself the last few days. I've been procrastinating on getting my work done because of it, and it's making me feel a little guilty...because I AM guilty. I'm being a slacker, BIGTIME, which is usually not me when it comes to work. 

One of the things you must be when you work from home if you want to be successful is responsible with your time and disciplined enough to make yourself work even when you don't want to, and usually I am, but not for this past week. When I sat down to work, I just sat here and stared at the computer or the wall or my fingers or anything BUT the work that needed to be done. All of that dawdling and crocheting means I've now backed myself into a corner and will HAVE to work tomorrow (and maybe even later today too) in order to get it done in a timely manner. I hate when that happens. I much prefer to stay ahead of the game and get everything done early with  plenty of time to spare.

So I came here and wrote all this down hoping I would guilt myself into getting busy right now and getting it done...or scare myself into getting it done...or anything to get my ass in gear and work.

I still don't give a rat's ass.


Diet update...

So here's the deal. I've GAINED one pound every week for the last three weeks!  SERIOUSLY?  I mean no cheating at all, and I gained?  WTF?

I've been feeling a little bit sorry for myself and cursing Dr. Atkins in his grave, which I shouldn't do because he clearly says that meds may mess with your weight loss (and lord knows I've been taking plenty lately including the steroid injections out the wazoo), but still. It's very hard to accept that I could gain weight eating very low carbs (less than 20 per day, and those coming from veggies) and absolutely NO SUGAR!

So I'm still low-carbing on the meals, but I am eating a large apple every day (OMG, the Fugi apples are so juicy and good right now!) and eating nuts and other healthy stuff that may not be low-carb. I've switched the cream in my coffee back to the Coffee-Mate liquid creamer that I always used before, and I'm trying to keep the calories a little lower (less cheese and butter and fat in general) than when I was strictly low-carbing. I also took a couple of walks this past week and am hoping to keep that up.

I would have given up completely if it weren't for the Captain and Kate encouraging me to continue. So thanks to them, I'm continuing to try. My goodness, how I try. That just made my eyes tear up...I'm such a crier and emotional cripple. I'm a mess, people! I told you I was feeling sorry for myself. I cannot allow myself to do that until I'm exercising like a bat out of hell and then still not losing weight. (A bat out of hell with a bad back.) THEN I will bitch and moan and give up, but not until then. Get your ass in gear, Pammy Sue! Nothing worth fighting for is easy, or something like that. How does that saying go again?

I'm rambling and starting to make no sense.



1.  We need a doggie door in the worst way. Someone will have to knock out some bricks to install it, but I don't care anymore! We NEED it.
2.  I have three unfinished thread doilies, all of which I started years ago, that need to be finished. I think I'll drag one of them out and finish it. (Hi, Glor! Remember that CAL doily? I ran across it the other day when I was organizing. I only have like 2-3 rows left to do. What is my problem?)
3.  I miss baking desserts and breads.
4.  Our taxes are done and we are getting moola back. Yay!
5.  I look stupid in any kind of hat.


I hung the little yellow doily I made in a shadowbox frame.
I like it.


Happy Easter.
Eat some jelly beans for me.
I even like the black ones.


  1. Four words...stay off the scale!

    Just keep eating healthy and doing whatever exercise you're doing and live like it's your way of life...not a diet for which you must see results.

    Definitely, the steroids are messing with of these weeks those 3 pounds will evaporate, along with others...all at once...and you'll be thrilled .

    Living by the scale does nothing but mess with your mind. Don't do it. Stay off the scale.

    Hugs, Annette

  2. Pammy Sue, don't be discouraged, last time you had that steroid shot the same thing happened, then it all leveled out again. You are getting healthier even if you and your scale don't always agree. Keep at it, you are doing great. Love the crochet buzz you are having, I can smell the yarn fumes all the way over here.
    Stay focused and you will be the winner on this whole weight loss thing.
    Meredith, by the way I can't eat sugar at all so I know how you feel.

  3. Weigh in once a week - same day - same time (first thing in the morning) - after you have pee'd and naked. If you are weighing yourself any other time of day your weight can up to 3kg (umm think that equates to around 6lbs ?)

    I'm not a believer in the Atkins theory. I am more a balanced diet/calorie (point) counting kind of gal.

    I am struggling myself at the moment :( So I understand how you are feeling.

    Love your crochet work. Hope that you have a wonderful Easter.

    Hugs from Australia

  4. Look at all the fun stuff that has been going on right here on your blog! I seem to be a slacker here lately, trying to keep up with some cleaning and babysitting my little sweetie a few times a week and then coming home tired and exhausted. I see you have been busy as a bee, and I love it all. You just hang in there on the weight loss thing, it is hard, but don't give up cause you know how the routine goes, you'll hate yourself if you fall off the wagon. Been there, done that, and I need to get my butt in gear and do something for my own health. Right now it is easier to be a know-it-all and tell everyone else what they need to do and stick a potato chip in my mouth, lol. I just need to get started and stop procrastinating......Happy Easter,
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. What a sweet posting. You know that you are doing just what I'm doing now. Those afternoon apples are a life saver. And eating it by itself is a good Suzanne Somers tip. So, I'm glad you are happy crocheting. Scott just arrived today and we have been up to Tarpon already and back. He appears to be getting a cold now and is clearing his throat non-stop. Guess the vaca is over for now. Keep up the good work. I know it is frustrating, but you know I hit that wall for the last few monthes. I'm just not going to quit.

    time for some hot tea and bed, mr. scott was up a 3am to get down here.

    Happy Easter tomorrow. No plans here yet.

  6. Sorry the scale is discouraging you Boo Boo! It must be the meds and may even be water retention because of the meds. I know that probably doesn't make you feel any better though. I know we just want to see those numbers on the scale going DOWN. Hang in there. You're doing good staying on your diet and not going off on a binge or something. A binge would probably just make you sick now that you've been on this diet so long.
    I started one last Monday. I didn't even bother to get on the scale so I have no idea whether I lost or not. ha ha! I know...what got into me? I'm not on anything formal, just cutting waaay back and no sugar. Basically just 3 meals. Breakfast and lunch are always small anyway, so I cut down on the dinner serving a smidge but no dessert. It's hard....I'm kind of whining but I'm okay.
    Hey...wouldn't it be cheaper to just put a doggie door into your existing exterior door? Or buy a new exterior door that you can put one in? That's what most of my customers have. We don't have a doggie door because by the time we got it big enough for Savvy to go in and out of, it would also be big enough for a person to go in and out of. Not me though.

  7. I love the cotton shawl in previous post!!
    I think you should stay off the scale, and go by how you feel. You will get there!!!
    Love the Chroma yarn!!!
    xo kris

  8. Awww, I totally understand. Atkins doesn't work for me anymore, I tried it. I don't eat much and I can't lose weight. I'm eating about 1100 calories a day on a bad day. Usually it's below that. I finished my injections and now I'm feeling worse. Yes they do help for a little bit but not long at $1000 a pop. And a co-pay of $100 for each one. :o(
    I love your doily in the shadow box. I've been getting a thread itch lately but haven't picked any up. Hats have been my thing. (In between birthday and shower presents)


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