Saturday, March 30, 2013

Crochet Spaz, Etc.

The next one is on the end of my hook already and is going to be a beauty in this yarn. That's right. I busted out the Chroma. I can't seem to crochet fast enough lately or quench my thirst for crochet. All I know is I'm enjoying the hell outta myself the last few days. I've been procrastinating on getting my work done because of it, and it's making me feel a little guilty...because I AM guilty. I'm being a slacker, BIGTIME, which is usually not me when it comes to work. 

One of the things you must be when you work from home if you want to be successful is responsible with your time and disciplined enough to make yourself work even when you don't want to, and usually I am, but not for this past week. When I sat down to work, I just sat here and stared at the computer or the wall or my fingers or anything BUT the work that needed to be done. All of that dawdling and crocheting means I've now backed myself into a corner and will HAVE to work tomorrow (and maybe even later today too) in order to get it done in a timely manner. I hate when that happens. I much prefer to stay ahead of the game and get everything done early with  plenty of time to spare.

So I came here and wrote all this down hoping I would guilt myself into getting busy right now and getting it done...or scare myself into getting it done...or anything to get my ass in gear and work.

I still don't give a rat's ass.


Diet update...

So here's the deal. I've GAINED one pound every week for the last three weeks!  SERIOUSLY?  I mean no cheating at all, and I gained?  WTF?

I've been feeling a little bit sorry for myself and cursing Dr. Atkins in his grave, which I shouldn't do because he clearly says that meds may mess with your weight loss (and lord knows I've been taking plenty lately including the steroid injections out the wazoo), but still. It's very hard to accept that I could gain weight eating very low carbs (less than 20 per day, and those coming from veggies) and absolutely NO SUGAR!

So I'm still low-carbing on the meals, but I am eating a large apple every day (OMG, the Fugi apples are so juicy and good right now!) and eating nuts and other healthy stuff that may not be low-carb. I've switched the cream in my coffee back to the Coffee-Mate liquid creamer that I always used before, and I'm trying to keep the calories a little lower (less cheese and butter and fat in general) than when I was strictly low-carbing. I also took a couple of walks this past week and am hoping to keep that up.

I would have given up completely if it weren't for the Captain and Kate encouraging me to continue. So thanks to them, I'm continuing to try. My goodness, how I try. That just made my eyes tear up...I'm such a crier and emotional cripple. I'm a mess, people! I told you I was feeling sorry for myself. I cannot allow myself to do that until I'm exercising like a bat out of hell and then still not losing weight. (A bat out of hell with a bad back.) THEN I will bitch and moan and give up, but not until then. Get your ass in gear, Pammy Sue! Nothing worth fighting for is easy, or something like that. How does that saying go again?

I'm rambling and starting to make no sense.



1.  We need a doggie door in the worst way. Someone will have to knock out some bricks to install it, but I don't care anymore! We NEED it.
2.  I have three unfinished thread doilies, all of which I started years ago, that need to be finished. I think I'll drag one of them out and finish it. (Hi, Glor! Remember that CAL doily? I ran across it the other day when I was organizing. I only have like 2-3 rows left to do. What is my problem?)
3.  I miss baking desserts and breads.
4.  Our taxes are done and we are getting moola back. Yay!
5.  I look stupid in any kind of hat.


I hung the little yellow doily I made in a shadowbox frame.
I like it.


Happy Easter.
Eat some jelly beans for me.
I even like the black ones.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Oveja Cotton Shawl

Oveja Shawl

Free Pattern:  Oveja Shawl
Yarn:  Bernat Cotton Tots (2.5 skeins) in Sweet Cream
Hook:  Size I
Notes:  This was a fast and fun pattern. None of this will mean anything unless you make the pattern, but I made 44 increase rows, 5 straight rows, and 44 decrease rows.

I noticed a mistake when I downloaded these pictures to my computer.  I left one picot off of one of the tips on the edging.  Will fix that.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simply Happy

Flowers, lip balm, yarn, hook, dogs, great weather, monoculars (to see the birds better), a rocking chair, and iced tea which is sitting out of the picture.

Did I mention the yarn?

Just look at that natural beauty.
Yes, it's as soft as it looks.

Pure cotton, surprisingly easy to crochet. I'm enjoying it immensely today. So simple. So easy. So pretty. I usually don't like crocheting with cotton. Who knew the problem was the type of cotton I was choosing to use? This is Bernat Cotton Tots, a lovely cotton yarn indeed. I bought four skeins, only because that's all they had. I think I'll have just enough to finish this sweet project. I'm loving it I tell you! This is the joy of crochet that we all talk about! I'm experiencing it right now, today. And I don't plan on stopping until I'm finished with it tonight. I had some grand plans for the end of it floating around in my head as I crocheted today, but I've decided it would ruin the simplicity of it that I'm enjoying at the moment. Simple yarn, simple pattern, simply mah-velous!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Aunt Naomi's Shawl

Pattern:  Recuerdos de Infancia (Childhood Memories), available for purchase on Ravelry
Yarn:  Deborah Norville Serenity Garden, Roses (discontinued color)
Hook Size:  G
Comments:  While this yarn is very pretty, I would make this in a solid color the next time so you can see the stitches better. They are lost in all the colors of this yarn. Nice pattern. No problems.

I'm naming and dedicating this shawl to my Aunt Naomi, who passed away last week. I was working on this shawl while she was hospitalized and subsequently passed. I thought a lot about her while crocheting this shawl and said a lot of prayers for her and her family. She was a crochet lover like me and most of you.

My cousin sent me this picture of a pretty throw her mother made...

I'm waiting on a photo of a pineapple bedspread she crocheted for another one of her daughters.  I will post it when it comes in.

We all miss you, Aunt Naomi, but we'll see you again someday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Little Purple Doily

Doily #16...

From this book.

Shawl reveal tomorrow.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Little Yellow Doily

Fun, fun, fun.

I'm having such fun with the thread, I've started another one in purple and off-white. A girl needs to change things up once and a while.

Fletch and I went for a very chilly walk in the park and woods this morning...on one side it was civilized and city-fied...

...and on the other it was rustic and country-fied...

I had two sweaters on, a coat, a hood, a thick headband for my ears, leather gloves, and I was still cold. Poor little Fletch must have been freezing his...uh, ur, toes off, but he didn't seem to notice. The Captain was somewhere detecting for metal goodies. Speaking on which, I didn't tell you what he found the other day, did I?

Ooo...Cleopatra's jewelry!
Okay, it was crap.
But still, it was fun.

We've still yet to determine the age of that quarter up top, but it's definitely a quarter because you can see the outline of George's head, unmistakably. This morning we dug and dug at the persistent ring of the metal detector. What did we find, you ask? It was a Matchbox car six inches deep! Again, useless but fun. The anticipation is the fun part. We'll keep trying.

I'm gonna go rustle-up something for a late lunch.
Y'all come back now.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

It's Not MAD, But It'll Do

I didn't realize it at the time, but I'm pretty sure my brain chose this thread color and project because of the MADelinetosh Butter still in the back of my mind. Although not nearly as luscious and dimensional, it is almost the exact color. If you haven't a clue what I'm talking about, see my previous post.

I haven't crocheted with thread in a good long time, so it was MADdening at first to get a rhythm going. I'm going to finish this today while watching the race. (That is my new Drew Emborsky crochet hook with a squishy handle in the picture. I like it.)

Totally on a whim, I bought this book at Michael's the other day. It has lots of cute patterns in it. All of them are somewhere around 15 rounds, give or take. I'm about to begin Round 8, and you can see how small this one is. 

Speaking of MADdening...

When I ran out of black ink in my printer this morning, I realized that this itty-bitty cartridge was going to cost me TWICE as much as a skein of MADelinetosh yarn! ARGHhhh! Yes, I'm still obsessing over that damn yarn, but I haven't ordered any. I'm going to wait a month or so because...

I bought these six skeins of yarn the other day at JoAnn's when I was looking for that Serenity Garden yarn to finish my shawl. When I couldn't find it, I happened to come upon this bamboo yarn on clearance. Instead of the usual $6.95 per skein, it was $2.95 per skein! SCORE! So this is the yarn for my next shawl. It's JoAnn's brand, Sensations, in Truly (or Bamboo & Ewe), color #49371 Turquoise. But it's not Turquoise at all. It's more of a denim. It's soft and yuumy. (But not nearly as yummy as MADelinetosh! Okay, I'll stop.)

Switching gears now...

I attended the funeral of my aunt on Friday. I made the 60-mile trip by myself just because I wanted to be alone. These pictures depict exactly how I was feeling as I drove. It was a gray and cold day, exactly as you always picture a funeral day to least I do. More on this lovely lady in a later, special post.

Back soon.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Mad for Madelinetosh Butter

Madelinetosh Yarn
in Butter

I've been hearing about this yarn lately. Never heard of it before, and all of the sudden, every few days someone else would mention it on their blog or I'd see it on Ravelry. So tonight I did some investigating, and the butter colorway immediately grabbed me. Just look...

They have worsted, they have merino light, they have DK, they have lace, they have silk, and on and on...

Yellow is not a color I'm usually very fond of, but this is just buttery and beautiful. I have a crush on yarn! I want it really badly. GAH! But I don't need it at all, and it's kind of expensive. I have more yarn than I know what to do with as it is. What'll I do? 

I will not buy it tonight. I'll sleep on it. Maybe it's just a passing fancy and I'll forget about it.

I kind of want to lick it.
Is that weird?

Yes, that's weird.
I have to go now.

Assistance in the Yarn Aisle...

UPDATE:  I got an answer from a nice lady on Ravelry who is sending me her yarn!  YAY!  I love crochet people!

I had 10 little bitty inches left to go on my shawl border and ran out of yarn!  AND...I went several places, but they didn't have any in the color I need...Roses.  If anyone has any they would like to sell me and send to me, I would be forever grateful!  I will pay you for it and pay for shipping, of course.  I don't even need a full skein...or even half a skein.  I cannot find anyone who has it online either, like JoAnn or Hobby Lobby or Annie's or Herrschner's or anybody!  I have also send a couple of requests out via Ravelry to people who have some listed in their stashes.  I'm not very hopeful since they both had "not for sale" on the page with their yarn.  Hmpf!

It is Premier Yarns, Deborah Norville Serenity Garden yarn in Roses.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wednesday on the Town

We left the house soon after I got up this morning and didn't get home until around 3:00 pm.

A horse head on the building that housed a Hobby Shop that was our first stop.

The Captain wanted to come here to get a certain type of metal detector they had.

I spied this cake shop across the way and badly wanted to go in and buy a cake or two to have with Three O'Clock Coffee for the next few days. But I refrained. Still on the low-carb "diet" and bouncing back and forth between losing and gaining 2 lbs. It's maddening, I tell you!

Inside the Hobby shop...a giant Leggo-type ferris wheel. It was going round and round and had pretty lights on it. This pictures doesn't do it justice.

And they had some really cool kites!

This one was my favorite.
Um, no thank you.

After we arrived home, I changed into my shorts and took myself outside to the porch and started crocheting this panel. This is just the first repeat.

You can get the free pattern HERE. Just like the snowflake afghan, I plan on working on this one for a long time to come just a little bit at a time. I'm using Caron One Pounders in Ocean and a size J hook. This yarn is really more of a dark teal color instead of the medium blue it looks like here.

That's it for me today. I'll have a ta-dah on a shawl I've been working on very soon!

P.S. On his first trip out metal detecting, the Captain found a bobby pin and several soda can tops. We're rich! Oh, wait. No we're not.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Rockin' and Enjoyin'

Here I am, sitting on the back porch (with my shirt on backwards, DUH) if anybody needs me. Spring has sprung here at Scotty's Place. The grass is greening up, the roses are trying to bloom, and the weather is darn near perfect for porch sitting. I'm hoping to have a quiet week and wish the same for you.

See ya soon if there's anything worth sharin'.

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Monkey Business & More Purging

Who knows what this is?
(I mean, besides a monkey.)
He's a little creepy-looking in this picture, eh?

He's a pen holder!
I gave this to the Captain when he worked inside and in an office a lot of the time. His office was decorated in all monkeys. I have inherited it, and it sits on my desk now. If you look closely at the pen, it has my old company name on it before I took a partner and we changed the name.


These are some Thai Chicken Patties I made last night. Atkins sent the recipe in their newsletter earlier in the week. I was surprised that they weren't just to die for because we usually love Thai anything, but they weren't. They were just okay. I guess nowadays you can just throw some lemon zest and cilantro in anything and call it Thai. I will probably make these again just for something different though. They weren't horrible or anything. It was a good meal with half your plate filled up with salad and one of these on the side (the Captain had two.) I'll be eating the leftovers for lunch. (These looked much better when they were browned well. Of course, I forgot to take a picture when they were done so you get the raw picture.)

The recipe is HERE if you want it. Just click the X at the top of the red pop-up box. You don't have to register to see the recipe.

I lost 2 lbs last week. Total is -16 lbs.


This is the magazine that started my cleaning and organizing frenzy. Evil magazine. Now I'm running around like a crazy woman organizing everything and throwing things away. It's really bugging me now that I've started and I can't stop! I guess that's not really a bad thing because it really needs to be done. The magazine was inspiring for sure.

So, even though I organized it not too long ago, I took everything out of our pantry yesterday ( much stuff!)...

Then I vacuumed and wiped and cleaned and organized and filled up three full bags and the recycle bin. When I've told you before that I'm a food hoarder, I wasn't kidding. You can see that I left a few things that we're not eating anymore (like the Ritz crackers, rice, pasta, etc.). That's because we're having a visit from the in-laws this week. They'll be here several days and they'll need something to eat. It would be totally rude not to have something they can munch on. They eat pretty healthy anyway, but I did leave a few things just for them.

It looks so much better!

I'm already planning to tackle the laundry room and closet next. I'm going to let my back rest for a day before I start that. Ugh. We can never get that room organized in a way that it looks good or stays organized for very long. It'll be a challenge. Want to see the "before" picture of the laundry room and closet?  Oh, geez...prepare yourselves.
Oh Lord.
How embarrassing.
Stay tuned for the "after!"