Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Snowflakes in a Sea of Pink

Okay, so I made a couple of snowflake squares instead of crocheting on my blanket last night. (I know you are shocked that I got distracted like that. Ha.) I'm going to make mine in Pink and Off-White. I'm using ILTY in Pink for the border and Vanna's Baby in Lamb for the snowflake. I also added a round of sc at the end. 

It was taking me 45 minutes to an hour to make one.  I hope it gets quicker because I need to make 48 squares.  My squares are turning out to be 9 inches using a Size K hook.  I know that's a big hook, but I like the way it looks and feels.

I've been a good girl crocheting on my blanket this morning.  I need just a few more inches, maybe one more repeat of the color sequence before it's done.  Yee-Haw.

If you missed it yesterday, I put the pattern for the Snowflake Square up in my menu bar just underneath my blog header.  (To PP:  You go to Design, Layout, and click on "Pages" on the left-hand side of the page. From there you will be able to make a Page just like a blog entry and choose if you want the link to it in your sidebar or on a menu bar at the top of your blog.)


  1. Love the pink as well as the blue! I also think it would be pretty in purple, like a lavender. Hope your day is going well!

  2. That is beeeeYOUteeeFULL! That's so neat that you are making on like your gram made. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. So pretty Pammy Sue!!!!
    xo Kris

  4. I love your snowflake!

  5. Oooo! Pink is so pretty! Did you figure out the pattern all by yourself?
    BTW....forgot to tell you how the baby birds are doing. We have 4 that are growing just fine. The 5th egg has not hatched and if it doesn't hatch by this weekend, we'll have to get rid of it. It kind of looks like the parents don't want it.

  6. I love the pink, great idea.
    Hugs to you Pammy Sue,

  7. Distracted! Hmm that could describe me! Lol.
    I have multiple projects on the go.
    I love your square! Very pretty! Hate to tell you but it takes me awhile to do one of those.

  8. Love it! Going to be a beauty.

  9. PP says THANK YOU! I like your pink and lamb combination...that's going to be lovely! Do you think your Grandma shared her color choices with her friends when she started hers? My MIL was a yarn enthusiast and was never happier than when she was in her group, knitting/crocheting and discussing patterns! I don't think I could do a group because I don't like to talk while hooking...I need to concentrate on counting! And there's a bit of that hermit thing at work there too! LOL

  10. Oh now you've gone and done it! I was so happy just knitting along on my shawl, minding my own little bees-wax and then all of a sudden I open my google reader ans what do I's your awesome snowflake block! I love the color pink. It's so pretty.

    I guess I'd better go dig around in the stash for some yarn...since it appears you are dragging me into yet another project! :)

    Hugs and blessings to you friend.

  11. I like the pink!!! 45 minutes to an hour for one? Eeek. Good thing it's so cute, then it's worth it.

  12. What a pretty square. Your granny would be so happy that you think enough of her blanket to make another of the same pattern. It will be beautiful.

  13. very pretty with the pink! I use Vanna's "Lamb" all the time - it's a "go-go" for me!!


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