Monday, February 04, 2013

Out Of My Comfort Zone

I have a new bloggy friend who inspired me to do something I wouldn't normally do. So before I begin, I'd like to thank Lynne at Pieceful for her inspiration and for helping me get these done. Please go check her out and leave her some love (when you're finish here!). Thank you for your great instructions, Lynn! I'm going to try to talk her into doing a little tutorial for all of us non-sewers and show us how she does these so you all can make some if you want to. How about it, Lynne? (Don't hate me for putting you on the spot. You're allowed to say no!) Surprisingly, I had great fun making these, even the sewing part.

Okay...are y'all ready?

Cotton Potholders
The front crocheted side...

The back, hand-sewn, material side.

This is the only one I crocheted a border on.
I like them either way.

So pretty and girlie!
They have a nice, cushy, insulated piece on the inside.

You know I had to make a doggie one, didn't you?

I used Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton for the pink one. The purple and cream ones are Peaches & Cream Cotton. I used a size H hook on two of them. The one made with a G hook came out a little wonky for me so I switched to an H. The material is also cotton.

One change I made from the pattern is I used a Magic Circle to begin. Following the pattern, it came out too big and loose for me (the purple one).

I'm so happy that I stepped out and decided to make these even though they required a bit of sewing. I probably only said 50 or so bad words while I was sewing these. Pretty good for me! But seriously, they were made with lots of love and joy. I crocheted the cream one and sewed the back on it and the pink one while watching the Super Bowl yesterday evening. They were not hard to do.

Don't forget to go check out Lynn's potholders too!

You can find the pattern for the crocheted potholder HERE (with pictures). More candy for your eyes  HERE.


  1. Isn't it neat to learn a new thing? I love your potholders -- as far as I'm concerned you can never have too many! I have had one in that crochet pattern in my past, but it wasn't lined on the other side, that is cool! I'm off to lunch with Taci and Gracie soon! Fun!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh I LOVE these. Purple is my favorite color, so I'm a bit partial to that one but they are all beautiful. Way to go with the sewing. It's not so bad is it? :-)


  3. the crochet side reminds me of the vintage ones I have that belonged to my mom, its amazing how long these things will last, and still look great!

  4. Copy cat, copy cat - I'm going to be a copy cat!!! LOL! Thanks for sharing these. I love them!

  5. Veery pretty, Pammy - thanks for sharing x

  6. Well, I'm impressed. Way to step out of the box and do something new. Just now getting caught up from the weekend. Will follow with email and a few.... hope you are still on the diet even though I'm not seeing an update today.

  7. Love these! You always find the coolest things.

  8. Woo Hooo! You nailed it! They turned out so cute! I like the border on the purple one. I will have to try that next time.
    Watch out, now you will be buying more fabric. Can you just see these with Christmas colors, or Fall?
    I was thinking we could probably make a cushion the same way, just insert a pillow form and sew front to back.
    Enjoy your potholders, they look great! You're so welcome : )
    I'll be glad to help out with a tutorial if people want.

  9. Wow very pretty! Glad your trying new things..Its fun!

  10. Verrrry cool! I need to put these om my wanna do list! My computer crash is frustrating as I hate typing many words on this iPad and I really wanted to send you an email to respond to the comment you left on my post today. For now, I'll just say, hermit.? I resemble that remark. Lol

  11. I love these, I have been sewing a bit myself this weekend, a shock I know and I believe I only said 100 swear words, so that is a bonus for me.

  12. Those are awesome!! Lynne, a tutorial would be great :)

  13. Oh wow, what beautiful potholders. I love the purple one ! I think its good to get out of your comfort zone occasionally - you get a real buzz when whatever it is you're doing is finished. Well I do anyway, not that I venture out of that comfort zone all that often. As I type this, your orange and white blankie is in the background - its quite stunning. xoxox

  14. Love 'em!! Trying new things is good for the soul. ;) blessings ~ tanna

  15. I love them ... very cleverly put together and different.. well done Pammy Sue :))

  16. Love these Pammy Sue... Very clever idea and a bit safer on the fingers too... :)

  17. Definitely going to make some of these! Love yours. And I love the baby ghan!! It is awful bright but the mixture of colors is awesome. Why don't you give it to Harper? Did you sell your bobbly one? You could save it for Harper too. You're going to think I'm nuts on what I'm going to say next but it's part of some of the 'stuff' I think about while crocheting. I was thinking yesterday that I should keep a lot of what I make and wrap it up and put whichever grand baby's name on it and keep it for when I'm gone and leave a note in my safety deposit box that they are to be given each year at Christmas until they are gone. Crazy, I know. I think of the weirdest things. Mostly due to my mortality staring me in the face.


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