Monday, February 18, 2013

Old WIP Tah-Dah & Hair Thingies

I ended up having enough yarn to add seven rows.

(I love pointing out the dog feet in my pictures. It makes me laugh how often they are there if you look for them.)

All but one was edging.
I just made it up as I went along.

I took down my Granny Triangle Bunting and washed it yesterday.
It's hanging out to dry in the background.
Sammy just felt like being in the picture, I guess.
She stood there forever just looking at me.

So anyway, she's finished.
I'm thinking about getting another old one out and finishing it too!

I made this pretty hair scrunchy last night.
I used the pattern & tutorial HERE.
I sure miss LoveStitch since she quit blogging.
I used Stylecraft DK yarn and a size E hook.

Wanna see my dumb little ponytail?

It's teeny-weenie!
That's another scrunchy I made last night.
I had to reach behind me to take the pic.
Sorry about the glare.

Worsted weight yarn, H hook,
Sc around band then 4 dc in each sc.
You're done.


I'm still plugging along on the low-carb thing. I'm still hang out at the -9.5 point. I was down a pound lower than that before I gained 5 pounds in two days for no reason at all. The Atkins book lists some medications that can mess with your weight loss on this diet. Of course, I'm on ALL of them and more. Plus, I get those steroid injections every few weeks. I had six more on Friday. So I guess I'm going to bounce around the scale more than usual. At least I'm not growing a mustache. But I'm not giving up. I feel better not eating all the sugar and white flour and pasta foods.

That's all I've got today. Back to work. I've got to pay for all my yarn some how. See ya.