Saturday, February 16, 2013

No Heirlooms Here

Remember this scrap Granny blanket that I made a couple of years ago? It's been sitting in my living room ever since on the back of one chair or another. Once in a blue moon I'd throw it over my feet when they were cold, but mostly it just sat there looking pretty. Or not so pretty...I never really liked it much. The only reason I didn't give it away was because I loved the last few rounds of white, black, and aqua A LOT. I could always manage to fold it strategically so a lot of the good stuff was showing. But...

A few days ago, I walked by and noticed the above center. It was spontaneously coming unraveled...or was it? I have a sneaking suspicion that a skinny little white dog named Ollie had gnawed on it while I wasn't looking. I could sit down with it and figure out some way to save it, but instead, she's been relegated to the back porch for spring and summer.

She makes a nice decoration out there. I'm sure Janie will pull her off the back of the glider and snuggle up on her during the hours upon hours she loves to stay out there lying on the sunny corner. Spring days are coming quickly around here.

I'll make another one for the living room with the boxes of yarn I have stacked up around here. I think I'll use some softer colors this time. Who knows? I'll just crochet one round after another, pulling random colors out of the box and see what happens. I'm going to replicate the border if I can remember exactly what I did. I'll have to dig up the entries I made here when she was born. I'm sure I gave a link to it or outright wrote it down here.

If you look closely, you'll see my Dreamcatcher Ripple blanket laying on the other glider in that top picture. It's been out there all winter. I'm sure I laid it out there one day airing it out and just never brought it back in. Janie has been snuggled up in it more than a few times. I guess it's a porch blanket too now. There's no way in hell I could get all the dog hair and grass and dirt out of it now. 

I'm glad they're both still being well-used and well-loved. Better than stuck in a stuffy closet never to be admired or loved by anyone. What's the point of that when you have no one to pass them down to? All of my blankets will someday be in a thrift shop with a pitiful $5 hand-scribbled on the price tag. How depressing.

Gawd. Now why did I go there? Time to get up and redirect my mind.


  1. Don't think of that now Pammy. I have always said the same thing too. My quilts that I have spent hundreds of hours on, my crochet, my other handmades....not to be appreciated by anyone but those who also create. This is why I have made it a mission to "rescue" all of those beauties from the thrift and goodwill stores! Your porch blankets are being used and loved by your fur all is well!!!
    Keep calm, and crochet on!!!
    XO Kris

  2. My oldest son told me I'd better sell the things I know are good now as when I die he's going to get a dumpster and throw it all in there. :-) I just need to write in my will who gets the good jewelry - and tell them to hire a estate seller for the rest. I guess we need to just enjoy our stuff to the fullest as no one will love it like we do. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Your scrap granny is really pretty. You could probably use some yarn and a needle and pull it back together if you wanted. It looks nice on your glider. Our blankets get a workout in all seasons. Someone always seems to have a blanket over their legs or my son makes forts with them. I'm still debating on what scrap blanket to make. Enjoy your weekend. Heather

  4. Hallo,
    Deine Handarbeiten sind Traumhaft schön.
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

  5. A friend asked me to "fix" a granny afghan similar to your which had a BUNCH of unraveling.

    Basically, I took a piece of dental floss, and ran it through the bottom "loop" of the dc . . you know, the art that would go around the Magic Circle if it were the center. Then, I knotted the floss a couple of times and then wove it in.

    I was surprised at how good it actually looked.

    Funny thing, it was a wedding gift for her first marriage . . you would think she would want to trash it, but it was made by a relative and she wanted to pass it onto her kids.

  6. Don't focus on the future; you'll forget to enjoy the present. I say the same thing about my crafts, but at least I'll be looking down from heaven saying "I really enjoyed making that. I hope someone finds a use for it." And a bed for your furry loves is the best kind of use :-)

  7. Your local police/rescue may like to have some new blankets for comfort to child/adult when an accident or other tragedy occurs. Ask. Lap blankets to nursing homes, hospitals, dialysis centers. A crocheted pillow to hug or adjust body comfort? Get them out in to the world now to be loved.

  8. Wow! What talent! I have NO crochet skills but my mom was amazing. :)

    P.S. Love your pups!

  9. Hi Just thought I would let you know that a lady has done a great tutorial on how to fix a granny square blanket. You can find it here


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