Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sweet Blankets & More Low-Carb Food

I saw some pretty blankets on Ravelry last night while looking around and thought I'd share. The link to the Ravelry project pages with more info are beneath each photo.

I really love this one! I also have enough squares like these already made in a swirled peach color to put together a baby blanket like this. It is next on my list after the Baby Bobble Blanket is finished. Ravelry Page: HERE.

I thought this was a cute idea with the solid square and flowers appliqued in the middle. It seems like it would be a really quick project to do with only two seams to sew or crochet together. Ravelry Page: HERE

Knit but really neat. Ravelry Page: HERE

This is a huge square. It only takes 12 to make a big blanket. See the blanket on the Ravelry Page: HERE

I really liked this Christmas afghan pattern and the yarn used. Ravelry Page: HERE



That's's LOW CARB! The crust was made with cauliflower, eggs, mozzarella, oregano, and garlic powder. It wasn't crispy, but it was delicious! (The front piece in the above picture looks yellow because there was cheddar sprinkled on that half of the pizza.)

Low-Carb Cauliflower Crust Recipe: HERE (I used different toppings)

FYI: The lowest-carb pizza sauce I have found is Muir Glen brand, and it's terrific. Five net carbs per 1/4 cup, and I don't use much more than that on an entire pizza. I had two slices of pizza for dinner last night. I would do the math on that, but I hate math so I'm not going to. Let's just say it's less than 1 carb per slice, m'kay?

I made some home-made peanut butter this morning with the leftover peanuts from Christmas candy. I just poured them into my food processor (raw peanuts, no salt) and processed until it was a sandy texture. Then I added about 1 Tbsp Splenda and then kept adding tablespoons of water and processing it until it was the smoothness I wanted. I ended up adding about 1/2 cup of water for 8 oz of peanuts. (You could add oil.) Then I added a dash of salt. One net carb per ounce. (8 servings in the container pictured above.) The total carbs was 4 per 2 Tbsp of peanuts, but then you can subtract the fiber content, which is 3. Total net carb = one.  Yay!

I absolutely cannot stand any diet drink. They just have a horrible aftertaste to me, so I've been sticking to water or unsweet tea since we started this low-carb eating. But Tuesday when I was at the surgery center, they gave me one of these Diet Sierra Mists. Oh my! I like it a lot and had The Captain run up and get me some when we got home.

As much effort and cooking and planning and chopping I've done for this "diet," I should have the skinniest ass in town! Not quite there yet.


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  1. You didn't say how the peanut butter tasted. Good? Bad? Let me know if the water separates, okay? I've thought of doing that very thing but worried about it.

    Now, that pizza is something I could handle. Not eating bread anymore that would make it Bev-friendly, I think.

  2. Oh I love that blanket that's knitted in the neutral tones! How elegant. Your pizza looks delicious too. You're an inspiration for me to do something, anything to lose some weight.

  3. Are you feeling better today? For some reason I missed about twenty posts yesterday, hmmmm something must be up with blogger. You are doing a great job eating right, I am so proud of you and the blanket looks really fantastic, but bobbles are a yarn suck that is for sure.

  4. Well if you keep this will have!!!
    Love the blankies! Pizza looks delish!!!
    Peanut butter go girl!!!
    xo Kris

  5. Well if you keep this will have!!!
    Love the blankies! Pizza looks delish!!!
    Peanut butter go girl!!!
    xo Kris

  6. De-lish. I really must try that pizza soon. Tonight's faire, jalpeno burgers no buns, topped with sauteed mushrooms/onion/garlic and topped with Heinz no sugar ketchup. Which I'm sure I will hate, being a real Heinz gal, but will keep you posted. Keep chopping that ass off.....

  7. Great pics and links there , thanks for that :))
    Now that food sure looks good to me.. I will try the base of cauli and the other ingredients...
    I am a no bread girl .... make it for hubbie, but my body can't handle the gluten..So it is rice biscuits for me.. love rice in no matter what form it comes..Lol.. Have a great day ..
    Well done :))

  8. Every time I look at, or eat something form, my Yonanna I think of you . . . frozen banana and strawberries (for now) pushed through the chute and I have an almost ice cream/sherbert treat . . . more satisfying than the fruit itself :)

    I wrote about it on my blog . . it is a keeper appliance for sure :)

  9. That pizza looks yummy. I'm always on the lookout for recipes that are diabetic-friendly. Thanks!

  10. Thanks for sharing those cool blanket photos. I'm proud of you for sticking with your diet.. you're a better person than me. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. What beautiful blankets!
    And LOVE the pics on the side of all your darling doggies :)

  12. Love that first baby blanket!

    I am going to have to give that pizza a try. It looks too good to be good for you! ;) blessings ~ tanna

  13. Wow, isn't that knit blanket absolutely gorgeous? Even if I was a good knitter, I don't think I'd ever attempt anything like that - it must have taken forever to make. Pammy Sue your pizza looks delish - you're doing well with your 'diet'.. are you doing it for any special reason? xoxox

  14. I saw that cauliflower recipe online, glad to hear it tastes good. I might try it this weekend. I find the meal planning is the hardest part. Hang in there Skinny : )
    First two blankets are my favs.

  15. Pretty blankets and your bobble blanket looks like it is coming along beautifully. Thank you for sharing your recipes. Take care, Heather


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