Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Rainy, Flowery, Dorky Days

Aren't they purdy?

I bought these at Target yesterday for a treat. I rarely ever buy myself flowers, but I really do enjoy them when I do. I fretted over spending $5.99 on them, but they were the cheapest ones. Can you believe I was so cheap? I really wanted the peachy roses, but I refrained because they were $10 more. Maybe when I lose that first 20 lbs I'll do that for myself. These smell really good too. I can smell them when I walk by. Anybody know what they are? Maybe a daisy of some kind?

It was a rainy, soggy, dark, cold day yesterday. It's the same today, and I'm absolutely loving it. The Captain is not working today, and I just asked him to light a fire. If you're looking for me, I'll be in the cozy house with the dark brick and smoke coming out of the chimney.

The Taco Salad I made for lunch yesterday.

Does that look great or what?
It was!

But I only ate about 2/3 of it. By the way, the plates I'm eating off of are the smaller ones, not the dinner-size plates. So it might look like a giant platter of food, but it's really not as big as it looks, although the Corelle salad plates are bigger than other salad plates. I love Correlle plates and bowls. They're not as heavy as the Stoneware-type stuff. I hate using those heavy things.

I also found these at Target yesterday. "Pepperoni-flavored sausage bites." They're very similar to the taste of a Slim Jim. The Captain said he got hungry while working yesterday and stopped at 7-11 and bought a hunk of cheddar and a Slim Jim. So when I saw these, I grabbed them. Then I ended up eating a handful with some cheddar for my dinner. I sucked every bit of flavor out of these little things. They are so good. It was supposed to just be a snack, but I never got hungry again after I ate these at 6:00. I really need to start eating more food, but like I said, I just haven't been hungry. 

Food yesterday:

9:30: 2 cups Earl Grey tea with cream & Truvia
11:30: Taco Salad
5:00: Club soda and lime
6:00: Little sausages & cheddar

And now my dorky side. I bought this white medicine bag when we were in Santa Fe in October. It's filled with some special things of mine. You're supposed to keep things in it that are dear to you, especially things from nature, like a shell, rock, gemstone, animal hair bundle, animal teeth, dried flowers or leaves, etc. I keep mine hanging on the lamp next to my bed after sleeping with it under my pillow for the first few days. Indians wore them for protection, good hunting, good luck, etc, but I'd look pretty dumb walking around with that thing on my neck or strapped to my waist. You're not supposed to reveal what's inside yours to other people so I'm not showing you exactly what's inside mine. They're supposed to be good for your soul, and besides, I just love it. It's handmade, real leather, and sooooo soft and fringey and just cool.

I see you raising your eyebrows at me. Don't act all surprised. You knew I was a dork.