Friday, January 04, 2013

Oh Happy Day...NOT

Guess where I was this morning?

Oh no, not the dentist again!

Where is everybody?
They're plotting my demise...
I just know it.

What is all that stuff behind me?

What the ...

Son of a ...

He-he-he..they really shouldn't leave me alone.
(No, those are not my teeth!)

Nitris Oxide Gas
YES, please!
And make sure the tank is full this time!

Oh we go... 

Pammy Sue, you must open your mouth.
I swear my nose is not that big in person.

I might as well give in and relax.

It's over and I lived through it again.
THREE Fillings.
That's what I get for avoiding the dentist for YEARS.

THREE more fillings next Thursday.
The top will be finished.
Let's not discuss the bottom, okay?
Ahem...How embarrassing.


  1. Pfff I know your pain... I've been neglecting my teeth for years too and am now suffering the consequences ;) But hey, at least we'll have pretty teeth again!
    And thank the heavens for sedation...

  2. you are such a riot!

  3. OMG!!!! I was laughing out loud. You totally did what I always want to do! I just HATE being left alone like they are never coming back and I also HATE going to the dentist. At least your dentist gives you something to watch. I think I need a new dentist.

  4. OMG... ROFLMAO. You had me cracking up. You did all the things I think about doing when they leave me all alone in the room. At least your dentist has a tv for you to watch. reminded me that I need to go back to the dentist. :( boo

  5. Yep, I agree with all the other peeps on here. HATE, hate the dentist. I could so feel you through your pictures. Yuck. Well glad you survived it and you will the next one also. How was the gas?
    Hope you have a fantastic evening!

  6. Poor thing. Me thinks they ran to get another bottle of happy gas just to make sure you had enough. :)

  7. Wait did you say six fillings total. Girlfriend....this is why I get my teeth cleaned every six months. But, that is one nice looking office. Hope that Novocaine last all night. See it wasn't all that bad now was it. But, six...seriously....six...ecks....

  8. Glad it's over for now. I HATE going to the dentist too! Remember that broken tooth I told you I had over a year ago? Well....still have a broken tooth!
    Your pictures were hilarious. That's exactly what I do!

  9. OK, we will not discuss your bottom. LOL! You can make even fillings funny... hope it's over soon. I have a cleaning next week.. blurgh.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I have a dentist's appointment next week and I am *not* looking forward to it. Your photos made me smile - and cringe just a wee bit! :oD

  11. When I lived in my home town, I was a good, every 6 month dentish check up and clean patient.

    When we moved to New york, on a retiree's income, I put it of . . until I felt a hole in my back molar (no wisdom teeth . . like I needed to tell anyone I had no wisdom)up by the gumline.

    Called our local Dental school . . New York University at Buffalo Dental School . . and bit the bullet.

    After three years, I think my teeth are back in shape.

    Now, the hubster is waiting for his gums to heal from getting what teeth he had removed, same bat place, same bat channel. Now, when he gets his plates, he will be back up to snuff :)

    And your nose looks no bigger than mine . . and, drats, they keep growing until one dies . . with my luck, mine will take a major growth spurt before rigamortis sets in. Just call me wide nosed Pinochio ! ! !

  12. You should visit my dentist, we crack up the whole time I am there, and that is without the laughing gas. She is going through menopause just like me, we laugh so hard my appointment goes over.

  13. Girl, ya make me cringe. My dentist passed away last week, now I have to go find another one who will clean my 6 teeth, lol, just kidding of course, not about him passing away, but about the 6 teeth, I really have 7, lol.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  14. I totally understand! Had to go twice last month, I still haven't recovered. By the way, love your boots!!! Happy New Year.

  15. Wow... pretty nice dentist office.... no wonder there is no dental coverage in Obama-care...

    Did you drink milk as a kid? Or have fluoride treatments at school? Just curious.... 6 cavities seems like a lot... and I have been worrying about my enamel thinning, like the TV commercial....

  16. How I feel your pain! I would rather poke needles in my eye that go to the dentist!!
    Good luck with the rest!!! You look great!!
    xo Kris

  17. Ha ha, I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. I put off going to the dentist for quite a while too and this last year I've paid the price.--4 root canals! After the root canal, the "specialist" only put in temp fillings and then I had to go to the "regular" dentist for permanent fillings and crowns. Still need 2 more crowns. I should be considered royalty by now don't cha think?

  18. I won't tell it, but this post reminds of of a little dirty joke about the dentist. Use your imaginations


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