Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In Which I Rant a Little

I've been working on the baby blanket every evening. It's getting there, and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'm just a little pissed that I'm going to have to go buy more yarn to finish it. I was just trying to use up the stash I had. I'm surprised it is eating the yarn like it is. It's just going to charity in the end anyway. I'm definitely going to do a different border than the pattern. I think I want some scallops or shells or something a little lacier to trim it. I'm not sure yet.

The pattern I'm using...
Soft-Touch Baby Afghan

And the book it's in. I think I got this book at Half-Price Books a long time ago. Or maybe I bought it used from Amazon. I really don't remember, but it's the first project I've made out of it. It's a nice book.

I went ahead and ordered some Angel Eyes to sprinkle on Ollie's food to get rid of the stains around his eyes. He's been on it only about three days, and it's supposed to take 3-5 weeks for his hair to grow out and the stains to be gone. This will serve as the "before" picture. I washed his little eyes with a warm washcloth before I took this picture. You can see that it doesn't do any good. His tears are just a brown color and it stains the white hair around his eyes. It has something to do with the oxidation of the fluid that makes it turn brown like that. Supposedly the Angel Eyes corrects that and makes his tears clear. Stay tuned for results.


My Shit List

So guess who's on my shit list today? It's the Salvation Army! Those bastards. We have always donated to the Salvation Army. They  have picked up countless pieces of furniture and TVs from us over the years.  Well, today they came to pick up a TV, a love seat, and a practically brand-new $700 recliner (less than a year old). The love seat has a tear in one arm where Ollie started to chew it. Other than that, it looks pretty damn good, has a recliner on both ends, and is less than 5 years old. Anybody who is truly in need would be thrilled to have any of these items.

When they came to pick it up earlier today, the SA guy said, "We can't accept that love seat with that damage."

Captain:  Excuse me?

SA Guy:  We can't accept that love seat with the damage on the arm of it.  AND we only accept flat-screen TVs now.

Captain:  Just stares at him incredulously. Seriously?

SA Guy:  Just stands there like a dumb-ass and moves towards the chair to take it.

Captain:  Well, you can just leave then because this is a package deal.  Goodbye.

They turned and left.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THE GALL???  Ever heard the old saying, "Beggars can't be choosers"? How about, "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth"?

Unbelievable! It's not like we were trying to unload a bunch of crappy, dirty, worn-out furniture that was good for nothing either. Like I said, anybody in need would be happy to have any of it. We just saw on the news the other day that 40-something families lost everything in an apartment fire in Dallas. What about some of those people who have nothing but the clothes on their backs? Do you think they care about a 1-inch tear in the arm of a love seat or that the TV isn't a flat-screen? Both items are probably way better than what they had to begin with, as these were low-income tenants. 

The Stinkin' Salvation Army will never get another donation from us, and their annoying bell-ringers during the holidays can kiss my ass! Only flat-screen TVs accepted. O.M.G. I don't think so, you greedy assholes.

Rant over.


Okay, Jeez.
I guess I let that really upset me.
I'm breathing now.
Don't give them any power, Pammy Sue.
Okay, I'm better now.
But they still aren't getting even my soiled panties.
Ah-hem...if I had any soiled panties.
Which I don't.
I hope.


The Steroid Queen (that would be me) had another spinal injection yesterday. Oh joy. That is probably why I'm here ranting and rambling like a mad woman. Me and my roid rage red face had better just go. See ya.


  1. The bobble blanket is pretty!

    As for the SA, I'm shocked they only take flat-screens! We had an old TV to get rid of recently(ish) and ended up taking it to the local Goodwill. No snootiness there. So long as it still works, they'll take it.

    I don't know what it's like where you live, but here, if we have old furniture that we don't want, all we have to do is put it out by the side of the road (with a "FREE" sign, if desired) and it's gone within half a day. We get an old sofa taken off our hands with minimal effort-- and someone out there gets a free couch. Of course, we live on a rural county road. In a neighborhood, maybe there are annoying rules against that sort of thing, with big sofas...

  2. Ha ha, Pammy! I had thar very same rant a few weeks ago with a Goodwill experience. Desk chair with a tear in the corner of the thank you. Two bags full of plastic hangers (the kind you can buy at Target)....oh no, we only take the expensive wood hangers! WTF?

  3. That, not "thar"...sorry.

  4. I know what you mean about the SA and the televisions. We had the very same problem last year with a huge 36 inch Sony color tv that had such a beautiful picture. It was not my idea to buy a new flat screen but with my husband being sick I figured it was his money and he could do what he wanted. I called them to see about donating the older set and they refused, only they wanted the flat screen tvs and that was it. I felt the very same way you do about the whole fiasco. Poor needy people should not be so picky and should be grateful for someone else's generosity. We did eventually get rid of the old set. A guy wanted it for his "man cave" and they were thrilled to have it.
    Susanne :)

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM

    P.S. Love the blanket!
    Susanne :)

  6. We have run into this problem also. See if you have a local recycle program. Check Yahoo groups for this. Give it to someone who really appreciates it!

  7. I recently tried to donate a working 19" TV and SA, Goodwill and a local charity all refused to take it and said they only accept flat screen TVs!!!

  8. That baby blanket is gorgeous, Pammy Sue! And, oh. my. goodness! about the SA. Who knew? Flat screens only, too! Oh, my. Hope tomorrow is a better day for you. blessings ~ tanna

  9. JESUS! We don't even have a flat screen TV yet . . guess I better go to the Salvation Army so I can pick one up.

    DAMN! They sure can be pains in the asses.

  10. I hear those bobble crochet projects are yarn eaters.. sorry you ran out. I think Ollie's eyes are cute the way they are.. never heard of SA not taking things.. what a pain. I never give anything away... just keep it all.. LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Repeating what everyone has already said, that is absolutely insane about the SA. I would think the guys picking up your items would have been a little embarrassed to turn down your give-aways. We donate to the City Rescue Mission for homeless people. They are ecstatic with anything they receive.

    Your baby blanket is awesome. Are those bobbles? Don't they take forever to crochet?

    I gave up crochet for almost a year. Lately, though, I've been a crocheting fool. I guess I need to get the blog up and running again, huh? For now, I'm enjoying reading yours!

  12. Bobble blanket pretty, can't wait to see the edging you choose. Thats what I admire most about your corcheting...the perfect edgings.

    Salvation Army is a shame isn't it.
    When my nephew passed away my family tried to give an entire house of good items to various women's groups and shelters to help women start up house keeping.
    All refused because they want *new* items for there women.
    A sad comment about our society and expectations.

    Good for you that you sent them on their way empty handed.
    Someone will greatly appreciate your offerings.
    Hang in there....

  13. Loving the bobble! Yes, they are yarn eaters!!!
    I think Ollie is cute with his eyes that way. Frames them!!!
    As for SA not taking your loveseat, and only taking flat screens...well, I am shocked. Shame on them!
    Relax....breathe....and just get rid of it on Craig's List. Someone will be happy to have it!!! What is wrong with people anyway?
    XO Kris

  14. PS I hope the injection helps!!!!!

  15. What a bl..dy cheeky! I would be ranting and raving too without the injection. I can't believe it I won't be donating to SA after reading this. Love the blanket shame you don't have enough yarn to finish it but it does look like it will eat the yarn, never mind it will be beautiful when it's finished. :)

  16. I won't even start on how I feel about charities. Most of them are just crap. I only donated to our local Deseret Industries. There are very few things they won't take.

    Are the injections helping? I sure hope so. Mine didn't do a DAMN thing. I'm so sick of it!!!!!!!

    Love the little blanket but I know what you mean about running out. Make sure you get the same dye lot or your charity might not take that either. (Just being sarcastic.)

  17. My dad had a solitare experience with the SA back in NY when he tried to donate my grandmothers old tv. They wouldn't take it because it was a "model older than what they were accepting now". It wasn't a flat screen, just an older tube tv from probably the mid-90's that worked perfectly since my grandmother rarely watched it. He know feels the same way you do about SA.

  18. All of our Salvation Army stores, Amvets, and the like are the exact same way. They've all gotten real picky over what they will take. We found a thrift store near us that gives waaaaaay better pick up service and isn't near as picky. It is very disheartening when you are trying to donate good things and you get turned down like that.
    Hope that spinal injection helps you! ((((hugs))))


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