Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Egg on My Face

That's a dumb title, but whatever.
Read on.

Rowan Cotton Glace

This yarn is so luscious and soft. I ordered it for my next project and have had it for a few days now.

It is the recommended yarn for this table topper. I have a couple of these made already. Twenty five more to go. I can do that, right? It's another pattern in The Big Book of Crochet.

I also have a cabled baby blanket in progress. I'm thinking about ripping it all out and starting over because I hate the Simply Soft yarn I'm using for it. I really don't like that yarn and never have, but I wanted to use up my stash and I had several skeins of it in bone. I think I'll just bite the bullet and rip it out and start over.


Remember this beauty that someone made on Ravelry? (See previous entry for a link.) I told y'all that I had some squares made by this pattern already made in my WIP stash. Here they are:

I know this is a crappity-crap-crap picture, but I had to take it under the dining room lights because it's raining and dark outside today. I have more of this yarn in my stash for the border and some Vanna's Baby in cream to crochet it all together with.

The Captain came up with two of these plastic omelet/poached egg doo-hickies for the microwave the other day. It makes GREAT omelets...

Ain't that purdy? Do you like my food styling with the whole Roma tomato and cilantro? Hee-hee. So maybe I should have sliced the tomato.


When I tried to make poached eggs yesterday morning, the damn thing exploded on me. Note the mess in the microwave. When I heard KA-POW! from that side of the kitchen, I knew I was screwed. KA-POW! is never good in the kitchen, or probably anywhere else. The Pammy Sue Mess-Maker, strikes again. Next time I'll follow the instructions. Duh.

I'm off to rainy-day crochet! Yea!
Is there anything better?


  1. Ooo Pammy Sue love that yarn! I cannot believe you dont like Simply soft! That is my yarn baby! I like that yarn from Hobby Lobby also, but Hobby Lobby is far. That new afghan your about to start looks gorgeous..Table topper also looks pretty.
    I always wondered about those egg things..I may give that a try.
    Congratulations on your weight loss!

  2. Those circles you have made remind me of sliced fruit, I love them. Hugs to you Pammy Sue, you always make me smile.

  3. Anonymous3:01 PM


  4. Omelets, yum! Poached eggs, yuck! That has to be why the doo-hicky malfunctioned! The circles enveloped in a solid border will make a beautiful blanket. You are a crocheting fool, as always!

  5. Omelets, yum! Poached eggs, yuck! That has to be why the doo-hicky malfunctioned! The circles enveloped in a solid border will make a beautiful blanket. You are a crocheting fool, as always!

  6. Simply Soft tends to just get lost in the shuffle around here. I made a sweater with it once, but that has been the only time I really appreciated it. If I was to make another sweater, THEN I'm sure I'd buy it again... LOVE that table topper, and can't wait to see it when it's done! (Working on my hanging hearts, a little bit every night. They're kind of addicting, I think!) Have a good night! ~teener

  7. Could you share a link to the Big Book of Crochet book that you've been making all these amazing things from? I just googled it, and found a Leisure Arts published book on Amazon, but wanted to see if that's the right book before ordering!

  8. Love the cotton you are using for the table runner, I agree regardless what we think of the yarn in the stash it has to be used...( yeah right lol..) Famous last words..haha,,
    Like you I am trying but you are winning hands down..:))
    Omlets yes poached No.........
    Hugs pat :))

  9. Wen you finish your squares, you need to name your blanket Citrus . . the one in the upper left corner reminds me of a grapefruit slice and one of the others reminded me of an orange slice.

  10. Great pictures! The yarn looks yummy and full of possibilities. The table topper is really nice. I had one of those omelet pans and never got it to work right. Maybe because I never had any instructions with it?!

  11. That yarn looks yummy! So did the omelette!! Not good on the ka pow in the microwave! Nope, never good!!!
    xo Kris

  12. Don't you just hate it when those damn eggs pop ?? Love the colours of the yarn - will make a lovely table topper. You're becoming very industrious lately. xoxox

  13. LOVE the circles you have done for your baby blanket!! It is going to be gorgeous. I may have to try to find one of those plastic thingys. I do love poached eggs too... hope your next attempt goes better! blessings ~ tanna

  14. I don't like Simply Soft either, it is way too splitty. That yarn is beautiful - where did you order it from, Deramores???

    I too was wondering about that Big Book of Crochet

    Nice to see you crocheting again too :)

  15. That table topper is going to be beautiful in the Rowan yarn.
    I have only exploded a potato in the microwave, haven't tried eggs yet.
    Thanks for leaving a comment about my quilt. I have been low carbing for about a year, but I had surgery in April and it threw me off the wagon all summer. Now I'm getting strict again. Once you get down to your goal weight, it's easier and you can indulge once in a while. It helps to know that you can maintain by eating like this about 80% of the time. Hang in there!
    P.S Bacon is my new best friend.


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