Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Crochet Things & Q&A

Finished trimming all the squares.
Time to sew together and start the trim.

The circles are made with two different colors of Chroma Yarn from KnitPicks(which is lovely, lovely yarn -- one of my favorites). Had I known I was going to make a baby blanket when I made these, I would have just gone with the fruity colored yarn without the grays and browns in them (it was called 'Smoothie), but I didn't know that at the time. It does make the blanket interesting, and it does look somewhat better in person in the right light. I should be able to photograph the blanket outdoors in better light when it's done. I'm going to make several rounds on the border because it's a little smaller than I want it. Each square is 6.5 inches, and I'm going to crochet them together with sc. I'll probably add another 3.5 or 4 inches with the border. Stay tuned.

I cannot believe how my crochet mojo came back with such a rush for me! I'm crazy with ideas and things I want to do again. Yipee! I was so lonely without my crochet "stuff." Thank goodness I didn't give it all away in a big snit. I'm really good at big snits. Hehehe.


I made this darling kitty cat square last night.
Obviously, I didn't block it. (My pet peeve)
Do you love it?
I do!

Here is a whole blanket made of them. A baby blanket made of 9 squares would be cute. Each square is supposed to be 9.5 inches, but mine turned out to be 10 inches. Also, you should know that the bobbles are smallish ones made of three stitches...definitely not as big as the ones from the baby bobble blanket I just made, so it won't be a huge yarn hog like the other was.

And here is the Leisure Arts leaflet it came out of. I bought this a couple of years ago used. I have never seen a pattern by Anne Halliday that I didn't like. She writes the best patterns, although they can be more complicated than others. This was published in 1996, and I'm not sure it's even in print anymore.


1.  Pammy Sue, how much weigh have you lost? (Okay, so I am the one who asked that question so I could tell you that I weighed today and I've lost another 1.5 since Sunday -- total minus exactly TEN pounds!)

2.  Where did you buy the Rowan Cotton Glace yarn?  I Googled it and bought it on sale from a little yarn shop in Rhode Island, of all places. It was half price. Here is the link: Lets Knit

3.  I miss your Search bar so I can find recipes.  (Not a question, but I added it back in the sidebar. Sorry. When I change templates, everything doesn't always make it back up.)

4.  How is Fletch's Cherry-Eye?  I gave him a Benadryl that day, and his eye was back to normal the next morning. Allergies are bad here in Texas, and I always keep a supply of Benadryl on hand for the doggies. My dogs are all 20-something pounds, and I half a 25mg tablet and shove it down their throats. Ha. They hate the liquid one. Fletch takes a dose nearly every day in the spring and summer because he has a skin allergy from grass that makes his belly red and itchy. He loves to take his "medicine."  When I say that word, he comes running. Weird dog.


I am starving to death. Time for an omelet!
Have a nice day.


  1. Glad I've got my mojo back, also, 'cause I've missed you and your crazy shenanigans. I can't seem to stay focused on work . . . I just want to crochet. Guess I need to find a rich man to pay my bills, huh? :) Love your blanket squares. I'm going to check out your links and find me some of that luscious yarn.

  2. Love the kitty squares!

  3. Your blanket is really pretty, I'll have to check out the chroma yarn. I think I have the kitty afghan pattern, but it's in a different book. Anne Halliday is also one of my favorite designers. I haven't seen that LA leaflet before, will need to go to Ravelry and see what other afghans are in it. Congrats on the weight loss and getting your mojo back! Heather

  4. Have you ever tried blocking squares using a styrofoam base and shish-ka-bob skewers as "pins?"

    In nt, check my blog out . . I use it all the time when I need to block and now I actually enjoy blocking. AS a matter of fact, I have six or seven squares being blocked on mine now. I call it my :tenement" blocking :)

  5. Pammy Sue, the baby blanket is incredible, I love it. I think you should make a big person blanket because it is so amazing. Slices of Fruit, see I have a name for it already.

  6. Beautiful and Congratulations!

  7. Uhhhhh...I recognized your kitty square right away. But this blanket is in my book of patterns by Vanna White!!...I'm confused as to how it got in the leaflet! O_O

  8. Oh i love it..So pretty..It does look like fruit slices. The white really sets it off. Im so glad your search bar is back!

  9. Way to go Pammy Sue :)) You are making great progress..:))
    I love the blanket with the circles,very clever:))
    Have a great day .
    hugs pat ..

  10. CONGRATULATIONS on 10 pounds!!! You are going to get me motivated if you keep this up!! ;) I need to get myself motivated! That blanket is going to be beautiful!! Actually, BOTH blankets are going to be beautiful. Looking foward to watching them grow. blessings ~ tanna

  11. I am thrilled that your crochet mojo is back ... I love your picks!

  12. Oooo-eeee, I love that blanket of such unique motifs! And the kitty is freakin' adorable!

  13. Love the squares! Love the the new yarn!!
    xo Kris

  14. The squares are just lovely. Also love the kitty squares. Cheers


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