Thursday, January 03, 2013

Cold January

Nothing happening at our place.


  1. Looks like a perfect way to spend the evening, a fire, a warm baby on your lap, perfect. You really have to check out Cascade Echo Duo, I have bought skeins and skeins of this yarn, I buy some just to have on hand so I can run my fingers over it. I have made so many things with this yarn, in this color, it is really ridiculous, I think it might help your mojo,
    Hugs to you,

  2. Pretty much the same here except for the fireplace. How cozy that looks. Blessings to you!

  3. Hey Pammy Sue! I am doing the same exact thing!!!!

  4. Oh I love little Ollie !!!! He looks so comfy and content. While you're freezing, Australia is having a heatwave. It was 36 degrees celsius (96.8F) where I live today but Adelaide had 46 deg C which is 113F. They say its going to keep up for the next few days. Thank goodness I have air conditioning. xoxox

  5. Stay warm it's crazy cold out there! :)

    Awww love that photo. Ollie knows just where to be! :)

  6. Consider yourself lucky. There is a lot going on here and it is not all good. One regret we have when we built our home is not putting in a fireplace. But then keeping it loaded with wood and cleaning up the mess would be another job falling on my shoulders. Yours looks nice and cozy, the sweetie on your lap looks like he has found the best seat in the house. Keep warm.
    Susanne :)


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