Thursday, November 08, 2012

Winner, Winner, Winner

Michael was the first one to correctly get my reference yesterday with the picture my front door from the inside...

The inside of the front door in Monica & Rachel's apartment on Friends with the frame around the peep hole!  Okay, so mine is a little smaller, but it had to be to fit the style of my door with the beveled panels.

Here's what you won, Michael...

A change purse and make-up bag from Cath Kidson and an EOS strawberry lip balm egg!  It's all packaged up and will go out via Priority Mail tomorrow.  Enjoy these little gifts and THANK YOU for reading and playing along!

I'm still crocheting gloves and have two more pair finished.  I'm knocking them out at the rate of one pair per night while I watch TV.  It goes so quickly.  The pair up top is purple, but they look blue in this photo.

I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and got about 7 sets of buttons for making these.  They really add a nice finishing touch to these gloves with the faux straps.  I also got a new variegated yarn in browns for my next pair.

Off to work...


  1. Ooh, so pretty! Thank you, Pammy Sue! I'll be pestering the mail lady in anticipation. ;o)

    Also: You make a pair of gloves in one night? ...I need to pick up my pace.

  2. Love the gloves Pammy! Hey....buttons can get so expensive!!! I go to the thrift stores, and buy up garments on days that they are a buck a piece. I buy for the buttons! Cut em all off, and there you go...buttons for way less than they cost in the store!
    Love your wares!!
    xo Kris

  3. I love the little frame on your peephole! We don't have a peephole! Our front door is an antique oak one with a little beveled glass window in it.. and the back door where everyone actually uses.. it's half glass! You are so fast at crocheting.. love the gloves and you're right about the buttons, they totally make them! I'm heading off to the falls to volunteer.. ciao!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Damn, but fun. Love the gloves

  5. Cute gloves! They look like fun to make also :)

  6. Those gloves look really smart. The button finished them off nicely. One pair per night - wow. xoxox

  7. I love these gloves - I'm planning to try making my first pair this weekend!!

  8. The frame on the door is something I have wanted to do for such a long time! I love it!


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