Monday, November 05, 2012

Second Pair

Here is the second pair of gloves I made. These were made using the pattern Bev shared on her blog HERE, except I made the hand part longer for more coverage and I removed the row of DC (Row 1) from the shell rows on the blue gloves pattern. Check Bev's blog if you have trouble seeing the pattern correctly. She has offered to email the pattern to anyone having problems (see HERE).

I like the gloves made with the Caron SS Paints and size I hook. They fit more snuggly than the ILTY ones. I like them both...they're just different. I'm usually leery of using variegated yarns for anything, because I don't think it looks right for a lot of things, but I do like these.

For those of you that have asked, Janie is doing just great. The Captain came home with new beds for all of them this morning. You can see that Ollie prefers to sleep with someone, usually Sammi or Janie. As I told you before, Janie just loves Ollie and vice-versa. You can barely see Sammi there in the back because of her blackness. Fletch has always preferred to sleep in a chair, usually a desk chair in the kitchen or my office desk chair.


That's all folks!
I gotta get back to work.


  1. Boy, was Janie ever the lucky one to be on the side of that road at just the right time. Love the new glove or hand warmers. I need them right now. Just back from a long ride in the 30s.....brrrrrrr. time for a good soak to get my fingers working again.

  2. LOVE this pair of gloves! The scalloped part makes them look so feminine! Thanks for the update on the dogs.. you're so lucky they all welcomed Janie so well! What a good bunch you have! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely happy family shot of your babies. The gloves look nice - I agree with you, the variegated works well. Must check them out on Bev's blog. xoxox

  4. Love the gloves Pammy Sue! And I especially loved seeing all of your babies snug as bugs in their new beds. How lucky little Janie is! Is she behaving? Is she house broken? Do the others like her too?
    They are so cute!!!
    You are such a good Mama!!!
    xo Kris

  5. I just love seeing all your babies! I wish it would cool off her so I can make some handwarmers! Love those colors!

  6. Love your gloves, and funny I just made a very simple pair myself recently. They came out o.k.. I'm happy with them; but I love this style too, and am with you on the preference for coverage. I like them right over my knuckles at the base of my fingers, and well up to the next knuckles above... I'm heading over to Bev's right now to try out her pattern! ~teener


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