Thursday, October 11, 2012

State Fair Quickie

Latest blanket I've started (baby).

We went to the State Fair of Texas Tuesday.  I got this picture from our car window going past downtown.

Cool paint job on a VW Beetle at the car show.

As you can see, the clouds really rolled in, but it didn't rain and it was cool, which is a good thing in Dallas. We had a really good time. I got some pictures of the quilt and crochet ribbon winner projects. Will show those another day. The quilts were fabulous; the crochet...not so much. I was amazed at the crap that won ribbons. I'd hate to see the stuff that got nothing. I don't mean to slam other people's crochet, but you just have high expectation from the Texas State Fair, and this stuff was just so-so. You'll see.

Right now, I've got to get ready and go to the Dentist for the second time this week. The Fair and the dentist have take up most of my spare time this week, which is why I haven't been here posting dumb things to entertain you. Just a cleaning and full x-rays today.


  1. Pammy, I love your new blanket you have going there! And me thinks YOU need to get some of your beautiful crochet items entered into the next State Fair! I entered one of my quilts and one of my best friends into the Norco Fair a few years ago. We both ribboned!!!
    It was fun.
    Good luck at the dentist! I would rather poke needles in my eye!!!!
    XO Kris

  2. The baby blanket is gorgeous ~ love the colors. Looks like the fair was fun. I've seen some pretty crappy crocheted stuff at fairs before too and am always shocked. By the way ~ your last post on the doggies is to die for cute! LOVE THOSE CUTE LITTLE FUR BALLS! Hope you have happy teeth today :)

  3. SHow us the crap that was displayed so we all feel like winners with out non-crap crochet . . LOLOL

  4. I love the baby blanket you have started lovely pattern and very pretty colours :)

  5. I just *LOVE* the colors in your new baby blanket.. is it for your granddaughter? I agree with Kris, you need to submit some of your projects to the State Fair. Wouldn't it be fun if several of us bloggers put some of our things in the fair and see what kinds of ribbons we could get? What a challenge!! Can't wait to see what the projects were at your fair. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Great new start. Is this one for Harper? Hey, next year you need to enter that sampler in the fair. I bet you will be a winner.

  7. Love the new blanket. What a stunning pattern. You'll start a trend with it, you wait and see!

  8. You seem to have a real flair for colour selection Pammy Sue. All your blankets are lovely and you're motivating me to get going on my blanket that has been on the go for way too long. I'll be happy to see it finished. xoxox

  9. Pretty bb blankie! I agree with the others....enter your BE...U...TIFUL projects in the fair, c'mon win some blue ribbons, girl!


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