Friday, October 26, 2012

Santa Fe to Durango

It was a looong trip yesterday because we kept stopping and wasting time.  The drive was beautiful though.  I wish I had pictures that captured it better.  These were some of the best I got, which just don't do it justice, but here we go...

Within the first 30 minutes, we stopped at two different casinos and went inside to pull a few slots.  The first casino kept us busy a whopping 10 minutes.  (We each spent $20.)  Then we left and stopped at the next one down the road.  I sat at a Wheel of Fortune slot machine for at least an hour, maybe a little more, on my $20 there.

Then we were off for the drive...

All of these were taken in New Mexico.

Oh, ur, um, hello Officer State Trooper!
Your state sure is lovely!

He and the Captain were best buddies before it was over.
No ticket.
VERY nice man!
(He took a picture with me too. Hee-hee.)

This is how the conversation went just as we were pulling over:

ME:  Oh, shit!  How fast were you going?

CAP:  About 70 in a 60.  Crap!

ME:  Do you have your badge?  Where is it?

CAP:  Yes, I have it, but it's in your suitcase in the back.

ME:  What the hell is it doing there!  GAH!  What good is it there?? (Bitch)

CAP:  WHAT are you doing?

ME:  I'm going to take a picture!

CAP:  STOP THAT!  Don't you dare do that until we find out if he's giving me a ticket!

ME:  Oh, he won't care!  (But I minded him until the business was done.)

After the business...(He and Cap talked about department policies and whether they had ticket quotas, the Trooper grew up in this area (Champa, NM) and told us to be sure and stop at Pagosa Springs, Colorado, just up the road.

ME:  Do you mind if I take your picture?

Officer State Trooper:  No, go ahead!  Get out of the car and get a good one!  Sir, do you want to get out and take a picture of your wife with me?

And that's exactly what we did.  I was cracking up.

Officer State Trooper:  You two be careful and watch out because I have two buddies just up the road!

Awfully nice of him to warn us, wasn't it?  The Captain was very careful to watch his speed the rest of the trip and not get so caught up in the scenery.  He really is not a speeder.


I told you I meet furry friends everywhere I go...

This rotweiller was very BIG, but very sweet.
We had stopped at a BBQ Pit along the roadway.

He'd get upset every time I started to take a picture.
His owner said he's always been that way,
He hates it!

Mr. Rotweiller's girlfriend was very pretty and sweet too.

The BBQ sandwiches sucked.
We were definitely NOT in Texas anymore!

I have lots of ass-sitting to do.  I'm very busy.  And this altitude is really messing with the Captain and I.  We are at 8,493 feet here.  We both kind of feel head-achy and breathless, and I feel super-bloated.  How attractive.  We are staying inside most of the day today and relaxing.  I made a BBQ brisket in the oven overnight, so we're having some better BBQ sandwiches today.

More tomorrow if you care to join me.
I love reading your comments as you follow along with me on this trip!
Bye, Friends!


  1. I am so loving the photos and the stories along the journey...keep them coming!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am cracking up!!!! beautiful scenery you are having along the way! I have a sister in law that barks and growls every time I take her picture too!!!!
    Keep em' coming! You will adjust to the altitude. Have fun!!!! Are you crocheting or knitting along the way?
    xo Kris

  3. Pammy Sue, only you and the Captain could get away with that with the State Trooper!! LMAO New Mexico is my home state, and I think it's beautiful, but I know Colorado will be gorgeous too. I am enjoying traveling along with you, so please keep up the posts :)

  4. Forgot to mention that if you go back home the way you came, be sure and stop in Chama and find someplace that sells Navajo Tacos.. they are delicious. My Aunt and Uncle used to RV there in the winter and they loved Navajo Tacos. It is Indian Fry Bread with meat, beans, lettuce, tomato, etc. Very very yummy!

  5. We saw that little place that sold Navajo Tacos! It was a little dive-looking place, but I told the Captain it looked like a great little place that would have good food. Thanks for the tip!


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