Friday, October 05, 2012

Sampler Update #3 AND...

This week's episode of...

First the Sampler:

Here is a not-so-good picture of what it looks like now.  Its folded up and hanging over a chair, but you can see how long it is and what the new stitches look like with the rest of it.  The newest part is at the top.  

Here's a closer look. At the top are two rows of hdc, then the Catherine's Wheel stitch, several rows of hdc, another strip if bobbles with DCs in the background, several rows of the Ribbon Afghan stitch.  I think that's it since you last saw it.  This picture is awful.  You can see it looks better in the first photo.

I pulled a good one yesterday, y'all. I swear. I know I've told you this before, but I should not be allowed in the kitchen anymore!

I'm going to write this so it's easy to read...

1.  I saw a recipe on the Web for a chicken kabob recipe by Ashanti.  You know, Ashanti, the singer?
2.  I asked The Captain to run to the store and get us some kabob meat. He likes steak and I like chicken.
3.  I happened to have one of the ingredients for the marinade, Sazon.  See picture below.  Buy it in the Mexican Foods aisle at your grocery store.  It makes everything orange, including your hands, so be sure and wash up immediately so it doesn't stain.

See my chicken kabobs marinating away?  Don't they look good?  You sprinkle the meat with a dry spice combination, and then you marinade it in Vinegar mixed with the Sazon seasoning for about an hour before grilling.  There's pineapple for the kabobs too, but I had that separately because he bought the kabobs already put together.  My mouth was so ready for some of this.

So he gets the grill ready and comes for the kabobs.  As he's taking the chicken ones out to the grill, he stopped and said, "Ew! That smells awful!"

I'm like, "What do you mean?"  Alarm bells start going off in my head.  It shouldn't smell bad.  I didn't notice any smell at all when making it (which is weird because I have a great sense of smell).

"Are you sure you used Vinegar and not Ammonia? Ha-ha-ha. It smells like ammonia."

"OH MY GOD!"  I ran to the pantry to see that I had, indeed, grabbed the wrong jug and made the marinade out of Ammonia instead of Vinegar!

What the hell is wrong with me?!

In my defense, these jugs do look similar!  I just can't imagine why I wouldn't have smelled that ammonia immediately when I opened it and poured 1/3 cup of it into a bowl.

Mmm...Ammonia Chicken!
Try It!

So in the garbage it went, and I pouted the rest of the afternoon.  I'm dumb as a box of rocks, I tell you!

So who's coming over for dinner?


  1. Your new blanket will be awesome.
    Can't wait to see it wenn you finished it.

    Nice weekend


  2. Oh Pammy Sue,
    Your not the only one...although you did get it on your meat and I didn't. LOL
    But I don't trust myself in the kitchen anymore and when I bought a jug of house-brand ammonia that looked exactly like the house-brand vinegar...I immediately had hubby carry the ammonia bottle to the basement.
    Thank goodness your husband detected it.
    I do think this is dangerous packaging for anyone.
    So don't be too hard on yourself. I can guarantee you one won't ever happen again.
    So what did ya eat for dinner instead? :o)

  3. OMG I am laughing so hard that tears are running down my face!! I hate to say it, but I have almost done that myself!!

  4. I know I shouldn't laugh...but I am. Hey, we have all done it! Middle age brain fog is what I call it. They did look good though. Good thing you didn't taste!!
    I cannot imagine how you didn't smell it though when making the marinade! It is so strong!
    Oh is another day!
    LOVE that afghan Pammy Sue! LOVE it!!!

  5. Oh Pam, I too would have been really upset. Mouth watering and everything. An easy enough mistake to make but I too am shocked you couldn't smell it. Thank goodness you didn't eat it. With certain spices it's really hard to tell when something is amiss. BUT on the other hand -- beautiful blanket. Can't wait to see it all finished.

  6. Now that is an original recipe! I laugh because I know exactly how it feels to catch yourself in a situation like that. I'm curious to know what you did eat for your meal. LOL


  7. Thanks for the great laugh today. you are not dumb, it is an easy mistake. One I am sure I could have made as cooking is not my thing. Just laugh about it, look how many blogging friends you made smile today!

  8. Blanket...awesome! Dinner...if we have dinner together I will be more than happy to do the cooking hehehe :)

  9. I think both pics of your blanket are awesome. It looks as if its nearly finished - how big are you planning to make it? Thanks for the invite but unfortunately I'll have to pass up on dinner this time LOL xoxox

  10. Wow, that was close! It's a good thing your hubs has a good sense of smell!

    The blankie is gorgeous. :o)

  11. The blanket is gorgeous. As for ammonizted almost meal....ugggh!

  12. Love your blanket!

    Hmmm coming over for dinner? Hmmm how about I bring pizza instead! :)

  13. The packaging is all wrong, at a glance I can see where you could easily make a mistake. I bet no flies tried to land on that meat, lol.....your blanket is so neat, what fun to make something that isn't the same old boring stitch.
    Susanne :)

  14. Can you imagine how dangerous that ammonia would have been had it made it to the grill? Ay-yie-yie! Hubby's eyebrows might have been singed! OK, so we know that perfume tester will not be a good job for you if you should ever find yourself looking for new employment. I love that you shared this with all of us. Which one of your readers can't relate on some level? We ALL do things we'd much rather not admit to! It's good to laugh at ourselves...we're just not all that perfect. Your blanket is coming along beautifully...I love all the different much to entertain the eye. x.o. Annette

  15. LMAO...I love you. It's a good thing he noticed the could have poisoned yourself! Hey, thanks for the offer on the blog...I may have some time today to mess with it. I have to try to figure it out for myself so I know what to do when I get tired of looking at it. But I may email you for questions as to how to do something. :o) And why am I not getting another baby right away? Well....the heartache is just too much right now. It's still raw. I'm still crying like a baby. I look at his couch, where the food and water bowl used to be...and the hardest thing is going to bed at night and not having that little heater body next to me all stretched out. Plus I have some bucket list stuff that I want to be able to do without worrying about a baby at home. I have been thinking about it though. At first I wanted just a cat. Then I wanted two cats. Then I wanted a cat and a little dog like Ollie. And now I'm back to two cats. Only because I can load them up on food and water and leave them for a few days and they will be fine. It won't be for a while though. Plus I have some work to be done at home. Next week I'm having 16 feet of the outside being replaced at the deck because of rot.(The deck was right up to the house and wasn't put together properly so this couldn't happen.) And I want a new bathroom and to redo my bedroom. Then comes the floors, then the kitchen. Moola, big bucks kind of work. I only have 11 years til I retire. Need to do it now and get it paid for. xoxoxo

  16. Dear Pammy Sue. I did a gogle search looking for a sampler afghan that I could follow because I am the most uncreative person out there, and I found your blog. I looooove your sampler afghan. I have copied down the first rows you had in an early post and want to get started! I will be following your blog. Are further pattern instructions available somewhere on teh blog?


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