Saturday, October 20, 2012

Knitting Sucks


It's 38 minutes past midnight and I believe I have my cast ons done perfectly.  I'm having trouble with the joining and knit 2, purl 2 to make the ribs now.  My mind is sufficiently blown for the evening.  I'll tackle that when I'm fresh of mind tomorrow.

I made a command decision to forget about using the yarn I bought for this project.  Being a beginner, I need a thicker, sturdier yarn to use with all the ripping out and redoing when learning stitches.  That baby yarn was wearing out really fast.  So I started over with some Snowflake Wool yarn in pink

I'll figure out what to do next tomorrow.  Bye.


  1. Hahaha! See? You did it!
    You are so right, you just need some yarn for practicing first, to knit and to rip out, then come a complete project! As a beginner, I was so heartbroken when I did something wrong that I had to rip out, everything was just like a big mess! Wish I could be your neighbor so we can learn together! But despite all the challenges we have with knitting, I believe you will be a professional knitters in no time!
    Enjoy your weekend with new skill!
    Hugs to you, LS

  2. I think switching to a larger yarn and large knitting needle (nothing smaller than a size 9) will really help in learning your stitches.

    Don't forget about getting on You Tube and seeing all the videos there for casting on, knit, purl stitches...and when it comes to joining, if you are knitting in the round, then I would use a circular needle..

    There's a trick to joining in the round with knitting. After you cast on, take the first stitch on the left needle and put it on the right needle, then take the last cast on stitch from the right needle and cross over the stitch you just put on from the left needle and place that stitch on the left needle. Now you have the stitches crossed and there won't be a big ole' hole the size of Texas where you jointed! :)

    Welcome to the Sister Hood of Knitting....we were expecting you. :)

    Hope you are having a blast on your trip.

  3. HI..just learning to knit myself..and what do I read that Stitchy wants us to do a kal with you to be encouraging..would love to do it, but I can barely cast on right now and I think a hat is way beyond me. Knitting seems to go slow for me so I am going to stick to what I know. Perhaps a dishcloth I could do..and that is a maybe..knitting Is not my thing..I am trying though.

  4. I thought you were gone!

  5. I agree. Knitting sucks. The only thing I knit is dishclothes with cotton yarn. Love those. But, my heart belongs to crochet and granny squares.



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